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Best Sex Dolls


Realistic Sex doll is a type of sex toy used by many men all over the world and is designed just as the size and shape of a person to help them in masturbation. Usually, Real sex doll possesses the whole body of a female with pelvic section along with the face, anus as well as vagina intended for sexual intercourse.

Since the launch of sex dolls on the market, there have been a lot of innovations made to meet the needs of the users.



  • WEIGHT: 23kg
    WEIGHT: 23kg
    Bust: 30 inches
    Waist: 22 inches
    Hips: 30 inches
    POPORTIONS: Bust: 30 inches Waist: 22 inches Hips: 30 inches



  • WEIGHT: 28kg
    WEIGHT: 28kg
    Bust: 26 inches
    Waist: 19 inches
    Hips: 30 inches
    Bust: 26 inches
    Waist: 19 inches
    Hips: 30 inches



  • WEIGHT: 25kg
    WEIGHT: 25kg
    Bust: 30 inches
    Waist: 22 inches
    Hips: 30 inches
    Bust: 30 inches
    Waist: 22 inches
    Hips: 30 inches




Why Sex Dolls are Very Popular Among Lonely Men

Best Sex Dolls

Research shows that Realistic sex dolls are very popular these days, especially among men because of the many benefits they offer. These life like sex dolls are made in ways that have the features, looks as well as quality of a person which you can potentially masturbate with. A silicone sex doll is one of the most popular types of love dolls and comes with different parts like mouth, anus and vagina which you can utilize for arousal.

Also, you can get removable, interchangeable as well as vibrating silicone sex dolls.

This is absolutely an interesting kind of real life sex dolls. But, what makes these real life sex dolls popular? Aside from being super real, real sex dolls are safe to use. In fact, they are made of superior and high-grade materials. Some are made of TPE or Silicone that makes them lifelike. Once you touch this doll, it is hard to tell the difference from a real person. They can be personalized according to your taste too. Some men and women do this, but manufacturers may need to get your approval first, prior to do this because sometimes it may not be something which your partner wishes.

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Realistic Sex dolls are also known as love dolls. They have joints which will allow men to place them in various kinds of sexual positions. Like for instance, you may like to try spreading your love doll further apart. These love dolls can surely hold a decent sex position, which allows you to perform your sexual fantasy when possible. There are people out there think that this sex toy is sticky, nasty as well as very unpleasant to utilize. That is an extremely wrong belief. The notion that love dolls are nasty is came from many years ago wherein sex was frowned upon, yet everybody still did it. This notion was back when a female could not wear short skirts and the assumption of having sexual intercourse prior to getting marriage was considered wrong and immoral.

The Disadvantages of Staying Without Sex for a Long Time

Staying without sex for a very long time according to the research has lots of disadvantages, both physical and emotional. Work, travel, break ups, there are many reasons why sex life might be stalled.

Here are the things which can take place once you stay without sex for a very long time:

You Will Fell More Nervous and Worried

A research performed by Scottish experts found out that people who abstained from sexual intercourse for a long time struggle to deal with stressful conditions like speaking in front of many people, opposed to people who have sex at least twice over a two week time. During sexual intercourse, the brain generates feel-good substances like oxytocin and endorphins that help people become more comfortable and at ease.

Men, Be Careful of Prostate Cancer

Research presented by the AUA or American Urological Association discovered that men who had sex at least two times a week are less likely to have prostate cancer. There is a 20 percent drops in the risk for this type of cancer. This is simply because frequent ejaculation might get rid of potentially harmful chemicals from the prostate gland.

You are More Prone to Flu and Colds

Less sex might decrease your exposure to bacteria and germs. Sad to say, you will also omit the benefits of boosting your immune system. Wilkes-Barre University researchers discovered that people who have sexual intercourse at least once or twice weekly enjoyed a thirty percent boosts in IGA or immunoglobulin, opposed to people who have intercourse seldom or not at all. Immunoglobulin is your body’s first line of defense opposed viruses.

