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8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis


There is a lot of attention that the penis gets to, but most men don’t know everything about the little man. In fact, most men know very little about penises. As a man, you need to know as much as you can about your penis to keep it strong, healthy and always ready for action.

On that note, this article gives you several pertinent penis facts. If you read the fascinating facts about penis in this article, you might find yourself blown. Let’s get this thing done and be blown by the surprising yet weird penis facts you will find here.

  • Fact #1 – It Is Possible to Break a Penis

A human’s penis does not have bones, but even so, you can still break it. If you twist an erect penis or say your partner’s too vigorous on top of it, the blood vessels can burst. When that happens, it will result in a lot of blood and swelling. You might not know, but yeah, you can break your penis.

  • Fact #2 – The Penis is Not a Muscle

Most people think the penis is a muscle, but actually, it is not. In fact, it does not even contain a single muscle on it. This is the reason why you cannot move your penis when it is hard. You can get a penis a muscle but now you know it’s amazingly not.

8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis

  • Fact #3 – How Big the Feet Doesn’t Have Anything to Do with Penis Size

You know there’s a saying about how you can tell the size of a guy’s penis by how big his feet? That isn’t true. Despite what everyone is saying, the size of a man’s feet has nothing to do with the size he is packing.

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  • Fact #4 – Men with Two Penises

You read it right. Some men have two penises, a condition called Diphallus. Around the world, there are around a hundred cases of men having two penises. Do you want to hear something even weirder than this? There is a guy who does not only have two penises but has three.

  • Fact #5 – Erection after Orgasm Doesn’t Mean He Means another Go

A common belief held by women that when a man is erect, it means he wants a go. This happens especially right after orgasm. It isn’t. There are many reasons why men stay erect, such as the quality of blood flow, male enhancement pills or level of arousal.
8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis

  • Fact #6 – Fear of Penis

The name for fear of penis is phallophobia. In a narrower sense, phallophobia could just be fear of an erect penis. On the other hand, some people with this fear have an extreme distaste for masculinity. Common symptoms of the fear of penis include hyperventilation then passing when you see an erect penis.

  • Fact #7 – The Koro Syndrome

The Koro syndrome is a condition when a person has the irrational belief that their penis will withdraw back into their body. It is not an actual physical condition but a culture-specific delusional disorder that their penis will shrink.

  • Fact #8 – So They Don’t Hit Off

Did you ever wonder why one of your testicles always hangs a bit lower than the other one? It is like that so to prevent them from hitting off each other when you move. Who would think that a man’s genitalia is a forward thinker, right?

8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis

  • Fact #9 – A Good Compensation

The research found out that nature seems to compensate for men with a smaller penis. It turns out that most men with smaller penises have huge erections. The difference between a short and longer penis is not that obvious when erect than when the penis is flaccid.

  • Penis Fact #10 – Penis and Sex Satisfaction

Many believe that penis size matters in sexual satisfaction. Facts about penis contradict this though. Most women said they are delighted with their partner’s penis, no matter the size. There’s quite an interesting fact about women related to this too. That is, the vagina usually adjusts to the size or length of your package.

  • Fact #11 – Viagra

The quickest selling drug in the world is Viagra, a male enhancement drug. But did you know? Its discovery is accidental. It was a drug used to treat a heart condition called angina. Formerly known as UK92480, it has the side effect of erections now leading to the world famous Viagra.

  • Fact #11 – Nightly Erections

Here’s an amazing fact. Men usually have three to five nightly erections. These erections can often last from 25 to 30 minutes. It means that men can have about four hours of erections every night. That’s a surprisingly long hour of erection!

8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis

  • Fact #12 – Corpses Get Erection

Imagine that. A corpse can get an erection. Called ‘Angel Lust’, bodies get erections when the last remaining blood gathers into the penis. After a while, it becomes soft again. Well, that is quite the weird penis fact.

  • Fact #13 – Types of Penis

There are two types of penises called grower and shower. The grower type is a penis that expands then lengthens when it becomes erect. The shower, on the other hand, always appears big. This penis type does not get that much big when it erects.

  • Fact #14 – Are You a Shower or a Grower?

In a survey conducted by Men’s Health, it says that a large percentage of men have grower penis. In their study, it shows 79% have growers while 21% men have showers. So there are a little fewer people who have penis type that does not get that much bigger when erect.

8 Things You Did Not Know About Your Penis

  • Fact #15 – King Fatefehi’s Penis

It says that the penis that most women enjoyed is that of Tonga’s King Fatefehi. Supposedly, the King deflowered 37, 800 women from 1770 to 1784. That number means the King deflowered about seven virgins in each day.

So, did you enjoy reading these interesting penis facts? There are more of them if you look for it. Man or woman, knowing more about your genitalia is important. Go and find out more about your penis to understand how you can better take good care of its health.

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