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Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series Review


Hydro pump is one of the most popular types of pump. It is proven to be really effective and it causes no hassle at all since it makes use of water and is often used in the shower. Bathmate hydro pump is actually the most popular brand as they are the pioneers of this type. In fact, Bathmate results show that they are the best hydro pump. This Bathmate review will give you a deeper analysis and explanation as well as Bathmate before and after comparison for you to be able to understand more and choose which one is most appropriate for you. When choosing a penis pump, it is best to have a clear purpose as to why you want to use it, is it to increase the size of your penis, to cure penis problems or both. Having a clear purpose will help you narrow down your choices and choose which one is the most appropriate to meet your goals.

Price from: $159

Bathmate Hydro Max x30

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    60-DAY MONEY

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Bathmate Direct Series

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    60-DAY MONEY


The Hydromax X-Series is considered to be the next stage of hydro pumps.

This is a product developed by the pioneer of hydro pumps, Bathmate. This new penis pumps are considered to be 35 percent more powerful than its predecessors as they were able to incorporate new technology to it. Let’s check out the two most popular one from this series. They are considered to be best sellers in the market since their release and have gotten thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users.

Hydromax X30 Review

Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series Review

This Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30 Review will not just give you more knowledge on the Bathmate Hydromax X30 but it will also show you some Hydromax X30 before and after pictures. The Hydromax X30 precedes X20. This new bellow pump do not just give 35 percent more power but it also introduces new materials. This also has a better and newer bellow design which is stronger, more durable and more flexible than its predecessors. This allows the user to create a suction which is greater but with lesser effort.

The internal bellows were also increased in size while the number of convolutes were reduced to provide more comfort. This also comes with a new removable comfort pad. They were able to create softer comfort pads which offer a tighter but more comfortable seal against the body. This causes less pumping but with lesser loss of pumping too. These pads were made removable so it can easily be cleaned and is more hygienic. Furthermore, a new super flow latch valve is now part of the device. This is perhaps the most important change done in the series. The new valve is used to control the flow of water out of the device. With the new switch, you can now easily control the valve so as to prevent water from leaking especially when filling.

Check out some other products other than Bathmate:

Hydromax X40 Review

Hydromax X40 is the newest addition to the X-Series. This has the same upgraded features as X20 and X30 but made even better. This does not only have a unique bellow and a removable comfort pad but the design of the comfort pad is much better. The outer edge was made soft so it feels very comfortable against the body while the inner tube is very rigid, therefore providing a strong and sturdy shield surrounding the penis. This penis pump offers more than just extension in size but also increases your penile health. It allows better and improved erections while being completely safe to use. Furthermore, this is also made from high quality materials and is considered to be one of the best in the market.

This comes with a patented technology and has been approved to be skin safe.

To ensure that you get the most out of your money, it also comes with a 2 year warranty. Additionally, this can be shipped to you anywhere in the world since it has worldwide distribution centers. You can also pay using Euro, Great Britain Pounds or United States Dollars. And lastly, the packaging is very discreet so you have no worries about it being seen by anyone during delivery.

Hydromax Bathmate Series Review

Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series Review

The Hydromax Bathmate series is one of the most popular series from the company. Two of its most popular products are the Bathmate Hercules and the Bathmate Goliath. These are specialized penis pumps used for different purposes and are considered to be not just one of the most effective but one of the most reliable penis pumps. For us to understand more these two products, short reviews were provided for each of them below for your reference. These reviews were based on customer experiences and experts who took time to check on the product and its features.

bathmate penis pumps review

Bathmate Hercules Review

Bathmate Hercules is the first patented hydro pump and is considered to be the original one. It is a known fact that Bathmate is the pioneer when it comes to penis pumps which is water-based but little it is known that the first one was in fact named Hercules. This is still one of the most popular one even after the release of newer versions. It is being used by thousands of men from over 90 countries.

This is designed to be used in the shower or when taking a bath since it is a water penis pump. This technique is quite safe and actually very convenient since you can do it simultaneously when bathing and you do not have to exert extra time for it. This offers a penile exercise to improve the rigidity of the penis as well as to permanently increase the size of your penis. Another good thing about hydro pumps is that it only requires water to work so you don’t have to worry about negative or hazardous side effects. The pressure from the water alone made into a vacuum by the device is more than enough to make it work without any dangerous risks.

Bathmate Goliath Review

Bathmate Goliath as the name implies is the largest penis pump ever created in the world. This is made for those who have bigger penis or those who are transitioning from a previous Bathmate penis pump to a bigger one since they have outgrown the previous one. This is being used not just for health reasons but also to achieve maximum results. This was actually created due to the high demand in the industry for a bigger one since some are still on the verge of wanting to increase their sizes.


Bathmate Goliath is 30 percent larger than the Hercules but mostly offers the same features as the latter mentioned. This pump is most popular among those who work in the adult industry. This is so because it has been a norm that bigger is better especially among audiences, therefore, those who belong in the industry feels pressured to keep on increasing their sizes. If you want to use Goliath, you could also take advantage of a few personalized additions in order to meet your needs, goals and for your comfort as well. There are different add on being offered in their official website and other sites too. But it is still safest to use the official website for better security.

Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Series

With the countless penis enlargement pump, one of the products that stood out is the Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme series. This is considered to be the ultimate hydro pump ever created. This advanced the design of hydro pumps to the next level. This does not only have a new valve but it also comes with a detachable handball. This is most recommended to men who are quite serious in getting the best results from using a penis pump. This series also comes with complete accessories so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Hydromax XX50 Review

Bathmate Hydro Pump X-Series Review

The Hydromax XX50 is the newest and currently the most popular in the series. It has all the complete features of its predecessors but took it to the next level. This comes with a range of different useful accessories which were all designed to help increase the size and strengthen your penis. This has been designed in such a way that you can make the most out of every cent you spent on it. One of the best features it has to offer is perhaps the option to have a detachable handball pump. This means when the handball pump is detached, you can use it just like the standard hydro pump but when it is attached, it can work on its own therefore requiring no effort for you and allowing you to relax. This is one of the favorites among older men since it does not require them to exert a lot of effort pumping. This was also designed to be very user friendly so that those with very busy lifestyles will not have to spend more time than necessary in exercising their penis. This also comes with a shower strap to give you more comfort when using it.


  • Husain says:

    Hi, this is my first thread here on TP. I have tried jelqing before but I overdid it after approximately one month, I gained .2” during that jelqing time, But then I kind of overdid it and now I am gonna rest for like 2 months. Recently the Bathmate has caught my attention. I am really thinking of buying it, But am not entirely convinced yet. Have any of you tried the Bathmate in combination with normal jelqing, and got any gains? How do you like it, And would you recommend it to others? If you tried it and it worked(or didnt work), what was your routine like? I’m thinking I’m gonna go for pumping and jelqing in combination each workout, 1day1off. Any comments?

  • Daris says:

    I like the bathmate hercules, I’ve used it for temporary girth boosts a couple times a week, just as a supplement to my normal routines. I’ve always just done 20 minutes, 1 session. It’s easy to use and it does give me a bigger temporary girth than air pumping. I recently have been feeling constricting discomfort with the accordian base so I got a hydromax model for its wider, more comfortable base, however they complicated the valve mechanism on that model and it’s really a pain. There have been a lot of complaints from users and from reading it seemed that most preferred the original simple valve of the hercules/goliath models.

  • Harun says:

    The max effect lasts only a couple hours for me at most, and then gradually returns back to normal over a day or so.You will want to go in erect or close to it. Water is not a good lubricant, so you’ll catch and stick to the side trying to pump up from flaccid. I get another half inch or more of very temporary girth from the water swelling. Air pumping for me is usually .25 or less in temporary girth. I view it more as a novelty as I enjoy that boost, but it’s not really a serious part of my PE routine.

  • Davud says:

    I am a big fan of the Bathmate Hercules. However, after a while the pad on the base came off so I had to buy a new Bathmate. I assumed because the Hercules was such a good product that the Hydromax would be as well. I should have read some of the reviews of members before buying. I am really disappointed with it. The valve leaks and it’s not possible, at least for me, to get close to full penis expansion. The company won’t give a refund or exchange it for a Hercules.

  • Alesis says:

    I have a Bathmate, and i love it!!! Its pretty Awsome. I was doing manual stretches and jelqing for like a year before i got the BM so i was pretty conditioned when i started using it. I personaly got perminent gains from it. I went from 7nbp to alittle over 7.25nbp. And girth from 5 to 5.5. I would do 5-7 min. With low pressure then 5 min. Jelq . I would do that 2 or 3 sets depending on time and how i felt. I never liked putting the pressure so high that i had lymph fluid build up. I have since stopped using my bm. I maybe use it once every other week for fun. But my gains have stayed. When i was going at it everyday after about 6 months i got gnarly discoloration but it goes away with time. It’s completely gone now. Hope this helps!

    • Daris says:

      Hey there! I have a Bathmate, and I love it!! Its pretty Awsome. I was doing manual stretches and jelqing for like a year before I got the BM so I was pretty conditioned when I started using it. I personaly got perminent gains from it. I went from 7nbp to alittle over 7.25nbp. And girth from 5 to 5.5. I would do 5-7 min. With low pressure then 5 min. Jelq . I would do that 2 or 3 sets depending on time and how I felt. I never liked putting the pressure so high that I had lymph fluid build up. I have since stopped using my bm. I maybe use it once every other week for fun. But my gains have stayed. When I was going at it everyday after about 6 months I got gnarly discoloration but it goes away with time. It’s completely gone now. Hope this helps! Didnt see this reply until now, that is some useful info! I have also been jelqing, only for a month though and I overtrained and injured myself.. Have been resting a couple of months now so I hope I’m getting back to normal soon. I will try a “less is more” approach this time, and combine my jelqing sessions with the bathmate too – Just like you did. I hope for gains, my goal is to gain from 15cm to 18cm NBPEL and 13cm to 14.5cm EG.

  • twelio says:

    I used an x40 xtreme for awhile didn’t really seem worth it the hand bulb is good for fine tuning will be way to much if ya max it out imho…went back to electric air pumpin

  • Davud says:

    I really love my bathmates. Started out with a x30 maxxed it out so I got myself a x40 and with that I made them both the “extreme” variation with vacuvin mod. I never exceed 5min sets. Now I am hitting closer too 8.25” in the x40. Trying too max it out also. Getting huge expansion. And always holding the expansion for as long as possible with a cockring. Overall I have gained about 1.5inch in length and about 1.25inch in girth from bathmate and slow squash help. With the vacuvin you can use it as an airpump too.

  • Michael says:

    I have the x30 Havent seen permanent results from either the bathmate or an air pump, but I still say that an air pump is just easier and more effective to use in general. Bathmate is really only good if you absolutely need to pump in the shower.

  • Spunk says:

    I got mine yesterday and tried it the first time. One big problem I am facing: my penis didn’t even get to 11 CM on the marker. When erect, its around 14 CM but with the BM, I was unable to get an erection before pumping. Has anyone gone through the same problem? Is it okay to use it in flaccid state and not get to the Marked lengths? But what about the pressure build up then? BM claims that the pressure will make it stretch a bit due to the vacuum. What I felt with 3-4 pumping’s indeed was one hell of a pressure and felt like tearing my penis skin but no elongation.

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