UTI Risks Drops

Almost 80 percent of UTI happen in 24 hours of sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, vagina within the vagina could be pushed into the urethra that can cause infection. So, women can avoid the risk for this painful peeing condition. Male sex dolls are available for women who want to reap the benefits of sex.

Even if you are far from your partner or girlfriend or boyfriend, or due to a busy and hectic schedule, still you can get the benefits of having sex. This is through considering Male sex dolls. sex dolls have lots of many features that you will surely enjoy so much.

The Benefits of Sex Dolls

Male Sex dolls give deep and passionate pleasure to one’s sex life and help to increase sex drive. These are used to fulfill any type of sexual requirements, desires and fantasies. You can decide to use them exclusively or use them with your sex partner. So as to obtain bursting sexual intercourse with your real sex doll and put roll playing to an amazing level, you can use seductive lubes, or seductive pumps.

Great Sex In Spite of Time and Day

Real sex dolls are utilized by many people due to the amazing pleasure they obtain. This thing comes with a masturbator or dildo which allows for a powerful stimulation, in order that you could have a thrilling and satisfying orgasm.

Amazing Sex Performance

Just in case you have sex problems with human companion, your technique in bed could get enhanced through fucking a sex doll. You can practice the best way to pace, thrust as well as breath to have a pleasing and satisfying session. These lifelike sex dolls provide you the chance to look for the right solution to sexual issues, which you may be experiencing with a human partner.

Another best thing about love dolls is the fact that you can try anything utilizing them. Like for instance, you can cuddle, caress, thrust or lay the sex doll in the dog style so you can get pleasure from it through inserting your penis into her butt. A love doll is made with boobs and nipples, which you press firmly and suck. So, you don’t have to worry about the outburst which is always happening with real human companion. These silicone sex dolls will provide you extra satisfaction and enjoyment to your usual way of masturbation. Sex dolls can be your sex mate for a longer time.

Ejaculation/Orgasm Control

Sex dolls could make your real lovemaking more enhanced, because your sensitivities could be settled down or relax, thereby keeping away from premature orgasms or ejaculation. PE is one of the many sexual problems a lot of men all over the world are experiencing, and this can be addressed through having a sex doll.

No Relationship or No String Attached

In many instances, having realistic sex dolls around will not damage or affect your rapport with your girlfriend or wife, given the fact that both of you agree to it. Utilizing sex dolls also free you from emotional attachments and any kind of commitment. Just make sure to buy superior and high quality sex dolls which are made of 100 percent silicone of the best grade. In and out, they feel like a true woman and you’re surely gain freedom from sex which you can just obtain from this kind of sex toy.


Best Sex Dolls

Through the help of real sex dolls, one can enjoy agitating sexual intercourse. This can also help you practice your technique or skills in lovemaking thus making your partner more delightful and libidinous while in bed. Sex dolls can make you live a pleasurable and fulfilling life. When picking love doll, you can also consider getting lotions and lubes to use them along with the sex dolls in order to reach the utmost pleasure and excitement. Sex dolls vary in prices; it all depends on the material used and the quality of the sex toy. Usually the cheapest sex dolls are made of vinyl that is inflated for fun and pleasure and taken to be the usual kind of sex dolls available. You can purchase these types of sex dolls anywhere, but online is the best place to buy them. The best sex dolls are made using high quality silicone polymer as well as skin-like materials.

Sex Dolls For Sale

There are lots of stores online out there where you can find Sex Dolls For Sale. It’s a high quality love doll using the best silicone materials that feel like a true human skin. Also, these online stores also offer cheap sex dolls equipped with male like features. You can choose the size the penis you want, the type of body and of course the appearance.


  • randy says:

    “Got my doll this Friday. Didn’t have work that day, and got a call from FedEx around 10:30 am. Heck Ya!!! So fast…Wen’t to pick it up. No big deal picking up this package, signed and left. Very helpful, no extra fees for this pick up service.

    This was my first doll, and the size of the doll was just as I imagined. Was stunned at the life like sensation of an entity the silicone with powder gives. Dead wiggly fingers though.

