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4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You


“Is he into me”? Are you familiar with this question? Well, you need to know that with regards to sexual attraction, there are lots of tricky ways to actually know if a man is into you. More often than not, they do, but as women, they just can’t help but get careful and cautious and know the real score. Oftentimes, getting sexually attracted to somebody could be a little bit of an annoying and provoking thing too, most essentially when you are the woman. Guys could easily show themselves when they want to sleep with you through their body language, but you can’t just do that out of the blue.

It is true that guys could be cautious too when giving out signs but you can never go wrong if you know how to read them. So below are the tips you can use to know the signs a guy just wants to sleep with you- get to learn the five sexual indications he’s sending you now!

4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

  1. He Just Notices Your Look and Appearance

While it is great when a guy appreciates your looks and how amazing you are, you liked to be praised and loved not only due to your outer feature but for your hidden features as well. Guys who are genuinely interested in a long-term relationship with you will admire and praise you for features such as a sense of humor, intelligence as well as values. A guy who tells you how hot your boobs look in that blouse or how smooth your hair is just one of the many signs he just wants to sleep with you. You have to be suspicious of guys who become over-familiar with you before you have the opportunity to make an intimate bond with them in due course.

This situation is so easy to address, the next time a guy makes a compliment about your appearance, ask him what hidden features he likes on you like creativity, intelligence, sense of humor. If he doesn’t say anything, you have to stop seeing this man.

4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

Follow These simples methods:
  1. Emails and Texts are Sexual and Flirty

A girl could tell so much on a guy’s interest in her by the “wordings” of his communication. Men who just want to sleep with you use emails and texts as chances to make the conversation into a sexual discussion. You got home and is unwinding, a guy text “what you’re wearing right now? “ You are shopping for fruit at the nearest store then he texted you “Would it be fine and exciting to have sex right there amongst the grapes?” or when a guy calls you baby during your conversation.

4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

On the contrary, guys who are seriously interested in you would like to know your feelings. How is your day today? They will ask about your favorite food or favorite pastime. It is easy to know how to tell if a guy is turned on with you if he is always up to you checking you if you already ate your meal and so forth.

When this happens to you, the best thing to do is to avoid replying to his text messages. Instead, tell him in person that you are not happy with his action. Tell him that you are not the kind of girl that is easy to catch.

  1. Their Concept of Fun is Watching Movies and Listening to Cool Music

Guys who aren’t interested in making a bond with you, like to share cultural events and activities with you. He would like to know you more to ensure you are fit for him, too. It is essential he makes a good feeling about you who says: I am an interesting guy who loves doing different stuff. He wants to know if you are suitable with each other in various areas, not only sexually.

A guy, who simply wants to sleep with you, knows that bringing over burger under the disguise of date will not fly long. Therefore, to calm you down and deal with the monotony he might feel while in your company, he will recommend you getting together to listen to cool music or watch movies at his place or your place. This makes a false impression that you are doing sex when you are together. On the other hand, his planned objective is to have sexual intercourse after watching the movie.

4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

What should you do? Well, you should refuse his offer in watching movies at his or your place. Instead, propose an activity like window shopping or swimming with friends.

  1. Foreplay is quickly

If he likes you a lot, he respects you and wants to build a long-term relationship with you. He wants to make love with you and not to sleep with you. Foreplay could last longer as it is very enjoyable to kiss, touch and hug you. The pleasure and happiness are within the journey and not the purpose of sexual climax. The guy who likes to just have sex with you does not need much touching or kissing. He just wanted to have sex with you badly, and he is not aware of your pleasure and happiness. He is just thinking about his satisfaction. You’re a sexual object in his eyes.

If a man asks you “I want to have sex with you” What will you do? You can talk to him and tell that you are not into one-night-stand. Tell him you want a long-term relationship.

4 Obvious Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

  1. He Has His Full Focus On You

You will know if a man wants to sleep with you when he has his full attention to you, and he allows you know about it- he is got your attention at you by hook or by crook, and he is totally just so into you that he allows you go aware of it. Bear in mind that men are frequently all out flirting and teasing with lots of women all the time — when he has his eyes centered on you, then there is something else.


If you are worried that your guy is only interested in your body and doesn’t really like or love you, there are many ways to know if he is only with you as he likes to have sex with you. These abovementioned signs should be capable of making you see right through him.

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