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5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make


What makes great sex? Aside from finding the best sex positions, knowing how to have a good stroke game before, during, and even after sex can bring more exhilarating experience for both men and women. Remember that sexual acts are not only limited to penetration of genitals. There are healthy and quirky sex habits wherein you can improve your sex life and lets you live an invigorating life in and out of bed.

Stroking and Sex

Do you know why sex is bad without stroking or any form of foreplay? Stroking gets you into the mood and builds up sexual tensions. It even prepares a woman to be ready for penetration or non-penetration orgasms. Do you know what happens when a woman is not ready for sex? Any object gets to entry to a dry vaginal canal can cause mental and physical trauma due to pain and discomfort. There are times it may cause bleeding due to the absence of bodily fluids. Since the beginning of time, the study of sex and women’s body reveals far more amazing and bizarre facts. Apparently, even oral sex offers physical and mental health benefits, especially for cum swallowers.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

Men who know how to stroke a girl are always rewarded with great responses and body reaction leading to a spectacular orgasm and ejaculation. How would a man know if he is on the right track? No words are needed because your body cannot lie. For those who want to please a woman and are looking for best ways on how to stroke during sex, these tips below simply are a must try.

  • Comfort is the key. Make sure she is comfortably positioned whether she’s on her side or laying on her back or stomach.
  • Ask her how she feels while you stroke her. Change your pace and see her reaction. Even if she doesn’t tell you, her moans and arousal will be evident.
  • Use your penis’ head to stroke her vaginal opening instead of your fingers. Give her some shallow strokes first before slowly sliding deeper.
  • Try a position wherein you can clearly see her clitoris as you spread both her legs apart. Continue stroking her vagina with your penis while rubbing her sensitive flesh with your thumb.
  • Listen to or watch her response. When she keeps on adjusting her position or keeps on saying “ouch,” then you should stop right away. Better re-strategize on your strokes, position, or pace.
  • If you see no sign of wetness, use your tongue or fingers alternately to stimulate her clitoris. It is best for you to do this before you ever think of penetration.
  • Talk dirty as your hands or penis strokes her.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

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Keep Up Practicing Good Sex Habits

Married couples who practice good sex habits are far more cheerful, contented, and happy with their life. It even prevents and eliminates cases of philandering husbands, wives looking for lovers, and promotes loyalty among partners. Here are some habits to spice up your sex life even more.

  • Staying healthy and fit for increased stamina and libido in bed.
  • Being honest and willing to listen to what you both want or how you both feel.
  • Being creative and open to suggestions every time you experiment with new sex positions or sex toys.
  • Complimenting your partner for great sex and taking in pleasure in giving as much as in receiving.
  • Always practice good hygiene. Aside from the health benefits, you never know when you are in for a big and erotic surprise.
  • Get more rest or sleep. Lack of sleep is said to be associated with problems on the sexual response for women and erectile dysfunction among men.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

Do away with bad sex habits

Are you happy with your sex life? Some people would give you an outright, “Hell, yeah!” The moment you had to pause and think to answer, chances are you are practicing some bad sex habits which you need to eliminate right away.

  • Too much distraction can interrupt the momentum of what could have been great sex.
  • Unreciprocated favors can sometimes cause emotional strains to couples and partners.
  • Being insensitive to your partner’s needs or requests.
  • Boring and predictable performance in bed makes up a dull sex life which is a total no-no if you want your man (or woman) to stay horny with you.
  • Smoking and too much alcohol not only affects the quality of erection in men and arousal in women but they also retain unpleasant odors.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

Fascinating and Weird Sex Habits Around The World

The world is wide and different countries with various cultures and traditions means on how people have sex varies as well. Here are some sex habits around the world.

  • Papua, New Guinea

The young girls and boys of the Trobriander tribe in Papua, New Guinea engage in sex as early as six to eight among girls and ten to twelve among boys without any fear of social stigma being hurled at them. But while pre-marital sex is allowed, dining together is forbidden until partners are married.

  • Mangaia Islands, South Pacific

In this island, multiple sex partners are encouraged as long as they are still single. Even married women can have sex with younger males for proper sex education.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

  • Nepal, The Himalayas

Brothers in certain communities in the Himalayan regions share wives to keep family’s lands or properties intact.

  • Niger, West Africa

The Wodaabe tribe’s marriages are arranged during infancy between full-blooded cousins. But in celebrating the Gerewol Festival, men can steal someone else’s wives while wearing ostentatious makeup.

  • Inis Beag, Northern Ireland

The islanders of Inis Baeg are only allowed to kissing and touching the butt as foreplay and doing missionary position only without shedding their clothes off.

5 Sex Habits Every Woman Needs to Make

Whether or not you fall into the category of people who practice weird sex habits, your body dictates what gives you pleasure. Stroking among men and women is just one sure way to add spice to the game. You can always have good sex when you practice good sex habits. It will enhance and improves the senses to deeper pleasure for satisfying sex.


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