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Best Sex Positions for Women


Are you looking for the best sex positions for women or the best sex positions for men? The best sexual positions allow you to climax and experience ultimate pleasure. Perhaps you want to know the best sex position to get pregnant. If you want to orgasm harder or you have not climaxed in a while, you can try the following the best sex positions to spice up your sex life.

  • Sit and Straddle

Best Sex Positions for Women

Ask your partner to sit down and straddle him. This position gives you control over the motion, angle, and speed as you can use your legs and arms to move. You can move forward and back, allowing you to rub your clitoral area against your partner. Leaning back a bit gives you greater internal stimulation. Your partner can also play with your breasts and clitoris.

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  • Seated Scissors

Best Sex Positions for Women

The seated scissors position allows you to control the angle and depth of penetration and the amount of clitoral stimulation you get. Ask your partner to lie flat on his back and bend his knees. Straddle him with one of your legs to the side of your partner’s hip. Your other leg should be between your partner’s legs. This allows you to find the best spot to grind against your partner’s pubic bone with his member inside you. You control the depth and pace as well as the amount of friction and pressure you get, so this is one of the best sex positions for orgasm.

  • Butterfly Position

Butterfly Position

Lie on your back and make sure your hips are on the edge of the table or bed. Your partner should be standing while inside you. Put your legs over his shoulders and tilt your hips a bit upward. The butterfly position gives a better angle cervical stimulation. This is one of the best sex positions to get pregnant. It allows for deeper penetration, which produces intense uterine and vaginal orgasms. Your partner may even hit your G-spot.

  • Up and Over

Up and Over

While lying on your back, place a pillow under your buttocks and lift your hips. Bring both legs up and back toward the shoulders like you’re folding in half. This position allows for deeper penetration and makes it easier for your partner to thrust. Once you are comfortable with the position, put both legs down and have your partner get into Coital Alignment Technique position. While your partner is on top of you, he should lift his pelvic bone upward and align it with your clitoris. He can continue rocking against the area until you reach a powerful orgasm.

  • Modified CAT (Coital Alignment Technique)

Start in the missionary position, and once he penetrates you deeply, you should bring your legs together between your partner’s legs. Your partner must shift his weight a bit forward for his shaft to produce more friction and pressure on your clitoris as he moves.

  • Modified Doggy Style

Attractive men and woman having passionate sex in bed

The doggy style might be hot, but you can achieve a more powerful orgasm if you modify it. While lying on your stomach, lift your butt a bit so that your partner can penetrate you. He can be on top of you or prop himself up using his hands. This position increases friction as your partner thrusts in and out. You can also rub your clitoral region against the bed.

  • Woman-on-Top

This position allows you to control the depth and pace of thrusting as well as access your clitoris with ease. You can have your partner touch your clitoris. This position can be modified by twisting around at a 180⁰ angle so that you are pointed towards your partner’s feet. This will put you in reverse cowgirl position. Close your legs and keep your feet flat between your partner’s legs. Since your legs are closed, the fit will be tighter, so the sensation is stronger.

  • Sexy Leg Wrap

One of the best sex positions for female orgasm is the sexy leg wrap. Lie on your back. Your partner should be lying on his side and turned towards you. Swing your legs over his thighs and hips to make a bridge over them. Allow your partner to move in and out of you gently. Since it’s not extremely aerobic, you can go on for hours without feeling tired. He can use his hand to stimulate you, or you can touch yourself when you want to peak.

  • The Bridge

You can begin in a missionary position. Your partner should sit on his ankles. Make sure his knees are spread wide. And while lying on your back, keep both feet flat on the bed. Arch your hips a little to achieve a low bridge position. Your partner can hold your hips and use it for leverage when moving in and out of you. This position allows for deeper stimulation and a feeling of fullness. You can touch your clitoris or allow your partner to do it for you.

  • Sweet Spoon

Best Sex Positions for Women

The spoon is perfect for those who want to cuddle with their partner. You should be lying on your side, and your partner is lying behind you as well. Instead of thrusting in and out, your partner stays inside you and gently thrusts against your vagina’s front wall. This position doesn’t only satisfy your cuddly needs, but it also provides steady stimulation. Your partner will not be able to thrust deeply, so he can use his hand to stimulate your clitoris better. As you reach climax, you will be in the perfect position to cuddle.

There are also plenty of best sex positions when pregnant. These positions allow you to pleasure each other even when you are pregnant. If you want to try something new, you can look for the best oral sex positions and best anal sex positions. Men who are on the smaller side can also find the best sex positions for a small penis to please their partner. The best sex position depends on your preferences. You can try different positions so that you can determine the best sex position for women.

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