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Best Penis Pump


There are many ways on how to enlarge your penis. In fact, there are oral and surgical means which are very popular before but the use if penis enlargement devices such as penis extender and penis pump are becoming popular these days too since they offer a safer and more natural means of penis enlargement.  Before we go to the top 3 penis pump reviews, let’s get familiarized first with what a penis or dick pump is. A penis pump is also known as a vacuum constriction device. This is an external pump with a band and is used for men with erectile dysfunction so they can get and maintain an erection and even enlarge their penis.

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Best Penis Pump

The best penis pumps usually consist of an acrylic cylinder with a pump that is attached directly to the end of the penis. The band also called as the constriction ring is placed on the cylinder on the opposite end and is applied to the body. Both the cylinder and pump are used to create a vacuum. This helps the penis get an erection while the ban is used to maintain the erection.

Best Penis Pump

Do penis pumps work? This device is in fact very easy to use, all you have to do is place the pump over your penis. This can be pumped either by hand or there are also battery-operated ones.  The next step is to pump the air out of the cylinder so that a vacuum is created. This works by drawing blood to the shaft of your penis which in turn causes it to swell and become erect. Once this is erect, you can use the help of a lubricant to slide the constriction ring down to the lower part of the penis. Once done, you can remove the pump after releasing the vacuum.

What You Need to Know about Penis Pumps

If you are like a lot of guys, you are less than happy with your penis size. You want something bigger and more impressive. As big as most guys are, there is always room for improvement, and having a larger cock can really give someone that wow factor that makes their sex life more exciting and rewarding.

Best Penis pump

Penis pumps allow you to extend the size of your penis without any injections or pills. You don’t have to use chemicals or anything that runs the risk of seriously damaging your penis. You can enjoy natural and effective penis enlargement.

We want to look at what is a dick pump and how you can use it effectively. We want you to get the most out of your penis pump, and in order to do that, you should understand how it works and how to determine what might be the right kind of pump for you. Did you know that there are multiple kinds of pumps? We’re going to look at the different ones later on, but for now, let’s focus on the basics of what do penis pumps do. You’re going to see that there’s nothing to be worried about and that you can enjoy some major benefits by using a penis pump for a while.

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One of the more common questions people have about these devices is: how does a penis pump work? Guys want to know what they will be doing to their penis exactly, and it’s understandable that they want to exercise caution. They don’t want to accidentally damage themselves and not be as functional as they used to be.

Penis pumps, no matter what kind we are talking about, work by applying pressure to the penis. Those that are skeptical and wanting to know do penis pumps really work will want a more detailed explanation than that. Let’s look at the science behind the average penis enlargement pump, then.

Penis pumps will massage the tissue of the penis gently. By squeezing and then releasing the penis, these pumps stimulate growth. That growth doesn’t happen very quickly, and it may take weeks to see results, but there will definitely be some growth over time. Some guys can grow larger than others, and there is a limit to how long you can get, so keep all that in mind and keep your expectations in check as you start to use any kind of penile pump.

The Benefits of Penis Pumps

There are lots of advantages to using penile pumps. We are going to look at four primary ones that will be of interest to most guys.

First off, there is the erectile dysfunction treatment. This isn’t a problem that most guys want to talk about, but pretty much every guy will experience it at some point in their life. If you live long enough, odds are that you are going to have erectile dysfunction problems. What you need for that is an erectile dysfunction pump, which is just another way of saying penis pump. The average penis pumpers can prevent the dysfunction from occurring and even help to treat it once it has happened. That’s because they stimulate blood flow to the penis, and poor blood flow is what causes the dysfunction in the first place.

Next up is penis size increases. Of course, this is why most people will buy a dick pumper. They want to get bigger and longer and impress their partner with their girth and length. While you may be looking to

enjoy some of the other benefits, you can always count on this one, no matter what your condition. If you use the pump properly and keep at it, you should get a bigger size in time.

For most guys, this is the number one reason to use dick pumps.

