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21 Kisses To Try Tonight To Spice Up Sex Life


How would you like your partner to kiss you tonight? Kissing is one of the important ways on how you can express your passion, intimacy, desire, and even adoration for a person. While researchers suggest that women tend to give kissing more importance than men, this is an integral part of every relationship to the extent where it can spice up sex life for those romantically and sexually involved. There is more than one way on how to boost your sex life and relationship as a whole with a kiss.

If your partner asks you, “if I could kiss you tonight, how or where do you want me to do it?”, Don’t hesitate to wish for these 21 kisses from head to toe and everything in between. These are a must try kisses tonight to rekindle or strengthen that sexual spark and satisfaction.

21 Kisses to Try Tonight to Spice up Sex Life

  1. Forehead kisses are everybody’s favorite to show your adoration, love, and sweetness. Your partner will feel reassured, cared for, and loved when kissed in front of friends, family, or alone in your room.
  2. Hand kisses are also the sweetest kisses ever, but when you kiss or lick the pulse or palm, that sends different electricity that sends shivers.
  3. Fingers kisses may sound ordinary, but when you bite and suck your sex partner’s finger, you are in for steamy sex soon enough.
  4. Ear kisses are romantic and totally sexy. Softly whisper in your partner’s ear, “would you mind if I could kiss you here?” followed by a soft nibble or tongue grazing to get instant arousal.
  5. Kissing your partner’s neck out of the blue and then followed by passionate kisses on lips and ears will instantly prompt a moan and heavy breathing, and get both in the mood for the next step.
  6. Give your partner a deep, long, romantic and passionate kiss plus your tongue. Such a great foundation of stimulation and pleasure.
  7. Cheek kisses as light as feathers and along the soft curve of the side of the lips all the way to the ears can touch some sensitive cords that can stimulate your partner.
  8. Jawline kiss along the jawline of your partner, light bites, and licking is sensual enough to make your partner sizzle with anticipation.
  9. Kisses on the shoulder bone likewise work perfectly also of jawline and neck kisses.
  10. Purposeful arm kisses may be done on the inner or outer part of the arms to stimulate your partner.

21 Kisses to Try Tonight to Spice up Sex Life

Who wouldn’t love to be kissed, right? And if you are running out of ideas when your partner asks you again on, “if I could kiss you tonight…” here’s more.

Read here some More Kissing Facts:
  1. Belly button kiss is a kiss-you-tonight way which always gets a squirm of pleasure from a partner especially when licking is involved.
  2. Belly kisses are good for building tensions and are best done with kisses on the belly buttons. So, get your tongue working.
  3. Butterfly kisses to kiss you tonight can be the most romantic kiss you and your partner may have. Touching eyelashes while lips are pressed together cannot get any closer than that.
  4. Spiderman kiss may not be your usual position for kissing, but if you continue kissing your way downwards, you know the imagination can put a dying ember back to light. You don’t need a mask to feel like reenacting a Peter Parker and MJ kissing scene, but both will surely love kissing like these celebs.
  5. Vampire kiss doesn’t mean you need use violence or to suck on real blood, but instead mimicking a vampire’s way of kissing- press of lips, use of the tongue, as well as light bites now and then anywhere in your partner’s sexy body. Try this at erogenous zones, and you are in for heated sex.
  6. Wet kiss is also known as Lizard kiss that is interestingly provocative to the senses. Open mouths while heavy usage of tongues similar to lizards wherein partners can choose to quicken or slow down as you both wish. This is a variation of the French kiss.

21 Kisses to Try Tonight to Spice up Sex Life

17. Nipple kisses are timeless and universal. No man or woman will be able to stop the sensation once the tongue flicks and licks, lips kissing, and mouth sucking on those sensitive nipples. This is a must try tonight and every night to spice up sex life.

18. Back kisses and soft touches get the goosebumps coming out and send shivers down your partner’s spine due to the sensation. Change your pace now and then with a little knead on the back and then light kisses the next will have your partner for more. Spread your partner’s legs wide apart and combine it with the next; the must-try kiss.

19. Buttocks kisses should not be taken for granted. You do get a reaction by touching your partner’s butt after all. Just imagine how intensifying that would be when done with a special and intimate kiss. Not only are your partner’s buttocks revealed but the genitals as well. The anticipation of what you might do next to be able to bring excitement beyond compare.

20. Thigh kisses especially on the upper, lower, and inner thighs are quite intimate areas of the body which is an absolute way for a steamier sex life all the time.

21 Kisses to Try Tonight to Spice up Sex Life

21. Penis and vaginal kiss is icing on the top. Even if you are not planning on giving your partner a mind-blowing blowjob or oral sex, kisses on the penis’ head and shaft or clitoris will surely get anyone into the verge of sensuality to drive them wild and crazy.

Impress and be impressed with all the ways you and your partner can both enjoy kissing. Some of these kisses require a very revealing position that needs deeper connection and intimacy. But just like different sex positions, you must first try most of them (if not all) to find out which works for you. No matter which kisses tonight you’re going to try, it will surely spice up sex life more than you can imagine.


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