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Best Penis Extender


You might have encountered a lot of penis extender reviews in the past regarding different products but allow us to add one more review to your knowledge. This article aims to give you an overview as well as a review on the four best penis extender (dick extenders) on the market today. This aims to fairly give you facts about each of them, both positive and negative so you can easily choose which is best and most suitable for your needs. Before we head to the review, let us enlighten those of you who are not yet familiar with it. First of all, as the name implies, penis extenders are devices which enlarges or extends the size of your penis and can provide users with decent results.

Best Penis Extender

Yes, this is possible without any surgeries. Although a lot of men have undergone a lot of penis enlargement procedures, male enhancement pills and surgeries, not everyone is quite enthusiastic with the idea.

Many men still prefer natural and safer methods in increasing the size of their dick…

Best Penis Extenders

If you are planning on buying your first penis extender then no worries, there are a variety of choices in the market for you. However, you need to consider some advice so you can purchase the most suitable one for you. The main aim for penis extenders is to actually stretch the penis. There are many different designs you will encounter but it is important to check the features. They may all look the same but in fact they have different fastening points as well as different methods in providing the stretch. Additionally, it is also advisable to choose one which has already been scientifically proven to lengthen penises or one with numerous good customer reviews. It is therefore important for you to conduct your own little research before choosing which one to buy.

Interested in other penis enlargement methods other than penis extenders? 

Here are the top 4 penis extenders on the market today.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

Best Penis Extender

If you are looking for a reliable and effective dick extender then SizeGenetics Penis Extender is the one for you. This is in fact an Author’s Choice awardee based on many different factors. But let’s be fair, let us present to you both the pros and cons of using SizeGenetics Penis Extender then you be the judge whether you think it’s worth it for you too just like thousands of other users.


  • This has gone through several clinical trials and has been proven to be effective 99 percent of the time and is therefore endorsed by doctors all over the world. With this, you know you are in good hands even without having to consult your physician which is quite embarrassing and is thus being avoided by men most of the time.
  • This is a medically certified device and it even comes with a medical certificate for the device when you order. This proves further how safe and effective the product is.
  • You can use different gland attachments with no discomfort. You can easily hide it under most pants without being noticed. Just avoid wearing jeans that are too tight of course.
  • This penis extension is as effective as surgery without having to endanger yourself.


  • Patience is indeed a virtue when wearing this as the results is not immediate. It takes a few weeks to get used to it and a few weeks to see results as well.
  • You need to remove the extender every two hours or so you can restore the blood flow then reattach it again after 10 – 15 minutes of rest. This might prove troublesome for most especially when you are working most of the time.
  • You cannot urinate while wearing the extender. You need to remove it which would really be uncomfortable especially if you have to use a public restroom.


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X4 Labs Penis Extenders

Best Penis Extender

Dick enlargement is very common these days among men as it is said that bigger dicks offer more confidence and self-esteem among men. Whatever your reason may be, there are several safe ways to increase the size of your penis. One of the safest perhaps is the use of dick extenders.  X4 Labs Penis Extenders is one of the most popular one in the market these days. This comes in four different colors, white, black, red and blue. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • This is guaranteed to have effective results. Based on numerous clinical trials as well as reviews from users, this indeed provides good results as long as it is used regularly and properly.
  • It is very easy to use. You can actually wear it with loose pants even while you are outside your home as long as you feel comfortable. You are actually recommended to use it for at least 6 hours every day while awake.
  • This offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the results so you can consider it a risk-free trial. This also ensures that you do not waste any money on something that is not beneficial for you.


  • You may experience soreness during the first few days of usage therefore the first week may really be uncomfortable but once you get used to it, then you won’t be bothered anymore.
  • The result is very dependent on the length of use and on how you use it. With proper usage, the results may be visible within 2 to 3 months of use. This is quite slow as compared to surgical procedures however it is safer too.


