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Best Sex Positions


Knowing the best sex positions for men and best sex position for women can improve your sex life. There are also positions that can increase the chances of pregnancy. This is great for couples who want to start a family. Here are some of the best sex positions that you can try.

  • Cowgirl or Woman on Top

This is one of the best sex positions for women as it gives her control. It’s also great for G-spot stimulation and allows women to choose the depth and pace of penetration. The cowgirl position enables the couple to alternate between deep and shallow thrusts. Men can stimulate their partner orally and manually until she’s aroused to make it easier for her to climax. Women can also squat over their partner’s face for some oral stimulation.

Best Sex Positions

  • One Up

For females who are sensitive along one side of their clitoris, the One Up or Over the Shoulder is among the best sex positions for her. Men can kneel on the floor with their partner lying on the edge of the bed. Lift one of her legs and tell her to wrap her hands around her hamstrings below the knee to support her other leg. She can help you move to the right spot since her hip is partially raised. Females can tell their partner the technique and tongue pressure they want by demonstrating with their mouth on their partner’s earlobe. Men can also let the knuckle of their finger trail behind their tongue. The contrast between the hard bone of the finger and the softness of the tongue will create a pleasing sensation.

Best Sex Positions

  • The Standing Dragon

If you are looking for the best sex position for women that will stimulate her G-spot, you can try doing The Standing Dragon position. This will also let men see the round curves of their partner’s rear. Ask your partner to pose on all fours and enter her from behind. She has to arch her back to raise her buttocks. Use your thighs to squeeze your partner’s knees together. This will tighten her vagina around your manhood.

Best Sex Positions

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  • The Bends

This position provides greater thrusting power and is suitable for quickie sex anywhere in your house. It’s one of the best sex positions for men. Ask your partner to bend at the waist then rest her hands on her knees or furniture and enter her from behind. Hold her hips to support her weight. You can also caress her clit for added stimulation or massage her shoulders.

Best Sex Positions

  • Coital Alignment Technique

Some people find this as one of the best sex positions. It provides active clitoral stimulation. The Coital Alignment Technique is similar to the missionary except that the body is farther up as well as to one side. Your chest is near your partner’s shoulders. Ask her to bend her legs approximately 45⁰ to angle her hips up. The base of your shaft stays in constant contact with your partner’s clitoris. To stimulate her further, you rock forward and back to instead of moving up and down. You can also grind your pelvis in a circular motion.

Best Sex Positions

  • Spoon

This is the best sex position if you are heavy or your partner is pregnant. The Spoon is also one of the best sex positions for long lovemaking and falling asleep afterward. Lie on your sides, having you right behind her. Both of you must face the same direction. Ask her to bend her knees then push her bums toward you, so you can easily access her vagina. Try changing the lean of your bodies to vary the angle of entry. If you are looking for the best position for anal sex, you can also try this position.

  • The Love Seat

The Love Seat provides great G-spot stimulation. You can do it by sitting at the edge of a chair or on the bed while you keep your feet flat on the floor. Ask your partner to turn away and back up onto you and the sit between your legs. She can ride you back and forth by pressing up with her feet or using the chair aims to support her. She can arch her back and press her rear into your groin to control the angle of entry. Your partner can also reach under to stimulate your scrotum, perineum or the base of your penis. You can play with her nipples to stimulate her.

Best Sex Positions

  • Reverse Cowgirl

One of the best things about the Reverse Cowgirl position is that you can get a great view of your partner’s backside when you put a pillow under your head. This position allows her to control the pace and depth of penetration. Lie on your back and keep your legs outstretched. Your partner kneels next to your and then turns and straddles your hip. She lowers herself onto your manhood and starts riding you while facing your feet. She can lean back or forward to adjust the angle of your penis for better stimulation. This position also allows her to direct your member to where it feels good or reach down to arouse herself.

Best Sex Positions

  • Sidewinder or Spoon, Facing

This is an intimate face-to-face position that promotes kissing and hugging. The Sidewinder is an ideal position when one of you has a knee injury, or she’s pregnant. Lie on your sides, while facing each other. Ask her to spread her legs a bit so that you can enter her. Close her legs so that a part of your shaft that is outside can press against her clit. This position also allows you to kiss each other. Thrusting is quite difficult in this position, so you can try other techniques like up-and-down, grinding and circular motions for extra stimulation.

Best Sex Positions

You can watch the best sex positions video to get more ideas about the positions that you can try. Some videos show some of the best anal sex positions, best oral sex positions, and best gay sex positions. These videos can be accessed for free, so you don’t need to worry about spending anything. The best sex position depends on your preferences. You can also try the best sex position to get pregnant. Just make sure that both of you are comfortable with the position.

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