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10 Common Masturbation Mistakes Women Make


Do you love to masturbate? As you know, masturbation is very helpful for the health of women. These days, some psychologist and sexologists even suggest masturbation to enhance one’s well-being. You will find lots of benefits of masturbation tips women like it prevents infection, it enhances mood, it lessens menstrual cramps, it helps prevent vaginismus and anorgasmia, it helps reach orgasm, it fights infections, it aids with better sleep, and it burns calories as well.

In case you didn’t know yet, a lot of women commit mistakes when masturbating. Each woman has different desires and preferences regarding masturbation. In this circumstance, you need to explore in order to get great sensations. Unluckily, all such explorations can fail and can be a mistake.

10 Common Masturbation Mistakes Women Make

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This article will give you masturbation tips for women that you’ll surely love and will prevent making these mistakes again and again.


This mistake comes down to making a bit of event. Remember, even if you utilize masturbation as a way to help you sleep, it still does not denote you need to rush everything. Whenever taking your time, you need to engage yourself in a bit of foreplay as well – beginning with your vulva or maybe arousing your nipples. You can extend the experience to make a stronger orgasm.


Even though lube does not come to your mind when masturbating, unless you are making use of dildo to arouse your G-spot, it does help. Furthermore, if you utilize lube every time you are masturbating, you are making a good slick ground for either your fingers or toy to move across. Thus, if your source of pleasure comes from clitoral stimulation, lube will feel much better than having skin to skin friction.

10 Common Masturbation Mistakes Women Make


You should add masturbation to your routine. Most women make the mistake of not having themselves time to relish women masturbation. However, you need to remember as well that masturbating isn’t a chore. Make it into a special occasion.

Why not take a bubble bath instead? Play some music or wear a strip, which makes you feel sexy and hot. If you want to look at it as your exclusive time to take away from the idea of ‘chore,’ then you can do that.


Given that masturbation is something a few women do not feel they are permitted to do; it is not possible they are putting the responsibility of their orgasm solely on their man. If you have always depended on other people in order to get off, your orgasm belongs to someone else.

Further, while this is a reasonable place to be in if you like to get in solo, you need to push your man out of your mind and figure out your sexuality. You can try searching for photos, watching porn, reading erotica, no matter what makes you feel hot and sexy.


Every time you masturbate, normally there is something you are masturbating to. Shaming and ignoring the sexual fantasies you have in mind during masturbation could be distracting and make the whole experience less pleased. As an alternative, play all those up and live them out for an unforgettable orgasm.

10 Common Masturbation Mistakes Women Make


Too much thinking can cause orgasm not to take place, as you are caught up in your mind. Instead of staying in your head, try to break your mental habit. Why not try thrilling your body while trying not to orgasm? After doing this, you can tease and touch yourself in various areas and at various speeds and pressures to find out what quickens your breathe and makes the heart race devoid of overthinking stuff.


If you feel like you need to hide masturbating from your man, you’re going to have more stress and shame linked to the act. Let’s face it: everybody masturbates. If you and your partner will open up the communication regarding this practice, there will be less embarrassment connected with the relationship and could open both of you to experimenting with dual masturbation.


If you are ashamed to masturbate, you are likely won’t get off. Keep in mind, the only thing, which stops you from having a powerful masturbation session is the disappointment linked to it. This can look different for most people.

For several, it can be the same or possibly cheat on your partner, the embarrassment put on masturbation by your culture or society or even the concept that the way you masturbate is incorrect. This kind of habit is not effective, as this is an added distraction and stress towards your goal.

10 Common Masturbation Mistakes Women Make


In order to maximize your masturbating, you must explore your own body. Do not be afraid to experiment with various sex toys – butt plugs, vibrators, and dildos – and see what fits you best. Plus, do not just stick to your own clitoris. As an alternative, go look for your G-spot, or you can try arousing your perineum or try some anal play.

This might appear a bit stressing to step out of what you normally do; however, with lots of nerve endings found there waiting for stimulation, you surely can’t go wrong. Don’t ignore them and see what they can provide.


Masturbation techniques for women are very easy. You should try new appliances and places in your home. Do not be afraid to lie on your stomach and use something to move against an object to arouse your clitoris. Rubbing against the edge of a piece of furnishing might do the magic. Riding on a pillow is a good way too! You can twist the ends or bunch it up into a hard know and press it up against the clitoris.

Again, remember that masturbation is a great healthy outlet to pen up your sexual desires. No matter if your single, dating or in a relationship, knowing how do women masturbate is a sexual pleasure, which you must not deny yourself at all.

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