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15 Tips To Make Him Rock Hard And Want You More


Do you want to know how to turn your man like crazy? Do you want to know how to become seductive and extremely irresistible which you are capable of getting him rock hard in seconds? If so, then you should learn these tips, and you should learn them now!

If you want to know how to turn a guy on, here is what you have to do:

  • Set the Tone

Let your guy know that you are in control and tonight you will be the one in charge of everything. Once you do this and you make your guy the submissive one, you turn him on almost right away. Every guy wants a girl who is sexually confident in her capabilities and herself in general. Be this girl for him, and you will be capable of pleasing him beyond his wildest dreams.

15 Tips To Make Him Rock Hard And Want You More

  • Sweet Voice Help

There is a difference between telling you guys what you’re going to do to him and truly doing it. Using your sweet voice can really turn your guy on and get him going. There are sexy things to say to your boyfriend that will turn him on and aroused. Women are likely to use their voices in the bed as often as they should and which is a shame. To get your man going and to get him rock hard, dirty talk is the best thing to do. There are dirty things to say to your boyfriend such as

  • Tease Him

Guys most often complain about how they do not want to be taunted or teased, but they are lying. In fact, they found it sexy and arousing when they are teased provided the fact that they’re getting pleasure and fun later on. Take benefit of this and never afraid to tease your guy and get him to the point of no re-return prior to even holding or touching him. Teasing creates anticipation in a man’s body, so the more anticipation, the more stimulated and aroused he gets, and the more your man likes you.

  • Foreplay

You have to know some foreplay tips about where to touch your guy to get him aroused and rock hard. Foreplay is when you’re going to tease him and get him rock hard. Even when men complain about foreplay and utter that they simply like to get things into the main event, well, it is not always true. Men love foreplay, and it’s an essential level of his sexual climax. Foreplay prepares him for fun and pleasure, and he wants that preparation for proper orgasm.

15 Tips To Make Him Rock Hard And Want You More

During foreplay, you can use a back massage as an approach to get him rock hard. Feeling your soft hands digging into his skin as well as massaging his hard muscles will surely drive him crazy. His back has lots of nerve endings and holding or touching him the appropriate way will surely get your man going. You can also pick this up, and you can rub him totally in the buff. Straddle his bum and try to sit on top of him. Run your soft hands slowly all over his back. This will surely get him going.

  • Softly Touch His Body

Another effective way to touch your guy to get him stimulate and aroused is to utilize a soft touch in his body, which excludes his sensitive parts. Carrying this out will send the keenness in his body and it will make your man craving you. He’ll be dying for you to hold him by the end of this. Touch him all over his body in a light manner and not holding his penis will get the sexual tension going wild in his body. Doing this will get him rock hard and wild in just a matter of seconds. It will leave your man begging for you to provide him release.

15 Tips To Make Him Rock Hard And Want You More

  • Be in Charge

Want to know how to cum more really hard? Then be in charge. All guys will agree that there’s nothing sexier than a girl who knows what she likes and who goes out and gets it. If a girl is in charge, moving and working her body, nothing is hotter and sexier than that. Riding on top of your guy and being in charge will easily get him stimulated and aroused very fast. He will be agonizing with desire for you. This will put your sex life at a higher level.

Follow these methods to apply given posts with your partner:

Playing Hard to Get Help you Get Your Man a Hard Erection:

Through making sure you’re not readily available. You know he likes you badly, and you’ve let him know that you like him. Therefore playing hard to get will not put your guy off. It will only allow your guy knows that you like him to work a bit harder as you know you are worth it.

  • Sexting Messages

Sexting is extremely underrated. If you like to keep in touch with your man, do not send him an inert aggressive text message trying to catch his attention. Truly gets his interest.

Sending your man a message telling that you’re going to suck his manhood tonight is more effective and efficient than saying “I Miss You”. Sexting conversations really help you get your man rock hard.

15 Tips To Make Him Rock Hard And Want You More

  • Lick His Sensitive Parts

Licking sensitive parts of his body like ears, neck, the nipple will surely make him rock hard fast.

  • Sexy Dance

Sexy dancing surely helps you make your man turn on and rock hard as well. But, make sure to choose the right sexy dance and don’t forget to wear a sexy dress.

  • Naughty with Him in Public

For bad girls out there, one of the best tips on how to get hard fast is to get a bit naughty with him in the public places. If both of you are out at a party with friends, sneak out for a moment and perhaps go down on him in the bathroom.

Give your man a little stimulation. This will seduce him to no end. For sure he will be in a hurry to leave the party in order to release the heat.


Always keep in mind, the key to making your guy want you badly in bed, is to be confident. This will help you in turning him on and driving him crazy and at the same time, it will get you a bit of revved up.

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