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JES Extender (The Original Penis Extender)

Best Penis Extender

JES Extender is considered to be one of the most popular and most effective male enlargement devices in the world.in fact, it is said that this was the very first extender ever developed. The company is also well-known for the quality of products they offer so you know you are in good hands. This device offers many documented penile growth from clinical tests and users as well. There are in fact over 500,000 users worldwide. This has also been proven to correct Peyronie’s disease and offers penile growth through natural cell division.


  • Being one of the oldest extenders in the market. JES Extender has already been proven and tested many times so you have nothing to worry about at all. This has set the standards for other extenders so you know you will be using the best.
  • This offers a very comfortable design with which you can use even when you go out. This can easily be hidden under loose jeans so no one will ever notice you are wearing an extender.
  • There are thousands of reviews proving its effectiveness. Most of the results have been duly documented so you can check the details on their official website.
  • It makes use of the traction method which has been medically proven to be effective in extending certain parts of the body and is widely used in the world.


  • The results delivered take time since it works naturally unlike when you undergo surgical procedures. However, this is also much safer than other means of penis enlargement.
  • The results may vary depending on every user. The results are also dependent on the length of time you use it as well as on how you use it. So one may have longer extension than another.


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Best Penis Extender

ProExtender is one of the most prescribed penis extender by urologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. It has already been proven very effective by clinical trials as well as over 500,000 satisfied users all over the globe. Due to its effectiveness, this has been featured in BBC, FHM, New York Times, MSN, Men’s Health and Yahoo News. This works by extending the size of your penis without the need for surgery. It makes use of the cell division method to increase both the length and girth of your dick.


  • This is definitely known to enhance men’s sexual life by enhancing both the width and girth of the penis. This would definitely attract more women and therefore giving you and them satisfaction.
  • This also fixes the curvature of the penis. This is often used by surgeons to correct Peyronie’s disease as well as small penis syndrome. As such, you no longer need to go through embarrassing consultations prior to using this equipment.
  • This does not only enlarge your penis but it also increases self-esteem and confidence. Knowing you are equipped can definitely boost your ego when it comes to approaching and dating women.
  • This comes with a lot of interesting freebies to boost your sexual life.
  • This also offers a free 6-month trial period so in case you are not satisfied with the results within 6 months then you may return the product and get a full refund.


  • You are not allowed to do heavy physical labor while wearing it.
  • You have to wear loose clothing if you want to go out using it. This may be uncomfortable to some who are not used to loose clothing but after a few days or so you will adjust and feel better while wearing both the extender and loose clothes.


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  • Mateo says:

    I was thinking about whether anybody has experienes with a penis extender and on the off chance that it worked or not. I’ve been searching for some time to make it bigger, however I don’t think pills and so on will work and I don’t need a phallo. So I would like to discover an extender that may work. I’ve checked the jes extender and the MaleEdge. What’s more, both say that it may work, yet they never really got notification from a FtM utilizing it. With the goal that’s the reason I’m making this inquiry on this gathering

    Ideally somebody has some involvement with it.

  • Thomas says:

    I have a straight and he is straight to talk off. He is really a shy type of person because of the measure of his penis so the expression infers

    “For men, the span of their manhood determines their confidence. Infact, the two have an direct relationship. The greater a man’s penis is, the more certain he is.”

    So he began to utilized this penis extender by one means or another and because of his energy to accomplish a size that can flaunt to the world, he obtained an apparatus that will enable him to make it conceivable even it to cost a ton.

    To influence the story to short he picks up no less than 2.6 creeps from 4.5 – 7.1 none erected.

  • Andrew says:

    I was expecting much better plan for a device that has been around 20 yrs, it’s extremely hard to put on and change, and the penis head loses flow as a result of the silicone tube and outline. The silicone lash is too thick, difficult to string and tuck in behind. I battle to get it set to the main indent. General I wished it was better outlined, less demanding to put on, and more agreeable.

