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Best Bullet Vibrators


One of the best and earliest vibrators whichever came in the field of sex toy, the bullet vibrator is still a big favorite by many women out there due to its versatility as both a vaginal vibrator and a clitoral. A discreet sex toys, the bullet vibrator can be utilized against the clitoris, or it could be penetrated vaginally to stimulate the G spot.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

This is a small, bullet-shaped vibrator, usually utilized for the stimulation of the clitoris. All types of bullet vibrators share similar three essential features which make them the best option for women who want to explore their bedroom experience; they are powerful, versatile and discreet.

If you are new to this sex toy for women or planning to add a new one to your collection, this guide will assist you to get to know more about this clit vibrator.

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Bullet Vibrators: The Best Sex Toys for Women

The best option for those simply starting their sex toy collection, bullet vibrators are simple to use and normally come with an on and off button located at the bottom of the vibrator even if some of the latest model equipped with a wired remote control which features a selection of vibration patterns and speed as well. These bullet vibrators measure in at three inches that makes them the vibrators for women that is simply handy anywhere you want to go.

Effective and very simple, you will surely enjoy the diverse functions this bullet vibrator boasts. You can use this vibrator on your own or use to get your partner in on the thrill. Aside from g-spot and clitoris stimulation, you can also use this vibrator for anal play, on the labia, breasts as well as other sensitive parts of the body that requires attention.

Available in different sizes, one common reality all bullet vibrators share is their shape, they look like a bullet. Regardless of how longer, slimmer, egg-shaped or mini they are, they always retain the shape.

Best Bullet Vibrators

This is the best dildo that is perfectly shaped to fit into a different sheath, silicone dildos, harnesses, or simply to place into a pair of underwear. Its battery operated and puts out some pretty remarkable vibrations. This type of vibrator lasts for so many years that make them a remarkable investment.

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What is the Best Bullet Vibrators?

The important that one must consider in buying this kind of vibrator is whether you want a wireless or wired bullet vibrator. A wireless bullet vibrator is controlled by a button located on its body. On the other hand, wired bullet vibrator functions with the use of handheld remote control, linked to the vibrator by cable.

A lot of bullet vibrators offered are wireless that is likely to be less invasive than wired bullet vibrators. What is more, they are also more discreet, which leaves you nothing to fret about, however, the thin slim bullet shape that is popped easily in your drawer, handbag, or glove compartment for safe keeping. You can find the best wireless bullet vibrator through browsing some of the most reliable sex shops online.

Best Bullet Vibrators

On the other hand, if you don’t want the awkward buttons of wireless bullet vibrators or you want to devolve control of your sexual climax to your partner, then the wired bullet vibrator is the best option.

The last thing you will need to consider when choosing your bullet vibrator is the rechargeability, of course, no wants a vibrator which ducks out prior to sexual intercourse. Due to their size, a lot of bullet vibrators require small batteries, normally N or LR44 batteries. You do not have to worry if you’re not familiar with it as online stores dedicated to sex toys offer this kind of battery for you.

Best Way to Use the Bullet Vibrators: Tips and Tricks for Amazing Orgasm

Below you will find some proven, tested methods on how to utilize bullet vibrator.

Use for Solo Play:

Look for a place that is secluded and where you think comfortable and secure. Relax, breathe and feel sexy and make sure to use high-quality lube for intense feeling.

  • Use Bullet Vibrator on your Clitoris

For women who enjoy strong, straight stimulation of the clitoris, you can put this vibrator in a lengthwise manner between labia and over your clitoris. If you choose less-direct stimulation, better cup vibrating bullet on your hand then slowly move your hand above your labia and onto the labia. Hold vibrator tightly in proper position or move it in circles.

  • Utilize Bullet Vibrator on your G-Spot

Prior to getting going; put a small amount of lubricant onto you and your vibrator as well. Start by moving the bullet in circles outside of the opening of your vagina. The fact that this is a very sensitive part, you will want to go bit by bit so you can really get the most amounts of fun and pleasure out of it. If you are ready, gradually slide the vibrating bullet inside about one to two inches toward the front of your body to obtain vibrators on the g-spot.

Best Bullet Vibrators

  • Slip the Vibrator inside your panty

If you feel daring, pop a vibrator into your panty while you are out and about. The fact that bullet vibrator is light it can easily hold in place by the fabric.

  • Use Bullet Vibrators for Partner Play

This bullet vibrator can also be used for partner play. This is considered one of the best couple’s vibrators today. So, read on to know how this bullet vibe uses for partner play.

  1. Put the vibrator between you and your partner during sex and lock it between your pelvis.
  2. You and your partner could take turns providing each other a massage, simply tuck the vibrator in the palm of your hand and massage away.

Best Bullet Vibrators


There is no doubt that bullet vibrator is one of the best sex toys for women and couples as well. It offers lots of fun and excitement, but it is always advisable to only find the best one to maximize the pleasure.

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