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6 Things You Do During Oral Sex That Women Absolutely Hate


Oral sex is an important part of sex that provides pleasure to both men and women. Most men might think that they have all the right moves, but in fact, they are not really doing the right thing. To most men, they already know that the most sensual part of a woman’s vagina is the clitoris.

In order for most women to reach orgasm, clitoral stimulation is the key. Making a woman cum takes time, and if you are too bad when it comes to giving oral, this will only disappoint your partner which could result in your failure to make her cum.

Do Women likes Oral Sex?

Women nowadays love to receive oral sex from their partners aside from the usual sexual intercourse. Nowadays, teenagers and adults are enjoying the act instead of other sexual activity. One of the studies shows that women of 18-25 love to have oral sex. Those who see their genitals as positively tend to have more oral sex than those who look at their genitals in negative ways.

6 Things you always do during Oral Sex that Women Hates

70% of women can only reach their orgasms when their clitoris is being stimulated with the use of tongue, lips and other items such as dildos and vibrators. However, 30% of these women have the ability to climax through the usual vaginal intercourse with the penetration of the penis into their vagina. In the case of the vaginal intercourse, women can also reach their orgasms given the proper sexual position that can stimulate the clitoris.

One of the best reason why most women like to receive oral sex is that the warm and soft texture of the tongue. The saliva also serves as a natural lubricant which prevents the area from dryness.

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For you to figure out some of your common mistakes during oral sex, below are the things you need be aware of about oral sex:

Not Communicating

Most women giving blowjobs has their own way of doing the job. Do women like oral sex? Most women like to go down and will provide you with the best blowjobs of your life. One of the things you need to consider during sexual intercourse is to keep communication with your partner open. It is very vital to have such kind of communication. It is also fine to ask your partner if you are doing the right thing. There are times that you are not doing the right thing, so it is important to stay connected with each other during your sex session.

Do not assume

You have to be aware that not all women like to give a blowjob. Most women like to go down and give their man a blowjob. However, if you go down your woman, do not expect that she will also do the same because there are some girls who hate blowjob.

This is the common mistake of most men. You have to remember that during sex, you don’t need to do all just to let her do the same thing on you. You have to do it because you want to please your partner. Since everyone has their own state of mind, so few ladies don’t like the idea of giving oral sex.

Keeping an Open Mind

If you already have sex with different girls before, then stop thinking that your present partner will also do the same things just like what the previous one did. You have to remember that no two ladies are the same. Therefore, one of your strategies might not be effective to your partner now. When giving your partner oral sex, you have to keep an open mind. If you previous partner loves sex toy, then don’t expect that your present girl will also like it. Observe her during sex and keep a perceptive outlook and listen to her as she appreciates the thing you are doing in bed.

6 Things you always do during Oral Sex that Women Hates

Mix it up

Don’t always settle for the usual oral sex positions. There’s a tendency that your partner will no longer be happy with what you are doing. Try to experiment with oral sex. While licking and eating her pussy, you can also use your hands by caressing her breast. Touch is a great help that can also provide an additional pleasure. Attempting to do new things will not bother your partner. Switching your sexual routine can help your sex life to be healthier.

Not knowing her Anatomy

You have to discover the parts that are very sensual for your partner such as the clitoris. You have to learn the structure of women’s body. This will guide you to be motivated every time you are having sex with your partner. According to women, men cannot exactly sense to where the clitoris is. So, start investigating by simply looking the vagina of your partner. The clitoris is located just above the lips of the vaginal opening.

Not Rubbing the Clitoris the right way

Are you wondering why your partner gets annoyed every time you are rubbing her clitoris? Well, you are not rubbing her clit the right way. Since the clit is a delicate part, it is not advisable to rub the clitoris too hard. Women might not appreciate your eagerness to rub her clitoris because these really stings. In giving your partner oral sex, don’t just settle using your mouth. You can also embed your hands specifically your fingers on her vagina and start fingering her with your tongue on her clit. With this, you are doing the right thing which will surely make her come.

6 Things you always do during Oral Sex that Women Hates

You have to take note of the above things that annoy women during oral sex. Most men like to perform oral sex on women. Giving your women oral sex will help her to feel more comfortable with having sex. You can also give her multiple orgasms before your actual intercourse. The moment you give your partner oral sex, this will provide her with a sense of relaxation, security, and confidence. To some, oral sex defines their entire relationship and acts as a sign of their dedication to providing pleasure to each other.

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