The third benefit to using penis pumps is that your libido should increase. If your blood vessels in the penis area are being stimulated, then it will be easier to become erect and stay erect, and that boosts your libido big time. You should be able to enjoy a greatly improved sex drive. How much improvement you see will depend on a number of factors, but using a penis pump can definitely help.

Finally, penis pumps can be used to treat Peyronie’s disease. Now, it’s not uncommon for guys to have a slightly curved penis when it is flaccid, but if the curving persists when the penis is erect, then that can be a big deal. It can make for uncomfortable intercourse and cause a variety of sexual and functional problems. This occurs when parts of the penis do not get enough blood, and those who wondered before what does a penis pump do will now understand that it stimulates blood flow, and that can be effective at treating this disease. In studies performed at St. Peter’s Hospital, in the Department of Urology, it was discovered that patients who suffered from this disease who used penis pumps were able to get favorable results about a third of the time. In other words, penis pumps are no cure for Peyronie’s disease, but they can certainly help to treat it effectively in many cases.

What Are the Choices for Penis Pumps? From Air Vacuum to Water-Assisted Pumps

best penis pump

Men have more choices than ever for penis pumps. They don’t have to settle for a penis pump that doesn’t work very well, that they are uncomfortable using or that is considered dangerous to use. We are going to look at a couple different kinds of pennis pumps, focusing on the ones that are most commonly used today.

The one that most people will recommend and that is often considered the best one for most people to use is the hydro pump. Now, there are lots of different styles of hydro pumps, but they all function on the same basic principles. The average water penis pump comes with a single size tube or cylinder and interchangeable gaiters. The gaiters create different levels of pressure, so you can just change out the gaiters until you get the right amount of pressure for your penis.

The Bathmate hydro pump, on the other hand, uses a fixed gaiter system. It comes with an interchangeable comfort pad, though, and you can simply change it out until you find the right size for you. Like some of the other manufacturers, Bathmate has a line of hydro pumps, all for different penis sizes.

Water assisted or hydro pressure pumps use water to aid in creating pressure. You usually use this while sitting the bathtub, in water. You can relax and sit back and just operate the pump gently, enjoying length and girth gains over time.

Of course, hydro pumping is not the only method of penis pumping available to you. You can also try vacuum cock pumps which let you monitor how much pressure is being applied. You can adjust the level of pressure, and you want to be sure that you don’t overdo it and apply too much pressure. That could be incredibly painful. That’s less likely to happen with a hydro pump, which is why most people will go for those, but you may find that the vacuum pump feels more comfortable for you or works better at extending your penis size. Everyone is different, and that’s why there are so many options and guides to finding the right kind of cock pump.

Vacuum pumps are actually split into two groups- manual and battery powered. You can kind of guess the difference between these two, but let’s break it down for you. The manual pumps you have to operate by hand. You simply activate the pump by pressing a balloon on one end, and the air flows down a tube to provide pressure to the pump one other end. If you have a steady hand, then this can work very well for you, and it is the cheapest kind of pump by far.

Battery operated vacuum pumps are a bit higher tech. These often have built in safety measures that keep you from hurting yourself by applying too much pressure. You probably want to check to see what kind of features are built into the ones you are considering buying. The best penis pump will have safeguards in place to protect you, but not every electric penis pump works the same or comes with the same features.

How to Use Penis Pump

Now that we’ve answered what is a penis pump and what benefits the best penis pumps can offer you, let’s look at how to use a penis pump.

They don’t all work he same way, you know, since there are a few different kinds, and these are being made by different manufacturers. Not everyone gets the same penis pump results, as you can see by looking at penis pump before and after pictures. That’s something important to keep in mind, as you don’t want your expectations to go sky high and then suffer from some disappointment. Bear in mind that there are lot of factors at work that can affect your penis pump before after differences. Some people will use the pumps for days and then wonder do penis pumps work for them. They may have seen penis pump pics that inspired them to try it for themselves. They probably wanted to see the same kind of results as other people had and were sharing with everyone, but that may not happen for them. That may not happen for you either. It could take some time before you start noticing visible results.

