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12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


There are particular things, which your woman is craving for when in a bed. And you are not giving it to her. You wish to give her everything in bed, but it pains you to understand that you are not providing her your all. Now, you want to learn how to do it and wish to understand what you need to do to make each of her fantasy come true.

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What Most Women Really Fantasize About

This is the billion dollar question every man asks himself and his friends at the watering hole or local pool. Luckily for them, even if they cannot wrestle the answers from the girls in their lives, they already have the answers.

In this article, you’ll learn the top female fantasies that every man must know. Only then, you’re able to offer your woman mind-blowing and powerful orgasms quicker than ever before. Further, you’re going to give her the satisfaction she ever wanted.


Even though the majority of women approved that they fantasize in terms of having a master, their role in the set-up varied. While some women said that they would submit to the demands of their master, others opposed the subject and said that they would disobey and resist his commands.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


While it may appear counterintuitive for a female to take charge when what they are craving is really the sense of being desired; the dominated setup actually rotates around the man worshipping the body of her woman, and begging for her great attention.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


Apparently, this solely applies to straight women; however, the concept of having sex along with another lesbian woman is so diverse from being with a man. That is as much interest as anything else, which makes this setup a fantasy for women.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


Did you know that sharing a number of sexual partners simultaneously, both guys and girls is something, which the majority of women dream about in their life? It’s the reality that it’s so totally unlike from traditional sex, which makes it so attracting and being to experience many different partners almost at the same time.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


Not that women would ever go through with their sexual fantasies, but many women like the concept of picking up a totally random guy at the bar, booking a hotel room and spending one night with him together, before living the next morning and never meeting them again. This is also a typical-role playing scenario.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


As mentioned earlier, it’s totally up to the girl whether they like to be with two guys, or with one man or another girl. Apparently, the two are going to be very unlike experiences, but depending on the person’s sexual orientation and other stuff, a girl might want to try both types. According to the survey, it shows that most women have considered the concept of a threesome, be it with two guys or two girls or one of every sex.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


It’s the dangerous nature, and the risk of getting caught by somebody, which draws the majority of women towards this kind of female sexual fantasy. In case you didn’t know yet, adrenaline turns many people on, and the danger of being seen when you are getting busy is certain to get the adrenaline rush flowing. Most women are aroused by the idea of other people watching them having sexual activity because they would feel more desirable and sexier.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


This is another common female sexual fantasy is surely something that is normally linked with men. However, something is exciting about catching two individual going at it, which raises the adrenaline and the same with sex in public is equally attracting to girls as it is to guys.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


Every once in a while, your girl may consider how getting intimate with someone else. The idea crosses minds of most women, more than they declare. The anticipation and pleasure caused by guessing the potential partner is just one of the many fantasies of women.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


At any given age, a lot of women imagine a younger guy as one who has vigor and energy. In turn, this results to secretly asking they could get intimate with the young ones. The majority of girls have gone out of their way, or maybe at least once in their lifetime to make some advances to younger guys.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed


A few women confess to wanting to get into some role during their sexual activities with their partners. According to them, playing teacher or nurse to a partner offers them a feeling of being in control that in turn motivates the result of getting intimate.


  1. BDSM

You may be dating a sweet or shy looking woman, and you look at her in a very delicate way. What you may fail to realize is that she likes to tie you up throughout your sexual sessions and vice versa. Being submissive or dominating adds sexual pleasure for several women.

When we talk about female sexual fantasies, you might be able to guess a great portion of them. Nevertheless, some of them might really surprise you. There are some fantasies that a woman desperately wishes to take place, but some are more what she knows is prohibited or what will never take place.

12 Most Common Female Sexual Fantasies Revealed

What is your girl really lusting after in the privacy of her own mind? Probably, she won’t ever completely tell you. But, this article already provides you some of them.

Fantasies they Know Would Surely Never Happen

While some female fantasies are about what women desperately wishes fulfilled, others are about stuff they know would never actually take place. That’s what makes them fantasies – there’s no probability of them becoming real. Further, just because we can’t obtain such things in real life, does not denote we cannot achieve them inside our minds.

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