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Jes Extender Review


Jes extender is one of the oldest and most used penis extenders in the market. It is also referred to as the original penis extender. Since the time that it was manufactured several years ago, this penis extender has undergone several structural adjustments so as to suit all users effectively. This has made it one of the best extenders in the market even due to its functionality and purpose. It has proven to help many men to increase both the size and girth of their manhood thus achieving a lot when it comes to sexual encounter.

When it comes to reliable penis extenders you are sure to go for Jes Extenders as they are the pioneer in the creation of penis extenders for men looking how to get a bigger penis. In fact, the Jes Extender Penis Extender was the original and the first one in the market. This has set the trend and the standard in the creation of other penis extenders. To make sure that the company stays on top, they have developed the original extender over the years in order to create better and more innovative products coinciding with technological advancements.

jes extender

These days, there are many models of Jes Extenders but all are equally effective, safe and reliable as all are patterned similarly but were individually customized to fit the needs of different customers. They majorly make use of clinically proven penis enlargement methods that work effectively for the penile growth. They apply a constant pressure on the penis hence leading to cell divisions which then leads to the multiplying of cells.

When cells have been multiplied, it therefore requires that more space is created for them to fit. As reported in the following article (do penis pumps work), this then necessitates the expansion of the penis in order to create this space which can be able to host the extra cells. By so doing therefore, the penis enlarges and becomes large hence increase in size. This is basically the mode of operation of the penis extender in realizing a larger and longer penis. Also the products come with different accessories so you can freely choose which package you think would suit you best.

jes extender

The Jes extenders come with customizable parts that are easy to handle are quite comfortable for the user. This means that you can enjoy working with these extenders on as if there’s nothing you are wearing. This makes them very convenient for jobs and other activities that do not involve much action and locomotion. It doesn’t have the common problem of slipping which causes stress and discomfort in many. By eliminating these challenges, it becomes very effective for the user and relieves the challenges that arise by using other penis extenders.

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Some would ask how to use these penis extenders. Well as seen above, the Jes extenders are quite light and therefore are not stressful to put on or walk with. They are made in such a way that you wear it be putting its belt around the waist and then the base goes to the bottom of the penis. This way it holds the penis firmly for better results. This is the safest way to increase your penis size since some other means may prove to be dangerous in the short and long term process. Therefore one should be keen to know which extenders work well and which ones don’t. Again you should note that a good thing normally has a lot of counterfeits. There are a lot of fake penis enhancers that are being manufactured and sold in the current market by those who are targeting ignorant buyers to swindle. You should be sensitive in order to avoid buying the wrong item and if possible you can also ask those with experience to guide you on how to identify real from fake.

Here are some of their best packages.

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Jes Extender Platinum

Jes Extender Review

This Jes Extender review will focus on the best-selling penis extender package from the company. This is in fact considered to be the best and finest Penis enlargement devices today. Do note that all metal parts in this device have been coated with pure platinum and it also comes with a certificate for verification. And just like all its brothers, this offers natural and proven means of penile extension. This platinum package is equipped with the best accessories there is to help you achieve your extension goals in the most comfortable way possible.

  • This comes with a basel unit.
  • It is also equipped with a silicone tube and a comfort strap.
  • This comes with a unique dual function front piece which is a special feature for this device.
  • This comes with three different sizes of elongation bars, four 2 inch elongation bars, two 1 inch elongation bars and two ½ inch elongation bars.
  • This also comes with a protection pad and cohesive gauze.
  • The package includes a custom Velcro strap.
  • To ensure your privacy, this comes with a set of keys too.
  • This also has a lifetime warranty which makes it a very good investment as you don’t have to worry about buying over and over which is indeed a complete waste of money.

Jes Extender Original

Jes Extender

If you are a simple man who wants to get to the point with no fuss whatsoever then this package is definitely for you. This is equipped with the essentials only so you can easily strap on the device in the simplest way possible.  This comes with a basel unit, dual function front piece, silicon tube, comfort strap, four 2 inch elongation bars, two 1 inch elongation bars, protection pad and a set of keys for your added privacy. This also comes with a 2 year warranty. Furthermore, this extender can work to provide you with inches of penile extension but not exceeding 9.1 inches. This is actually more than what anybody could ask for for a very affordable set of safe and reliable penis extender which will surely solve your problems.

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  • Mateo says:

    You don’t need to stress over any well being peril as they work remotely. In Fact, the outcomes are more noticeable when you extenders. I am utilizing Extreme Premium Edition jes extender and can feel the distinction in my length. My better half is content with mu sexual forces, what else do I require. can easily recommend jes extender to anyone who want to enlarge their penis.

  • Benjamin says:

    on the off chance that you are experiencing penis medical problem, it hampers your wedded life a great deal. I have been managing a harsh marriage in light of the fact that my significant other discovered me too thin to fill her impeccably. At that point I began utilizing ANNIVERSARY JES Extender and gradually and step by step I can see myself picking up the length and width. Indeed we are having better sex nowadays with my significant other getting fulfilled.

  • Ethan says:

    The after effects of Extreme Premium Edition PENIS EXTENDER can be diverse for various people however you will see a critical change in estimate (length and width) following fourteen days of utilizing this JES extender. There are many individuals who will vouch for my words. Like every single good thing the progressions will be slow, don’t quit utilizing it on the off chance that you wish to wind up plainly a sound penis proprietor by and by.

  • Santiago says:

    Does JES EXTENDER truly work? I am 47 and right now can feel that my penis has turned out to be more slender than it used to be a couple of years back. In spite of the fact that it haven’t influenced my sexual way of life, however, I can see the symptoms coming my direction? Guide me if utilizing this extender will truly make me thick as some time recently.

  • Thiago says:

    I am a player who needs to workout a great deal and I remain at my home less. I know how intense it is for my significant other to survive alone, particularly with all her physical needs. She is faithful to me, I know, yet I question that I am neglecting to fulfill her nowadays. The reason is my powerless penis; I wish to broaden the size, will these JES extenders work?

  • Ryan says:

    I have been using JES Extender. However, I am having a hard time keeping it on max tension since it keeps on slipping off. I have tried to tighten the band but it still won’t work. The seller also offered me translucent silicon for additional comfort. Another comes with silicon on the inside designed with a cloth externally.

  • Mike says:

    For almost a month now,, I have been using JES Extender. However, I am experiencing serious difficulties keeping it on max pressure since it continues slipping off. I have attempted to fix the band however despite everything it won’t work. The dealer likewise offered me translucent silicon for extra solace. Another accompanies silicon within composed with a fabric remotely. Furthermore, among these, I observe the last to be the most agreeable one to utilize. Since I can’t oil my chap since it will just slip off everything, I endeavored to oil the string rather (a tad) and additionally the spring so they can slide effectively.

  • Jonathan says:

    I purchased the Titanium one. but, when I attempted to make the change, I can discover a blend that will modify the poles and the screws. It remains on level 900.The bars won’t reveal the lines either and won’t fill in as it shows up on the instructional video. I think about whether I have to include more bars. Expectation you can help me with this.

  • Villum says:

    Been doing it 2 months for about 6 hours per day. Good. It can get sore if you overdo and overstretch, esp around your belled area and you do need your dick to ‘breathe’ a bit. I do 2 hours during work and 4/5 hours after work. Pleased with product generally.

  • Jasper says:

    Probably about every 2 weeks, you dont want to rush it, im no expert but form what ive read you wanna be fully stretched between a .5 inch below and above your EL. I started a .5 inch below my EL and gradually worked my way up to .5 above my EL

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