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7 Experts Tips For Female Orgasms


Not all woman are experiencing the same orgasms during sexual intercourse. If you are able to let your woman reach orgasm as much as you are, you are too lucky. It is also said that it is very eminent for women to have an ultimate orgasm during sexual intercourse. While there are some women who can easily reach their orgasm through vaginal intercourse, there are some who reach their orgasms through clitoral stimulation.

The key to making your woman come and get through there is getting familiar with the different sex positions and start trying them out during your sexual intercourse. Most women are also finding it hard to get an orgasm during their sexual intercourse. If you want to make your partner come, you have to use the right sex positions and gentle clitoral stimulation.

Women are able to reach their orgasms in two different ways – from their G-Spot and through their clitoris. The clitoris is just located above the opening of the women’s vagina. This part of the genital is very sensitive to stimulus. You can easily notice that your partner is already aroused because the clitoris it becomes larger in size. You can be able to know how to reach an orgasm by gently stimulating her clitoris.

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Tips on how to achieve Female Orgasm

If you are looking for helpful orgasm tips, below are some of the many tips on how to reach orgasm that you can follow. Actually, there are numerous ways on how to make your woman reach her orgasm easily, but the best and most highly recommended orgasm tips for you are as follows:

Do the Missionary Position with Up Shift

Missionary is one of the best sex positions for female orgasm. This position involves man on top and entering her partner’s vagina. When the guy is on top in a missionary position, a woman should have her body shift forward so that every time the man thrust, his penis will rub against the clitoris. This tip will be more exciting especially when the legs of the woman are together while her man is straddling her. This will pave the way for better clitoral stimulation. You can also achieve the same sensation when she is on top and doing the same pattern. When your woman is on top, this will give her the opportunity to be in control.

7 Experts Tips For Female Orgasms

Use a Lubricant

Steady clitoral stimulation is the key on how to have an orgasm. However, without proper lubrication, it will be hard for women to increase her comfort. Lubrication increase the speed and comfort which helps you to penetrate the vagina. There are times when no matter how turned on your woman, she might have trouble in getting wet. With this, try putting some drop of lube on your penis then start stroking your member with your hands. Nevertheless, do not use too much lube.

7 Experts Tips For Female Orgasms

Talk Dirty

Dirty talking during sexual intercourse is also one of the best ways on how to have an orgasm fast. If your partner is a verbal girl, a simple whisper in her ear will make her shiver and can easily put wonders on her sensation. Start by talking about how good she is on your sexual intercourse. Give your woman some compliment like how good she is on giving oral sex and foreplay. If she responds some words like, “Oh, yeah” this only means that she’s into it and she wants more. However, there are certain terms that make women turned on, and others made them cringe. You can build your own glossary of all the sexiest dirty talks and terms which can help you make her reach her orgasm easily. In making your glossary, avoid using some terms like, “C’mon baby, do it now!”.

Use your Touch!

7 Experts Tips For Female Orgasms

Our neck is highly responsible for touch. Since the skin on your neck is thin, the moment you kiss the neck if your partner, this will make her excited and aroused. Psychologically speaking, kissing the neck reminds every woman of their first sexual experience which makes them reach their orgasms fast. When you are having sex with your partner, and she is moving towards her orgasm, give her a gentle kiss on her neck by simply brushing your lips on her collarbone until she reaches heaven.

Vibrators can help too

You can also use a vibrator to make your girl climax. If she never hits her peak no matter what you do, turn on the vibrator and use it to make her come. Ask her first if it is okay for her to use a vibrator. If she agrees, then set the speed and the pressure she prefers since most of these vibrators have their own settings. Then, all you have to do is to use the device against her clit. You have to focus on her clitoris if you want to make her come in no time.

The Double Grip

During your sexual intercourse, there are some things that might catch the attention of your girl. Don’t forget about her butt. When she is on top of you, you can also gran her butt’s cheeks which can turn her own more. Most girls need to be turned on first to make them reach their orgasm. There are also women out there who are longing for spanking and squeezing their butt. There is no harm in trying, so better try this on your partner and see if it works.

7 Experts Tips For Female Orgasms

These tips are some of the best tips on how to reach female orgasm. This could bring some additional help if you are encountering problems reaching your partner’s orgasm. You don’t need to worry about this for there are many ways you can do to make your girl reach her orgasm. Sometimes, women need to work on their mood and need time to work on reaching their orgasm. To better achieve the best sense of pleasure when having sex in bed, try doing these female orgasm tips and see for yourself how everything will work out.

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