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Bathroom Sexual Positions


The bedroom is one of the essential places in your home for sexual enjoyment. However, it is not the only option. High amongst the list of sex tips, most essentially those on long-term relationships, are moving beyond the bathroom from time to time and exploring sensuality in other sections of your home. Making a difference in a place like this could add a bit of spice to things, while for some guys out there sex is far from monotonous. Still, it could become slightly routine.

Therefore, adding a new life is good for sex and at the same for the wellbeing of the penis as well. After all, the more engaged the penis is in the act, the further use he will get, and daily use is essential for continued organ health.

Bathroom Sexual Positions

How can you make your steamy bath even hotter? Well, through shower sex. Along with being essential components of a man’s penis care regimen, shower time could be a major opportunity to level up a couple’s sex life. They need to take certain safety precautions when engaging in this kind of activity, detachable handles, a shower mat, and silicone based lubricant are essential to have on hand. Along with these special considerations, it behooves a guy to have some shower sexual positions lined up in his mind which he and his partner could make full use of this exceptional environment. Below are six bathroom sex positions which are great for shower playtime.

  • Bathroom Sex Position #1: Outer Play

This bathroom sex position does not involve penetration, however, serves as an unusual foreplay move. When your partner is cool with it, the guy can suds up her buttock and pumps his penis in between checks while employing his hand or a removable shower head to arouse her clitoris. Not all women are at ease with butt stuff, so it is essential to discuss first before moving forward.

  • Bathroom Sexual Position #2: Standing Sex Positions

This, in particular, is the best shower sex positions wherein the girl can bend over and help herself with her both hands on the rim of the bathtub while the man pushes her manhood from behind. In case there a significant difference in height, your partner might require a stool. When you use a stool, both of you have to make sure that it’s safe and sturdy enough. The guy could grip her partner steady at the hips, and she can spread her legs when not using a stool or keep thighs squeeze tightly together for a deep feel. This shower sex position is ideal for women who want deep penetration, and for guys who love going deep.

  • Bathroom Sexual Position #3: Wall Press

In this shower sex position, the front side of the girl is facing the wall while her arms are drawn out and against the wall. The guy enters from behind and could press his partner’s hand into the wall if both love this element of control. The guy can also put his hands on her hips for better thrust control.

Bathroom Sexual Positions

  • Bathroom Sexual Position #4: Man Chair

The guy could make himself an extremely enjoyable and thrilling chair for his woman using sitting down on him and stretching his legs out or bending at the knees when he is tall. The girl can face him, ride on his lap and go for a ride. The hot water will slowly massage her back as she rocks, making this sex position even more satisfying and pleasurable.

  • Bathroom Sexual Position #5: Leg Lift Supported

One incredible sex position wherein the girl presses her back against the wall, and the guy stands in front of her, the girl should lift her curved leg, and he puts the back of her knee above the crook of a guy’s elbow to clasp leg up.

  • Bathroom Sexual Position #6: Leg Lift

The girl can twist her leg and put her foot on the corner of the tub while his partner stands in front of the woman and enters. A stool might be required when the woman is short. Your partner must have something safe to hold onto like stable shower rod, so she could maintain a proper balance.

Keep in mind that some aren’t comfortable with anal play, but not everyone. The guy must never assume that the butt is open territory; it doesn’t matter if it for mouth, manual or penetrative play. Couple must discuss limitations before trying anything new.

Bathroom Sexual Positions

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How to Have Sex in the Shower

Fucking in the shower is a common practice these days. Love making in the bathroom can be the most exciting session. Flowing water has been related to romance and love, and Indian movie has been giving subtle hints on what it results in a sexy dance series of leading lady, in drenched sari seducing the guy. Read to know the things you need in order to have steamy and memorable bathroom sex, along with recommendations, what could be tried and what can make it a decisive sensor, out of this world orgasm lovemaking.

Tips to for Safe Bathroom Sex

There are many things you have to know prior to heading to bathroom sex such as:

  • Clean your bathroom properly. Messy and dirty bathroom could spoil the whole thing
  • You have to check the bolts and the locks properly
  • You also need to check space, must not be too cramping. Do away with extra buckets and appliances inside the bathroom if there is.
  • Check the light. Arrange for special lighting fixtures or accessories, if you want, might be a lantern, or a table lamp or anything. Check the power points as well and enough room to store it.
  • Check for geyser and shower, if you want hot water.
  • Keep towels, bathrobes, and other essentials handy.
  • Water dries up female body fast, so you have to make sure that there is an artificial lubricant available.
  • You have to make sure that the floor is not slippery, or for safety go slow and do not rush.

Bathroom Sexual Positions

Bathroom sex puts your relationship to a higher level, and there are lots of bathroom sexual positions to make this experience more memorable. However, proper precaution should be taken for your safety as well.

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