  • Oliver says:

    does the item trully work? I have a 6.2 inches erect penis and 5.1 in size. in any case, I have a bended penis and the more drawn out side is at 7.1 inches ,so the bended zone is by all accounts mutilating the genuine length to 6.2″. I need to begin utilizing proextender to fix the penis and pick up an expansion in both length and size, that is 8 inches long and a circumference of 5.5 or 6 inches. so my worry was if the item does trully work.

    much obliged to you

  • Jacob says:

    I am writing this in the expectation it will help other people I utilized a Pro Extender for about a year with no change until a little more than a month back I found that the more pressure you utilize the better the as opposed to utilizing the solace cushion I sewed some delicate fabric around the elastic tubing got the most extreme strain I could following one month I have multiplied the augmentation bar length seeing awesome outcomes it works

  • George says:

    Try to find different times to wear it. I am using Size Genetics Penis Extender I realized that I could wear my extender while driving. This enables me to wear it day by day for no less than 2-4 hours out and about. Simply ensure you wear looser jeans or shorts and have chances to pullover and change if necessary.

  • William says:

    The best time to utilize it isn’t the point at which you rest. I don’t know how perilous it is, but rather in the event that you need to keep a working penis at that point it’s most likely an awful thought. At the point when your alert you will know about deadness or any torment and so forth. At the point when your snoozing who realizes what could happen, you could wake up with a dead penis! Obviously a few people most likely do this, however you should know the dangers. Try not to rest when you drive, don’t rest in the shower and so forth I think it fits in this category haha:-).

  • Harrison says:

    The Peyronies Device is precisely the same as the Sizegenetics. Same organization, diverse advertising. Run with the Penimaster. I have the SG and the Phallosan Forte and I can state that the PF is agreeable, yet I don’t think it gives a sufficient extend. With the Penimaster, you consolidate the best of two universes, Rod style gadget and suction for the organ.

  • Harrison says:

    I initially purchased ProExtender and hated it. The fabricate quality sucked and it had an inclination that it would break each second. At that point I returned it for my cash back, and got SizeGenetics. Exceptionally upbeat I did. It is exceptionally OK with the 58 way movable lash. I appreciate wearing it. I will post another refresh with my increases in a couple of months.

  • Mateo says:

    I wore the Size-Genetics framework for a while now, and I can disclose to you that it truly works. I saw increases following 2 months of utilization (under 1 inch, yet at the same time great). You have to wear it consistently however.

  • Renes says:

    While I can’t really answer your question as I have never used one, you may find the links below helpful. Also, you often get what you pay for, so the best for you (effective/comfort) may very well not be cheap.

  • Nicandro says:

    While you are worried about the size of your small cawk, some dude with a giant cawk is about to plow your girl

  • Hill says:

    While you are worried about the size of your small cawk, some dude with a giant cawk is about to plow your girl

  • Eduardo says:

    First i used it 8 hours A day for six months! i gain about 2 inches! the was 4 years ago!now i use it for two hours a day! Total gain, 3 inches. i was 6 before now 9” Thank you Jes- extender!

  • Kato says:

    My flaccid penis is now over an inch longer, and its head is bigger as well. The one complaint that I have is that it is so hard to wear the extender day-in and day-out. Jes Extender undoubtedly works, but you must have the commitment to make it effective.

  • Kojo says:

    “I have some good and some bad things to say about them. First, they are effective. I have an erection length of 6.25” and, after 3 months, it is now at 6.75”. The downside though is that you need to wear this thing a lot.

    I disagree though that it will look obvious that you’re wearing this extender. As long as you wear loose pants, no one will notice. Unless someone is looking at your crotch.”

  • Branch says:

    Has anyone had good results with these two products, in spite of having to take anti-hypertensive medication, and anti-depressants ? I’m 56 years old. I have to use these medications and they are problematic as far as libido and firm erections are concerned. I’m hoping Male Extra and Size Genetics can really help me have stronger erections, and a little bit more size !! Anyone have the same issues ?

  • Brick says:

    So far I haven’t bothered with any exercises, and I don’t really want to get into those. I’m hoping that the Size Genetics extender and the Male Extra pills will be enough to do the trick. I’d like to be able to get an extra 2″ in length, and hopefully an 1″ extra in girth. Basically I want a strong penis as I use medication that makes erections difficult. I’m hopping these two things help !!

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