    So I got the 100 cm Carly doll. Got it that size for the price and being able to conceal it. I have no trouble doing that. Also got this doll for sex, and it’s surprisingly been a plus that this doll is lovable and cuddle’able. Was concerned that the size might make me feel uncomfortable, with the size resembling a small child. But it doesn’t at all, it’s a miniature adult. “

  • james says:

    ” When I opened the box and removed the padding, and whatnot, it brought a smile to my face seeing those big t1ts jiggling around. It was like the doll was alive. What got me next was the size of her booty. Goodness! 😛
    I took her out of the box, mounted her head, inspected her from head to toe, cleaned and powdered her. I put her wig on, sprayed some perfume, laid her under my bed sheets, and warmed her up with a hair dryer. Body felt amazing heated and smooth.

  • Picabo says:

    “That’s sad about the hand. She’s a gorgeous doll regardless. I’ll be surprised if you don’t enjoy her immensely.

  • Grover says:

    “I’ve been considering this doll as well, light and easy to handle. She’s almost exactly the same as the 120cm version but those titties! What a difference.

    Don’t be shy with pictures, we’d all love to see more if you’re so inclined!”

  • Barack says:

    I chose the OR Torso (my first experience with OR Doll ) because I liked the shape especially the bottom half designs better than the others I’ve seen . I wasn’t sure the idea of a Torso would do it for me because I’m a bit obsessed with the look and feel of hot shapely legs and high heel pumps . But moving a 50-60lb doll around along with the limbs isn’t much fun for me either . Lana is huge , really full size and full feel to her . Natural skin tone , huge ” J ” cupped breasts and ” built-in ” vagina (no insert ) . I chose to have Lana with my favorite gorgeous face , the WM9 heads with green eyes and those sexy pouty lips ! Freak me she’s beautiful ! : razz : And I really like the OR Doll neck . It’s much easier to move side to side and back and forward than other dolls I’ve had .

  • Moss says:

    I like this one a lot I like the face and the body good 2 but some how the air keeps coming out of it and had it for 2 days still did not find the hole sounds like its coming out of the pvc I , m thinking some one pop it but not sure what happen to it .

  • Aram says:

    5 days and the neck wire bundle snapped ? Wow That’s just awful . I realize that for the money these TPE dolls are never going to be as sturdy as a high end RD or similar . That’s fine . But dropping $1500 on anything , sex dollsl or not , with such limited moving parts only to have it break in 5 days is just . Preposterous

  • Jago says:

    Well for beginners I wouldn’t start with this model. While the breasts were firm and life like, the vaginal hole was not as life like as I would have liked.i realized that she looks a little see though , and seems to not bend very well. But her eyes were pretty, and when you buy a sex doll that really what is most important.if they had a self lubricating one , in down , hey I might be the first one to invent it… Yippee! All in all I enjoyed myself but yeah…

  • Jedidiah says:

    I don’t know about the dolls but you gotta love Amazon! I checked out one of these puppies at the Museum of Sex in New York. I don’t know how you get in there unless you’re made of titanium alloy. The openings of interest are way beyond lube.

  • Oberon says:

    That’s good to hear, thank you Brent. These guys need to listen to their customers. Seems like a bit more care in the design and manufacture of these dolls would be worth the effort. The looks are great, just get the skeleton right.

  • Odysseus says:

    I was just about to be one.i wonder if he Tiffany doll is any better,i know she cost about 1,000 more.i so did want to get one.thanks again..

  • Barnabas says:

    This being my first doll, I don’t know how to compare it to other silicone toys. I’ve had TPE toys, and TPE is softer then silicone. I can say this doll is soft enough.

  • Birch says:

    I’ve been working with the vendor. The manufacturer is going to reevaluate the internal design of this doll. I’ll keep you all updated, but this is probably going to take some time. I don’t really want to end up getting a different doll, due to size.

  • Breccan says:

    Iv’e had my eye on a Carly doll myself, cute little thing, aunt she? I spoke to Brent last night, he says the manufacturer is re-designing her and should be back up for sale in about 4 weeks.

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