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Anal Sex Tips and Advice


Sure, not all sexing adults are into anal. Maybe because they are afraid of the rumored pain potentially comes the way, or it is just that they view anus as a sacred passageway of dirt released from the body. Regardless of their reasons, let us just respect it.

Though some are worried, others are open to this kind of practice. They are willing to experience how it feels someone thrusting from behind. Of course, this is going to be a new and totally different thing for sex explorers. So, whether you are just curious about how it feels and want to try it soon or you just want to get more anal sex tips for a better experience with your partner, you came to the right place. Below, you will get the chance of knowing the most helpful anal sex tips that apply to men, women, and gays. Continue reading…

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Be Open and Start Talking to Your Partner

As one of the tips for first time anal sex, this should be the number one on the list. Like what we have said, anal sex is not favored for and by everyone. But you’ll never know unless you start sharing your thoughts and be open to your partner about it. Being open could be one of the main tips on anal sex we can share. Talk to your partner about anal sex engagement but make sure to do it nicely. From there, you will be able to identify if both of you are willing to go beyond the basics and explore the other pleasurable sexing.

Anal Sex Tips and Advice

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There are tons of helpful devices and props for sex you can get online. In fact, many couples are going online and shop for their sex extras. Not only these sex props add better experience to the sexual activity, but they also help couples discover new techniques to be applied in the sexual engagement. Admit it, there are so many things we need to find out more about sex, and it’s good that many couples are willing to share their new sexual experience to the public.

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Anal Sex Tips and Advice


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Anal Sex Tips and Advice

  • Keep It Clean

Clean anal sex tips for you can truly make a difference. The idea beyond anal sex might not be so fine for others. However, being a clean doer is a big plus point. These are not just the anal sex tips for women, but also for men and gays who love doing it. There is stuff at Tootimid.com, Fullextend.com, and Edenfantasys.com that you can find and use to have anal sex clean. Before performing anal sex, make sure to flush the dirt from your body so your partner won’t see and smell unwanted visitors on his penis head.

  • Take It Slowly

If it is your first time, relax, take a deep breath and don’t get too excited! This first-time anal sex tips should be considered so you can really enjoy the activity. For men, women or gays experiencing anal sex for the first time, the pain could be encountered. However, if you know how to handle the situation right, this could be lessened. Over time, the feeling of pleasure will then take its place. Being slow and enjoying the process of anal sex is essential. It will not just make you feel happy but will also let your partner feel comfortable with what you do.

Have Some Additional Stimulation

Whatever you feel best, go for it. You can have clitoral, vaginal or nipple-centric stimulation if you think anal is not enough. You and your partner are free to choose your own style in performing this activity. According to some report, women who do anal sex can frequently experience orgasm compared to those that don’t.

Anal Sex Tips and Advice

The tips for having anal sex are necessary, especially if it is your first time on this kind of engagement. Anal sex is one of the most exciting types of sex, as it offers a different level of pleasure to partners. In fact, many couples are doing it, and they’re not afraid to explore some more. Don’t be afraid to know some of the most helpful anal sex tips and tricks and apply it on your own. Also, don’t forget to drop by to the best online sex shops like Tootimid.com, Fullextend.com, and Edenfantasys.com to search for your sex stuff. Consider anal sex to experience a different level of pleasure!

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