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9 Sex Tips for Men to Have Better Sex Life


Sex is one of the reasons why a relationship lasts. However, it will not work efficiently if only one of you will work. Though it needs both partners to play their roles, men should have a higher responsibility in making it an enjoyable experience. Whether it’s your first time or you have a long-time partner, these strategies are proven to be useful to help you how to prepare yourself for sex.

9 Sex Tips for Men to Have Better Sex Life

1. How to get ready for sex

One of the sex advice for men is to eat healthily and exercise. Eating the right kinds of food can increase your libido and self-confidence. Besides, exercise and healthy foods also improve the function of your cardiovascular system. It promotes healthy erectile function. So, you don’t have to take some medicine just to enhance your erection.

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2. Though you are so excited to start having sex, you still need to relax.

Frequently, women are more relaxed during sex. It should also be the same attitude you need to show or else you might scare her away. The adverse effect of hurrying to produce an orgasm is your partner might not enjoy. Always put in mind that sometimes, women took so long to get aroused. You might have finished producing an orgasm while she is just starting to enjoy. So, avoid this by extending your patience for the sake of giving her the pleasure she needs until the end. It could be the most excellent sex tips for guys who are always in a hurry.

9 Sex Tips for Men to Have Better Sex Life

3. How to prepare yourself for sex

Planning for sex includes making yourself clean. Isn’t it nice to have a partner who smells good? Being clean neat adds to your masculinity. No matter how excited you are, you need to make sure you include taking a bath and brushing your teeth before sex. We also consider it as a best men’s health sex tips. Besides, maintaining proper hygiene reduce the risk of disease.

4. Do not hesitate to talk about sex with your partner

Men sometimes feel ashamed of talking about sex because of the fear that they might displease their partner. Talking about it does not mean you do not respect her or it always gets stuck in your mind. The more open your communication with each other, the more idea you will get on how to please her even more. Share thoughts with your partner on how to prepare for sex. In this way, both of you know how to play in bed.

Admit it. There are things we sometimes do not discover yet from our partner. One of these things pertains to sex. It’s not just about the style, but you should also consider what she wants. Give yourself a time to talk about it, so you both are ready to please each other.

5. Always remember, different women have different sex styles.

9 Sex Tips for Men to Have Better Sex Life

If you had a previous partner and she likes the way you caress her during sex time, do not expect that your style will also work on the present one. Some women may get offended if you perform without knowing that she doesn’t like what you’re doing. As a result, your partner might feel intimidated by you. Not all sex styles you know will please every woman. Some may want a conservative way to perform the sex, but some want the wilder style.

6. Do not be demanding if she doesn’t want what you ask her to do.

If you want to be a right partner, you need to treat a woman with respect. If she says “no,” do not expect her to do what you want. Ask her beforehand what she can and can’t do. Some women are conservative while some of them want a hot and wild experience. Doing these tips equip you with an idea on how to properly have sex without going beyond her limit. Sex would not be effective if only one of you enjoyed it.

7. You should care about her.

This is one of the tips for sex we want to emphasize and tell men over and over again. Often, men forget the real world when they are already performing sex. They just do what they want without thinking if their partner is having pleasure. Ask her how to prepare yourself for sex, so you know what will turn her on. This advice is also essential if it is the first time for your partner to do it.

Typically, having sex for the first time is painful to women. You should understand this one. We are not only talking about your pleasure. You should also share that great experience with your partner. So, make sure to be gentle as much as possible, so she still finds it enjoyable despite the pain.

8. Other useful sex tips from men is give your partner a time to lead.

It may be awkward at first, but it is an excellent way to let your partner experience how it’s like to be. Let her discover what she wants and what she needs to feel aroused. Do not be dominating so she also got an opportunity to enjoy what she wants to do with you. You should maintain your respect for each other to keep your relationship last.

9. Do not do it daily

It is more exciting to have sex if you abstain from it for a couple of days. It is one of the most effective tips from men who experienced having sex for only twice a week. Women also get more excited if they abstain from sex. Let her feel the spark and sensuality by planning how to have great sex, and if possible, you can also schedule it.

“Now, we already give you useful advice on how to prep for sex. Make sure you keep these things handy to ensure you and your partner are going to enjoy. Do not limit yourself to having broad ideas on how to get ready for sex to improve your performance so your relationship will last.

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