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Benefits of Having More Sex


Sex does only feel good. It is not just great in the bedroom but even for your health. You might be surprised but sex has a lot to offer besides carnal pleasure. It also facilitates feelings of intimacy. It makes you feel connected to your partner. It actually has benefits towards your health. If you are looking for more reasons to have sex, here it goes.

Sex Boosts the Immune System

It said that the more sex you have, the fewer your sick days will be. Well, this is what a study found out after comparing sexually active couples. Turns out, sex can boost your body’s ability to produce protective antibodies to fight viruses, bacteria and other causes of common diseases. Of course, besides sex, you need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Improve a Woman’s Bladder Control

At some point in their lives, women experience urinary incontinence. They have difficulty with their bladder, which apparently sex can improve. Women who have regular orgasms work their pelvic floor muscles. They strengthen and tone these muscles, which reduces the risk of urine leaks. If not through sex, you can also work these muscles through Kegel exercises.

Benefits of Having More Sex

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Helps Lower Blood Pressure

There are millions of people suffering from high blood pressure. How can sex help with this? Studies show a connection between intercourse and lower systolic blood pressure. If you are looking for an easy helper to a good healthy lifestyle, sex is definitely it. While it cannot replace medication, sex can be a helpful addition to fight this.

Sex Increases Libido

If you are struggling with your waning libido, there is no better solution than having more sex. The more you have sex equals more desire. For women who experience pain and vaginal dryness that sex is a challenge, doing the deed is what combats the problem. It increases vaginal lubrication, tissue elasticity and blood flow that make up for more pleasurable sex.

How to Make Sex More Pleasurable

Now that you know that sex is not pleasurable but helpful as well, the question is how do you have more sex? That is, how do you make sex more interesting so both you and your partner enjoy it so? In this section, you can learn about tips on man and woman sex. You can learn about how to make sex more fun and how to want it more.

Ignore Your Gut

Don’t follow the stereotype, that’s the key to having more fun in sex. If you are a woman, don’t fall into thinking that men are the only one who wants something new in sex. It’s not. Women may have even more tendency in trying varying sexual activities. To make your sex life more interesting, satisfy this urge by trying sex acts outside of the usual.

Create Sex Styles Based on Mood

Depending on your mood, you can create some amazing sex styles that add spice to your sex life. Say, for instance, you want eye contact and intimacy. Go choose the best sex position that can convey your emotions. In this case, the Missionary is a perfect style. If you want to rip each other’s clothes off, find out the best sex styles that will fuel the passion.

Benefits of Having More Sex

Dress Up

Dressing up always makes sex more interesting. Go and pick up some sultry accessories or full-on outfit dress your part. You can dress in any way, either with a redhead wig or thigh-high heels. Try anything that allows you and your partner a chance to play your fantasies. This is surely one great way of making sex more fun.

Play Up Your Fantasies

You want to try bondage or a new sex position. It has to be a little difficult to bring up with your partner. The easy way is by playing it up as a sexy dream or fantasy. Give him or her hint about this crazy hot sex in the shower that you dreamt. With just that, surely your partner will get it and try to live up to your sex dreams.

Schedule Your Sex

Some of you probably don’t think it a good idea. Honestly though, having a mental heads-up is great for you. It gets you into a sexy mindset, building anticipation and excitement all day. Even better, things like wearing a hot lingerie or texting your partner about what you want to do later. These things can act like little foreplays that will make sex more pleasurable.

Benefits of Having More Sex

Take Turns in the Foreplay

Sex will be more fun if you take turns in the foreplay. Don’t just be the receiver but give as well. Didn’t you know that pleasing your partner could actually turn you even more? In that case, it would be a great idea to spend time doing whatever your partner wants. Spend time pleasing your partner then switch to have more fun in bed.

Be Bold and Assertive

Whether you are a man or woman, don’t be afraid to take the reins. If you want something more, it’s okay to be a little more assertive. Take the lead but make it subtle by slowing down and kissing your partner. While your partner’s succumbing to your kiss, change the positions. This way, it does not seem like you are dissing them.

Besides these little tips, you can also up your sex moves like aside from the usual. Find out some new and exciting foreplay, use sex toys or try different positions. By going out of your sexual norm, you can increase your pleasure thanks to the excitement of doing something new. With this, you will be able to move on to a completely new level of desire.

With sex becoming more and more exciting, then surely both of you would want to have sex more and more. More sex equals to more of the benefits mentioned above. You can take advantage of not only carnal pleasure but also health benefits all at once. What else could you ask for? Go explore a more fun and exciting sex unlike any you had before.

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