It will definitely help, though, if you use the pump in the right manner. Follow the manufacture’s instructions precisely so that you don’t injure yourself and so that you get the best results. People have suffered damage to their penile tissue by not following the directions and by trying to do things their own way or by not using the pump as regularly as they should.

Our suggestion is to just take it slow and start out at a low pressure setting. No matter what kind of pump you are using, just be gentle at first and don’t make it too tight for you. You want to see how your penis handles the pump at first and then let it adapt slowly to more pressure. You can increase the pressure slowly as you work your way up to the desired size.

You also want to be careful about using the pump too often. Keep the manufacture’s warnings and instructions in mind and try to only use it as often as you are supposed to. While using the pump more often can results in faster gains, it can also mean you are at greater risk for damage, and you want to avoid that. It’s better to take things slow and careful than to try to rush things for faster results.

You may even want to watch a penis pump video to get an idea of how to use a pump. Make sure you are watching one that is relevant to the kind of pump you are using. Remember that there are different kinds of penis pumps, and you want one that applies to what you have, since they operate in different ways.

The last thing we want to discuss about using penis pumps is what you can expect as you use them. We talked about the benefits already, but you should have an idea of how long it will take to achieve some great results. You should not expect an instant cure for erectile dysfunction, nor should you expect to see a bigger penis in just a few days. In fact, it can take weeks for you to even notice small changes, and everyone is different, so don’t be discouraged if it is taking you a while to see some results.

Hopefully, you can use this information to make the right choice and to find penis pump that works well for you.

Here are the top rated penis pumps on the market today:

Bathmate Hydro Pump Hydromax X-Series Review

Bathmate Hydro Pump Hydromax X-Series Review

Bathmate Hydro Pump Hydromax X-Series is considered to be one of the top male enhancement pump and is actually an Editor’s Choice. Let’s face the fact that millions of men all over the world are trying every means so they can get a longer erection as well as loner and thicker penis but sometimes find it difficult and challenging. Although many undergo different types of surgeries, there are those who prefer a more natural and safer means. One of those means is the use of penis pumps or dick pumps. Bathmate is one of the most popular brands being used when we talk of pumps. They have a long and standing reputation of being the best in the market. The Hydromax X-Series adds 2 to 3 inches or even longer to your penis if you use it properly.


  • It takes very little time to see results. In just 15 minutes you can already see a result which is quite fast especially if you are in the middle of wanting to have sex at the moment.
  • This offers a comfortable means of increasing the length of your penis. You do not have to worry about experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort.
  • This is also user-friendly so basically anyone can use it.
  • The penile increase you receive is permanent and is 100 percent natural.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the results, which seldom really happens then you may request for a full refund with no questions asked.


  • As compared to other brands in the market, it is a bit more expensive. However, the quality id guaranteed to be the best.
  • This is not recommended for use if your penis is too curved on one side.

best penis pump


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Hydromax Bathmate Series (Bathmate Hercules) Review

Hydromax Bathmate Series (Bathmate Hercules) Review

If you are just beginning to use penis pumps then this one is for you. It is strongly recommended to be used first before moving on to larger ones. This has been in the market for more than a decade already but its popularity is never-fading. There are millions of users on over 70 countries around the world who are using this pump. Let’s find out why.


  • This offers safe pressure levels. This does not cause suction itself and therefore the pressure does not build up to a point where it is no longer safe and healthy.
  • This offers permanent penile growth. This is a very important concern among men since there are many products which only offer temporary growth which is really inconvenient.
  • This offers fast results in as little as 15 minutes only. This is perfect especially if you are in the middle of a situation.


  • For some, the need to re-pump is actually quite irritating. However, it is needed so as to maintain proper suction power while you are in the tub.
  • This requires water so more or less you need to take a bath or shower if you want to achieve satisfactory results.


