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12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May


Everyone has their fair share of Fifty shady-ness in them with their sexual fantasies looming in their head. Our society may still not be 100% open to publicly or openly discuss every sexual fantasy, but you can still do something and make them into reality. How? Talk with your partner in the comfort and privacy of your bedroom and see how you can stop zoning out when these fantasies come to mind. Now, this may seem easier said than done because not all men or women are raised in the same belief, orientation, and practices when it comes to sex and sexuality.

How to Make Sex Fantasies into a Reality

The double standard morality between man and woman still applies even when it comes to women’s sexual fantasies. This is one of the main reasons why your girlfriend’s fantasies are hardly ever lived out because of social stigma. And then there is fear of unwanted pregnancy and acquiring STDs, maybe it’s too bold for a woman, or it could be just some thoughts that are meant to be just fantasies. Think positive though if you are thinking of trying some of yours or her sexual fantasies because the subconscious mind is strong. Most often than not, women are open to the idea because they, too, are as curious as a cat to try it out. It won’t hurt to pretend as you know already know.

12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May

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Top 12 Sexual Fantasies for Men

Not all sexual fantasies for men are acted upon to make them into reality for some reasons. Fantasy might be appealing than reality, or they might chicken out when the opportunity presents itself, or maybe the lack of confidence to do them. Here are the top 12 sexual fantasies for men girls should take note of.

  1. One Night Encounter with A Cougar or MILF

Some men prefer dating or being in a relationship with mature women. In their eye, women older than them are sexier and more alluring compared to a younger woman or about their age. But not all men can do it, so all they can do is fantasize about it.

  1. Threesome

This is not surprising because most men seem to have an insatiable desire to prove their masculinity and to bed almost every woman they find oozing with sex appeal. But the reality is almost all men don’t want to share his girlfriend with anyone. What happens is he fantasizes in doing a threesome with two women strangers, friends, or acquaintances who are good with casual sex.

  1. Impregnating his partner

Maybe it’s the male ego, but they seem to fantasize impregnating the girl of their dreams or anyone they have a huge crush on especially when having protected sex.

12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May

  1. Being a Submissive Boyfriend or Having A Submissive Girlfriend

Sometimes men just want to be submissive to their girlfriend’s dominance. The dominant woman can bring men into the sexual verge of pleasures. But some men also have this sexual fantasy of a submissive girlfriend who does everything he bids her do.

  1. Sex with His Boss’ Wife or Daughter

Whether as a form of vengeance or both women are really stunningly hot, this is a universal sexual fantasy among men especially when theirs is a bossy boss.

  1. Vacation Sex

Men fantasize about going out on a grand vacation and have great vacation sex with the exotic local girls all night long.

  1. Being A Sugar Daddy/Dirty Old Man

“Fuck me, Daddy” is one line that does the trick and men will have a boner. It’s not a pedophile but somehow these words of “Daddy’s little girl” awaken the animal instincts in men. Men pose as a powerful, super rich, and in control.

12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May

  1. Voyeurism

The thrill and excitement of public sex where anyone can see you or be watching you is a common thought in men’s minds.

  1. Getting a Mind-Blowing Blowjob

The fact that not all women do not give their partners oral sex make this a super-hot fantasy among men.

  1. Being A Gigolo

Women are almost getting wet fantasizing his muscle-bound sexy body. But when he finally takes off the last piece of his clothing, women can almost achieve an orgasm…or so some boyfriends might be fantasizing.

  1. Pick Up A Hooker

There will be women around men where ever they go, and all men fantasize about having maybe an exciting short time or overnight filled with paid sex.

  1. Wife sharing with friends or strangers. This probably one of the deepest secrets of men and wife fantasies they don’t share with their wives or partners.

12 Common Sexual Fantasies Boyfriend May

The Unconventional Psychology in Wife Sharing

Men’s usual fantasy women are those who are already taken. There are certain things in the society that is still considered “unacceptable,” but some people still engage in them for personal reasons and preferences just like wife sharing. The wife sharing psychology reveals that it offers some benefits to couples like the elimination of cheating as the other partner is fully aware of her activities and permits it. It is also said to give a woman’s fantasy satisfaction just in case he falls short in some areas. Since both men and women agree to this, the communication and bond among couples get stronger, too. Men and women are more cautious in getting STIs or STDs for their partner’s sake as well. You always hear men say, “a happy wife, a happy life” and this setup seems to prove that line to be true for those who are into this kind of relationship.

Men fantasize over hot women having sex with them with different sex positions and almost every place they can think of. But don’t be fooled. Even when women are not as open as men when it comes to sexual fantasies, they have their own. Don’t be afraid to ask your boyfriend,” What is your sexual fantasy?” but be ready for some truth and action. You can sometimes hear men having locker room talk saying,” I was watching my wife get raped, and I got a hard-on.” And do you know what’s good about this? You can help them make these fantasies come to life.

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