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5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum


How far will you go with oral sex? Some people engage in sex and willing to be one of the cum swallowers without hesitation. Ok that may not be true on all occasions, but the fact that some men and women can go as far as swallowing cum may have been benefitting from doing it apparently. Based on a study conducted by a group of Dutch Psychologists, women are more tolerant even on what is considered disgusting and over the board in all sexual activities when fully aroused, including being willingly or forced to swallow cum. Then it follows that not all women can easily engage in swallowing bodily fluids unless they are sexually aroused, and with a little help from you, you can make her drink your cum without disgust or aversion or total loss of sexual appetite.

The stories behind cum swallow compilation

Little did you know that what is just pure sexual quirkiness apparently is beneficial for cum swallowers.

Seminal plasma is healthy for you and, here, you will discover five advantages of swallowing cum which might change your whole outlook on the matter. Deposited seminal plasma in the vagina is activated, and the benefits started to kick in the same manner when you take it anally or orally. In fact, it is suggested that semen can provide the same benefits you get from taking a protein shake and probably even more. Are you ready to get your gag reflexes at bay?

5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum

  1. Swallowing Cum for a Dose of Daily Multivitamin

Ghastly as it may sound to some men and women, swallow horse cum is said to have its benefits as well health wise. According to some medical studies, horse semen contains protein, vitamins, and high volume of GH or growth hormone. It seems like both men and women swallowing cum can also benefit every time a man ejaculates. A teaspoonful of semen is packed with helpful vitamins, more than 200 proteins, and minerals which include:

      • Vitamin C
      • Chlorine
      • Calcium
      • Fructose
      • Citric Acid
      • Magnesium
      • Lactic Acid
    • Potassium
    • Nitrogen
    • Vitamin B12
    • Phosphorus
    • Sodium
    • Zinc And More

Seminal plasma also contains essential chemicals like testosterone, oxytocin, melatonin, estrogen, norepinephrine, prolactin, opioid peptides, and serotonin. There is a variation of vitamins contents of the quality of semen depending on the male’s health and age. Even those guys swallowing cum also get the same benefits.

5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum

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  1. Swallowing Cum will take you out of Doldrums

There are endless videos on cum swallowing compilation showing different sexual acts and performing various sexual positions. This could be just one of the ways to bring a man or woman into the brinks of pleasures enough to make a gay cum swallow or ebony cum swallow without resistance. According to studies conducted on female university students, the symptoms of depression are less notable to those who were exposed to semen through penetration compared to those who had protected sex. This might be attributed to the fact that semen inside the vagina is easily absorbed into the bloodstream, thus the fantastic result.


5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum

  1. Cum Swallowing will put you in Deep Slumber

Have you ever wondered why women swallowing cum get so sleepy after good sex? This is not just because you are worn out. The truth is, semen has rich in melatonin, a powerful chemical capable of inducing relaxation and sleep. You cannot have a better medicine to induce sleep than to receive cum, either way, you want it, through intercourse or ingestion as long as it will be running in your bloodstream.

  1. Cum Swallowing Lowers Blood Pressure

A study conducted recently reveals that regular cum swallowers have lower blood pressure. For women, the health benefits of swallowing male’s sperm include lowered risk of complication while pregnant called pre-eclampsia and less pain. High blood pressure during pregnancy can be life-threatening to both mother, and unborn child and semen can also help in birthing babies, not just help make them.

5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum

  1. Cum Swallowing Decreases Risks of Men Getting Prostate Cancer

Now when it comes to men, gay cum swallow may not be the entire reason why your risk of getting prostate cancer is decreased but because high frequency of ejaculation gets your prostate busy releasing and producing in an unending process.

Is there a right way on how to swallow cum?

While you can see a lot of swallows cum compilation videos, you can tell that this is more enjoyable for men than for women. There are even videos showing mom swallows sons cum. Could this be related to the supposed benefits of swallowing the cum? Will this be effective that can make you look even younger? Does semen contain natural antioxidant zinc which helps in slowing down the process of muscles and skin aging? Or is it just one of your sexual fantasies when you do role-playing during oral sex? This may be for a showa taboo in itself for some But it is for own satisfaction. Is there a right way on how to swallow cum? The answer is none definite. The trick depends on how you can make your partner as willing and relaxed as you are to enjoy this experience. Sometimes a forced to swallow cum adds to the excitement when you are role-playing as well.

5 Advantages of Swallowing Cum

The key ingredient in oral sex and cum swallowers is easy. One, both partners must be open to the idea of going all the way to ingesting semen, or intercourse, or anal sex. Get your partner as aroused as possible, so their level of tolerance is higher than average. If you surprise them on making them eat your cum when you are ready to explode, chances are they will willingly oblige. A word of advice though, it is always recommended to engage in protected and good sexual practices.

Also, practice good hygiene all the time as the health benefits of doing that is far beyond any pleasure a cum swallowing can give you or your partner. If you don’t want to acquire STDs or unexpected pregnancy to happen, always protect yourself and your partner sexually so you can enjoy more time and more fun exploring each other’s body and enjoying great sex.

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