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X4Labs Penis Pumps Review

X4Labs Penis Pumps Review

X4Labs Penis Pump is one of the most popular brands of penis pump. This is well-known all over the world for their quality and affordable pumps which really shows astonishing effects. There are many different models in the series but all are equally powerful and effective so this gives you a wider choice of products to choose from. However, here are some things you need to remember.


  • X4Labs Penis Pump offers effective results as proven by both clinical studies and user reviews. This is effective provided that it is used properly and regularly.
  • You can control the amount of pressure your penis will receive since you have to pump manually. This is very important since users have different levels of need and comfort.
  • This is effective for both circumcised and uncircumcised men and they can experience the same level of enlargement.
  • This also offers a unique triple option fastener to ensure that the user can freely make any adjustment to cater to their needs and comfort as well.


  • This is not effective for men who have a micropenis syndrome. In their case, a different method should be used.


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  • Riley says:

    I have had trouble with my blood with my blood course framework my whole life and have battled with a few therapeutic conditions as a result of it.

    I carry on with an extremely solid way of life with heaps of action and sound nourishment and I’m for the most part against medicine and unnatural stuff that individuals take to settle their terrible way of life.

    Tragically that was the main choice my specialist gave me when I came to him with my erectile brokenness issue. I went online to check whether there were any option arrangements that did not require any drug and a vacuum pump was the appropriate response I was searching for.

    I requested a Bathmate pump the exceptionally same day and I have been a glad Bathmate client from that point forward!

  • Hayden says:

    Well I’m considering purchasing a penis pump my principle objective is size. I’ve done jelqing a considerable measure however haven’t generally had much discernible additions .I know a penis pump brief expanded the erection by constraining more blood by vacuum suction , yet will it give me a changeless greater penis it appears like jelqing on the grounds that it powers blood this growing the tissues .

  • Connor says:

    Well I’m thinking of buying a penis pump i should use for the best an quickest results n the correct amount of time ..been using the X4Labs Penis Pumps for about 2 months now an still not sure if u should pump the vacuum as high n much as u can take or just enough to feel a strong vacuum but not as strong as the pump can be pumped where the is no more vacuum that can be pumped an also the correct amount of time …15 0r 20 minutes …please send me an email with this correct information …thanks

  • luke says:

    From my experience, it could help assemble an establishment for additionally picks up. I’ve never been steady with the pump, I pump for instance for a week and after that stop. Be that as it may, I have seen that my cawk becomes inside the tube more than it did when I initially began pumping. That distinction in development is just inside the vacuum, not in a consistent erection; so I expect from that, that on the off chance that I blend the draw routine with a steady trained administration of jelqs and bracing, it could convey the snake to that size.

  • jaxon says:

    Has anybody had long haul permanent established picks up with a penis enlargement pump? I have never utilized such a gadget and I was simply wondering.

  • Caleb says:

    Sounds Interesting how many cases of Peyronies Disease have been caused by these ‘enlargement’ techniques. Guys, if you think you haave ‘size’ problems …. try Peyronies Disease. There is no cure. If you are going to try these things you need to research and fully understand the technique and how to not over do it and cause Peyronies.

  • Fraser says:

    My penis isn’t exactly 6″ erect, my wife says she is okay with the length and circumference, in any case, I think that its hard to trial and attempt diverse positions. On the off chance that I could pick up and additional inch or two, not really circumference, we could grow from the standard evangelist and doggy style positions. I may try a penis pump in the wake of perusing this article.

  • Robert says:

    I’m 8.5″ at present yet we purchased a pump that is 10″ long. It accompanied an elastic sleeve around the opening however after a couple of employments that was tore so now I utilize only the lodging yet hit rock bottom in it. My significant other has seen the size in the wake of utilizing is somewhat more then she prefers however general it makes for some great fun.

