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A Newbies Guide to Squirting


It seems like heterosexual men (or lesbian) want to know the tricks on how to make a girl squirt. There is nothing wrong with that since it provides women sexual pleasure that is beyond explanation. Female ejaculation is not always achieved through penetration, and if your partner is one of them, then you need to find ways on how you can make her enjoy sex as much as you do. Do all men know how to make a woman cum? Maybe but not everyone, even yourself, knows how to make your girl squirt. In fact, others may just be a newbie in this squirting madness and don’t have a clue as to how is this done.

Pleasuring one’s partner can be achieved in a lot of ways and discovering how to squirt with intensity for your woman would be your greatest satisfaction. You have to remember that not every woman can squirt and those who experienced it already does not mean that they squirt all the time. It is for this very reason that you must learn ways and take this as a challenge to bring your partner to new heights of sexual pleasures.

A Newbies Guide to Squirting

How to Make a Woman Squirt

It takes more than a raging libido for a man before he can make a woman squirt. You have to understand that a woman’s body is more complicated than that of a man’s. Even in regular or ordinary sex, it takes a little while and more effort to arouse a woman, make her wet enough, and ready to be penetrated. For a woman to have a squirting orgasm, there are some things you have to know and consider first.

To know how to make a woman squirt, you must first understand what is squirting. How and why does it happen? When you say squirting orgasm, it doesn’t mean she is urinating or peeing. This is a unique ejaculation which comes from the vagina when your partner is so aroused. This is an ego booster for you. At that moment when she cannot control her excitement, she won’t be able to suppress a loud moan or scream with pussy squirt, that’s music to your ear. The question now then is this, how to make a women squirt?

A Newbies Guide to Squirting

The journey to girl squirting

One thing you have to remember how to make a woman squirt is you cannot pressure a woman into squirting. This is the process which you have to work on as her partner in bed. Using the right movements and techniques, the chance of her squirting will depend on how relaxing and arousing your strokes are and her willingness to let go of her inhibitions and just let it go all the way. No amount of order is going to make her squirt. Aside from your patience, she needs a great deal of relaxation of the mind and stimulation of the body. You need to be creative in your exploration of her most sensitive part so strong to put her in the same erotic zone where you are. Don’t forget to let her take a pee first and for you to clean your hands as they have some work to do on how to induce female ejaculation.

  • Help her achieve total relaxation – She needs to put her total trust in you to be as comfortable as possible to what lies ahead to start your discovery on how do you make a girl squirt. The moment the pressure starts to build up, it’s essential that she doesn’t stop or control the feeling. Some women stop for fear of peeing, but that feeling is caused by the engorgement of her G-spot and is not filling up with bodily fluids.

This one of the most intimate moments between a man and a woman so she must let go of her inhibitions and let you be in charge. To get her into the mood, you may light up some aromatherapy candles, play some soft music, and do her a sensual massage using aromatherapy oil. Nice, steady, and slow at first especially when it comes to “her.” You don’t want her bruised and swollen even before you can make a girl squirt. Do your best to make her reach an orgasm or two, and she’s ready for the next best thing.

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  • Foreplay is essentialForeplay is a great start when you want to know how to make her squirt. Playing before sex is healthy for partners in bed because both man and woman get to relax before sexual activities. If you are a woman and you are finding ways on how to make yourself squirt, let your partner take care of your body and let go. Enjoy each other’s touch, kiss, nibble, lick, and suck on your most sensitive parts. If your partner is not much into necking, so how to make girls squirt then?

A Newbies Guide to Squirting

Give your full attention to her breasts and inner thighs. She may say no, but her body’s reaction will tell another story in every squeeze, soft nibbles on her nipples, and with all your sucking and licking. As the word suggests, foreplay means play around and enjoy. Set a goal of finding that moment to meet her and get her at the moment totally without any inhibitions without any sense of urgency.

  • Get your magic fingers going – Run your fingers on her skin from the neck, breasts (and yes, you may stay longer), tummy, her inner thighs, bikini line, and her clitoris. Just observed how she reacts to your touch, if you feel resistance or pleasure in your touch, do it some more until she is ready for your next move. You should know that to learn on how to make a female squirt, your fingers are important.

You can start by using your index finger and middle finger; insert them into her ultra-sensitive vagina. Find her g-spot by reaching upwards. Since you can’t see this, try to feel the bumpy-like, ridged area compared to the smoother walls surrounding that area. This most sensitive part of the woman’s genital area is so pronounced and easy to detect once she is into the peak of her arousal. Place your hands than to the pubic bone and thrust up and then down repetitively similar to pounding her using your penis. Tickling alone will not do the trick. This is also a good trick for women who would like to know their own question, “How to make myself squirt?”

A Newbies Guide to Squirting

  • Practice makes perfect to make her squirt – This may take some practice to perfect the strokes and movements and finally make her have a squirting orgasm. Don’t get discouraged if by the first few try she is not able to squirt. Take your time and take things slow. Make her writhe, shiver, and moan with your kisses and light touches and mouth when needed. If you need to use some sex toys, that’s fine as long as you are both agreeable and comfortable with the idea as part of you learning how to make a girl squirt.

Use lube to help her ease up. And since your arms and hands are in charge, make sure they’re up for the task which may be tiring at some point. You may use one, two, or three fingers on her for as long as she feels no discomfort but you can help her out by using your tongue or mouth on her while your fingers are busy with their work. Remember the secret- her G-spot and intensity of strokes. Once you perfected the pace, you can stop pounding her with your fingers and penetrate her, and she will start squirting while fucking.

After finding out ways on how to make her cum, you and your partner can enjoy the intense pleasure of her squirting. How do you know it’s finally happening? One is you feel the gush as you move your fingers on her G-spot and the squirting follows once you remove your fingers. But if you’re not going to remove your fingers, the gush will run over your fingers and then flow out on your hands. There are sexual positions that can also teach you how to squirt during sex and these are positions that trigger the G-spot with the penis’ grinding and pounding when angled perfectly.

A Newbies Guide to Squirting

If you happen to master the techniques on how to make women squirt and brought her to pleasures she’s never been into before, don’t forget that she is sore and tender after this encounter. But during the times when she doesn’t squirt, and you both just enjoyed good long foreplay and satisfying sex, let her catch her breath and rest. All that pounding will leave “her” sore and will need some TLC until the next round. It’s not that hard how to get a girl to squirt if you only know what you’re supposed to be doing. And if you don’t, try the tips mentioned above so you can start practicing and discovering until you finally make her cum and never forget about it.

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