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If you search the Internet, you will find it awash with products from pills, pumps to penis extenders claiming to help you increase the size and girth of your penis. It is not surprising how there’s almost limitless penis enhancement products taking over the Internet. Men’s anxiety over the size of their penis isn’t anything to take lightly. Some people might say size is not important.

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To most men, however, it is and that blossomed to an industry of male enhancement products, one of which is the penis extension.

What is Penis Extension?

Penis extension is a procedure with the goal of growing bigger male sexual organ. With most men anxious about the size of their manhood, it is not surprising that procedures like penis extension have become prominent. There are different methods or procedures available for the enlargement or extension of a penis. There are surgical such as penis girth surgery, penis length surgery and liposuction as well as non-surgical treatments such as pills and lotions, vacuum devices, jelqing exercise and penile extenders.

Different Penis Extension Methods

For men looking to make a difference in their self-esteem by means of penis extension, here are different methods you can try to enlarge and extend your penis size. These varying penis extension methods are:

Surgical Methods

For the surgical method, there are at least three methods claiming to help extend a male sexual organ. This includes penis extension surgery, penis girth surgery and liposuction. More details of these surgical procedures are available below.

  • Penis Extension Surgery

The most common penis extension method, the penis extension surgery involves cutting the ligament attaching the penis to the pubic bone. With that, doctors perform a skin graft by the base of the penis, which allows for the male sex organ’s extra length.

  • Penis Girth Surgery

Surgical procedures involving penis girth usually involves an injection of fat taken from another part of the body. In this procedure, studies show an increase in circumference of about 1.4 to 4 cm. There are, however, several reported disadvantages to this method.

  • Liposuction

This procedure is not exactly a penis extension procedure. Generally performed on men with large gut, the procedure involves removing fat below the abdomen, which makes the penis appear larger. Buried penis can also appear more prominent by taking out excess fat around the penis area.

Non-Surgical Procedures

It’s scary to go under the knife just so you want to get the best penis extension. With that, you can choose non-surgical procedures instead. These are far safer best penis extensions that does not involving cutting any part of your body.

Some of the most common non-surgical methods include:

Penis Enlargement Pills and Lotions

Pills and lotions often contain minerals, vitamin, hormones or herbs they claim to help enlarge or extend the penis. In addition, it helps men become familiar with his penis, which they often shy away from. Using these products, especially the lotions can help men become comfortable with their sexual organ.

Vacuum Devices

Penis vacuum devices aka penis pumps involve the use of tube used over the penis. The vacuum device works by pumping out air, creating a vacuum, drawing blood to the penis and making it swell. It’s one of the methods used to temporarily cure impotence.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders use a weight or an extending frame called traction device on the penis to stretch it. Compared to other penis extension methods, penis extenders show better results. Evidence shows that traction devices offer a relative impact to the size of one’s penis.


This is a penis enlargement exercise where you need to repeatedly pull your flaccid penis with your thumb and index finger. The exercise means to increase erection size by increasing the blood capacity of the penis.

Other methods also include:

What Are the Best Penis Extension Methods?

The Best Penis Extension and the Methods to Achieve Your Dream Penis Size

If you search around the internet and saw some penis extension videos, you will be amazed of the benefits such methods offer. There are also countless penis extension reviews that offer to back up the results of these penis enlargement methods. On that note, here are two of the best methods on penis enlargement you can find in the market today.

A. Bathmate Hydro Pump Penis Pump

best penis extension

Bathmate Hydro Pump is a vacuum device, one of the non-surgical methods you can use to enlarge your penis. The pump creates a vacuum around the penis and as it increases, the pressure draws blood towards the erectile chamber. This results to an extended penile shaft as long as the organ’s maximum capacity as you can see if you ever watch a Bathmate penis extension video.

With the penile tissues’ elasticity, it allows good room for Bathmate Hydro Pump to extend a male sexual organ in a considerable length. The science behind Bathmate is straightforward but the consideration for safety is not. Bathmate is a reputed brand that takes great length in ensuring there is no risk of injury or side effects when using the pumps.

B. SizeGenetics Penis Extender

best penis extension

In terms of penis extender devices, SizeGenetics is one of the first the FDA approved. The extender works following the principle of building muscle similar to any other part of the body. SizeGenetics extender stretches the penis using a progressive mechanical traction. When done over 6 to 12 months, the penis can gain an added length of about 1 to 3 inches. Out of the different non-surgical penis enlargement methods, extenders are popular for the long-term results it offers. For one, you can wear SizeGenetics for several hours compared to pumps. SizeGenetics is a popular penis extension method for conditions such as bend penis syndrome and micropenis syndrome.

SizeGenetics and Bathmate are only two of the many penis extension products available in the market today. If you look around, the Internet has so many penis enlargement products to offer from pills to pumps. With so many choose to from, it is hard to pick which one is best for you. With the information provided above, hopefully you can make an informed decision of which penis extension product is best for you.


  • Glaen says:

    Before reading this, throw away any and all preconceived notions about penis enlargement. First, it is not my intent to promote the use of penis weights and miracle pills. Second, this thread was not made in an attempt to encourage you to run out and get surgery… These are all natural techniques, and while I can’t speak for everyone, I have used some of these, and they definitely help.

  • Paonudies says:

    I’m going to have to post a rebuttal, however, to the techniques you described. I’ll expand more when I get back in a few hours.

  • Arijit says:

    I’m going to have to post a rebuttal, however, to the techniques you described. I’ll expand more when I get back in a few hours.

  • Ahmet says:

    Is the mecoach effective for when people are doing PE for quite a while to break through plateaus etc? I have only started PE a few months ago so everything is going fine and I am gaining like crazy, but I know this won’t last for ever. So in say 6 months or a year when I hit ‘the wall’, how effective is the meCoach for people in this position or is it only of use to people starting from scratch?

  • Jedidiah says:

    you dont grab the head. you grab the sides of the shaft, below the head. grabbing the head and the top of the shaft will put extreme pressure on your dorsal nerves and several other nerve endings, which will result in injury.

  • Barnaby says:

    It’s pretty much like any other extender ; faster gains compared to what ? Extenders are meant to be worn over time and may take years to achieve your long term gains . I went from around 5.5bpel to around 8bpel in around 7 years from using an extender ; I don’t know if that qualifies as faster gains . I do love wearing my current incarnation of my extender and wouldn’t give it up , but I never expected to spend 7 years to reach my long term goal .

  • Park says:

    I don’t use sg but I use x4 . Unless you figure out a lot of comfort modifications and whatnot , it’s not going to be comfortable . be using the rod extender for about 8 months now . Maybe .25 length gains if I’m lucky . All i can say is it’s not an end game . You have to incorporate multiple exercises with your extender . Something I learned just recently . You have to fatigue your tissues then put it in the extender .

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