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Best Sex Positions That Use Gym Equipment


Some people imagine having sex outside their bed. There are a lot of possibilities for the sexually adventurous. You just need to be careful of some things. Don’t have sex in a place where kids might be watching. You also need to make sure that you will not get arrested for indecent exposure. After all, you don’t want to explain what you are doing to other people. Large blankets and tents can help you get intimate without having to worry about getting caught. You can try having sex in front of a window. Just make sure not to lean too much on the windows as this can be dangerous. The windows might collapse during sex. Having sex outdoors provides a way to release your primitive, sexual side. You can be in a natural environment and enjoy the relaxing benefits that it brings. Some people even have sex at the gym.

Why Engage in Gym Sex

Having sex in the gym is exciting. You want to peak, but you don’t want to get caught as well. This adds fun and thrill to the act. There are some women who enjoy exercising so much that they experience orgasms in the gym. This is exercise-induced orgasmic release is called orgasm. It is definitely real. In fact, it has been acknowledged in the scientific literature for over 50 years. A study conducted by Indiana University found that women are more likely to experience orgasm if they are doing yoga, cycling, leg pull-ups, running, rope climbing or weight lifting. Another study that involved 530 women online discovered that 246 had experienced orgasm before.

Best Sex Positions That Use Gym Equipment

Coregasm occurs when the body can no longer take the strong sexual pleasure of blood rush to the vagina. A combination of the endorphins released during exercise and engaging the muscles connected to the genitals has pleasurable results. In women, the release of intense sexual pleasure is accompanied by strong contractions of the muscles in the genitals. A woman can have multiple orgasms if she experiences continuous sexual stimulation.

If you have a partner, having sex at a gym is more exciting. He or she can please you and help you achieve multiple orgasms. Just keep in mind that although having sex in a gym is fun and thrilling, you shouldn’t forget the importance of practicing safe sex especially if you are not in a monogamous relationship.

Follow these tips for Safe & happiest Sex:

Importance of Safe Sex

Engaging in safe sex doesn’t mean you have to forget about intimacy and passion. Safe sex means protecting yourself and preventing sexually transmitted diseases as well as reducing the risk of getting an infection. It protects you from common STDs like gonorrhea, HIV, and chlamydia and from an unplanned pregnancy. If you have shared needles or have had vaginal, anal or oral intercourse, you’re at risk of HIV infection. Practicing safer sex can help you greatly reduce the risk of acquiring an infection.

Best Sex Positions That Use Gym Equipment

HIV infection is spread through blood, vaginal or cervical secretions, and semen. Sexual activities that involve direct contact with blood, vaginal or cervical secretions or semen are risky. When you and your partner take precautions, it greatly reduces the possibility of direct contact with those body fluids. It makes sex safer and enjoyable as you have peace of mind. You know that you are protected from HIV infection or other sexually transmitted diseases.

What Birth Control Method Should You Use?

You should discuss what birth control methods you would use. It’s also important to discuss if either one of you is at risk of an STD. It is a delicate issue, but you should sit down and talk about it. Find the right moment to bring up the subject. You should be frank and honest with each other. If one of you is sexually infected, he or she must be brave enough to come clean and do what it takes to treat his or her condition. People usually hesitate and don’t tell their partner about it. This is wrong.

Both of you should make decisions about what precautions you are going to take. There are various birth control methods to choose from. One of the most common methods is the use of condoms. It is a very effective method if used properly. Condoms provide 90 percent protection against STD. It doesn’t require any prescription and can be easily purchased at local drug stores and even vending machines.

There are various kinds of condoms. You can find thin, thick, textured and flavored condoms. If you don’t like the feeling of wearing a condom but you want to protect yourself, you can buy thin ones. However, this kind of condom is prone to breaking. If you don’t mind wearing a condom, you can go for the thick ones. Just make sure to talk about it with your partner. After all, the one who will be feeling it the most is your partner. This is particularly important if you want to wear a textured condom. Other birth control methods include IUDs, pills, cervical caps, and diaphragms. These methods prevent pregnancy, but not STDs.

Best Sex Positions That Use Gym Equipment

Safe sex means being smart enough to protect yourself from sexual diseases and prevent unplanned pregnancy. It also means staying healthy and enjoying sex without any worries. Safe sex involves showing care and respect for each other. You owe a responsibility towards your partner, so you should always practice safe sex. Always ask for their opinion. After all, you are not the only one who is in the relationship. Both of you have a responsibility towards each other. If there is something you want to tell your partner, say it.

If you want to improve your sex life, there are toys that you can use. Trying different positions can also help. You can watch Brazzers gym sex online. Brazzers is based in Canada and has 31 hardcore pornography websites that you can access for free. There are a lot of videos that are filmed in various locations. If you want to watch a video of a couple having sex in a gym to get some inspiration, you can definitely find one of these websites.

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