  • Blair says:

    I have to say Jelqing dose work. its not pulling on your penis what you do is removed the dissemination in your penis at that point compel the blood to your tip by crushing hard alote fucking harder than jacking. I take a hold of my penis like I am attempting to execute it. what’s more, I need to state I have developed long and size since I have begun doing this

  • Aiden says:

    Before beginning utilizing this I was thinking even a 10% expansion in size would be an awesome achievement for me. All things considered, it’s been 5 months and I’m at 16%! For me this is super cool and despite the fact that that chart says you ought to be at more than 22%, I’m still exceptionally content with the outcomes and I will proceed and see where this takes me.

  • Alastair says:

    just to let all you fellow pumpers know I’ve just received my knew X40 Bathmate having been totally let down by the Penomet pump, can I just say Bathmate congratulations – top marks its fantastic, I’m really confused by some comments on various forums saying that the Bathmate and Penomet are both similar pumps !!!!!WHAT!!!!! I just don’t get it !!!!!!!!! they are nothing like each other (except it looks like Penomet have copied the X40 gaitor, not good ! ) take it from me don’t be fooled like I was by the on the fence views of some forums, the Penomet just doesn’t work, it falls to bits when in use and has no power !!!!! guys don’t waste your money like I did …… Well done Bathmate

  • Oberon says:

    I personally don’t believe in the Bathmate, whether it’s the limit on vacuum, or simply it doesn’t seem to lend itself to real PE gains. However, it’s good for getting a plump flaccid and some suggest it does improve flaccid length/girth on a permanent basis, so you decide.

  • Abanu says:

    I’ve been pumping 4 years w/o problems, only benefits. Of course some cocks respond better 2 pumping than others. I’m lucky enuf 2 have one that responds well.

  • Homer says:

    I personally don’t believe in the Bathmate, whether it’s the limit on vacuum, or simply it doesn’t seem to lend itself to real PE gains. However, it’s good for getting a plump flaccid and some suggest it does improve flaccid length/girth on a permanent basis, so you decide.

  • Ivo says:

    In the past I have tried both penis extenders and the Jelq method and have not had much success . But now with the Bathmate I have gone from 5 ” to almost 6 ” in a little over three months and I continue to see results . I am very happy with this product and highly recommend it

  • Jedidiah says:

    I have never tried another pump , and I don’t have a reason for right now . My Bathmate hercules is working perfectly right now . Time will tell if I gain permanently while using it , with added manual stretches/jelqing exercises .

  • Kermit says:

    just wondering which one would be better for gains i use to use the regular joel kaplan/doc johnson pump and switched to the Bathmate foliate . just wondering if anyone has had any experience of / in the two and noticed any differences

  • Fabiano says:

    I have a chance to get an x30 for 90 bucks as a friend of mine is ordering a wholesale bulk and he is willing to sell me one at his cost. But now I wonder if it is a good a idea to get the supposedly improved BM or just get the old one for 120.

    Also, how can I know if the X30 is in fact the genuine one??

  • Odion says:

    I reviewed this product in July 2017 after using it two times a week for two months. I am now at the 6-month milepost. I kept using it two times a week. Here are my results so far (total increases since starting use of Bathmate X50 two times per week

  • Omari says:

    I just want to start off by saying that this is a real 4-month review of the Hydro pump I recently bought. In all honesty, I would buy this pump again because it has made quite the difference in my sex life and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried stretchers before but never really committed because you have to wear them for hours on end to get results and it just never fit into my schedule. With the pump, I can do it at night for 30 minutes and be done with it in about the same time that it takes to watch an episode of American Dad on Netflix

  • Calloway says:

    “I’ll try to help out.

    Yeah the defective Bathmate issues are on the manufacturer. Mark, Phil and I got 6 defective pumps between us. Shit should never happen. Thankfully, these issues are less and less and I haven’t heard of a defective Bathmate since January – you just got lucky…”

  • Casimir says:

    Yeah it is true got busted x30’s and a busted penomet the first time I got either pump. But after I got my replacements they have been rock solid (no pun intended) since then.

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