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Dirty Things To Say To A Girl Arouse


You might not realize, but your words are a powerful aphrodisiac that can turn her on. You can use them to tap into her desire anytime if you just know the right words to say. Plenty of words out there allow you to make her feel wanted, to make her feel desired.

You have so many to sexy words that can trigger a woman’s desire. However, if you are a virgin in saying dirty pickup lines, then you might be a little problem in finding the right words to say. In that case, this article helps you get a start as your kinky guide to get your girl from ears down to her genitals.

You can start with the hottest dirty things to say to a girl this article has for you.

Dirty Things To Say To A Girl Arouse

Women – Sex and Emotions Are Essential Factors to Every Relationship

They may admit it or not, but for most women, sex and emotions heavily tie to each other when it comes to a relationship. Most men can agree that (sometimes) women are hard to understand. If you are not careful, you might say things that rev her up but not the things that make her tick, sexually.

Read these posts to Know how to Make woman Satisfied in Bed:

Whisper or Yell Her “Name”

You don’t say “her name” but whatever your mate’s name. Female pleasure is quite narcissistic, according to sex experts. Taking that in mind, you should yell or whisper your mate’s name whenever you are in the middle of a passionate night.

Saying your partner’s name makes her feel special. It makes her feel irresistible, that she has the power to pleasure you. Saying her name will definitely prompt her to feel more aroused and motivated to please you in bed.

Don’t Forget to Say “Yes”

Being a yes-man or pushover is not sexy. However, the word “Yes” can be powerful in making her feel desired. Women love guys who are confident and know what he wants. Men who are certain and decisive are a great turn on to women. The word “Yes” shows certainty in women’s vocabulary.

Dirty Things To Say To A Girl Arouse

At the same time, it means that you are willing to do what makes your girl happy. In the bedroom, saying yes to whatever she’s doing means you are satisfied. It also means you let her go deeper into her desire and pleasure.

Say What You “Love” About Her

No, it isn’t just the phrase ‘I love you’ that you need to say. Besides that, you can also talk about the things you love about her, like a specific part of her body that you find sexy. This will most definitely fuel her desire.

“Like” is a little lukewarm here. Love, however, has a more intense and special connotation. Instead of saying you like her smile or you like her eyes, or you like how the way you look, say the love word. If you say, “I love your eyes” or “I love the way you look,” it would make it sound more passionate in her ears.

Comment on Her “Wetness”

For the guys, their woman’s eyes on their erection are a major turn on. For the girls, dirty words referencing to her wetness is just the same. This is because her being wet is an intimate thing only both of you know.

If you include commenting on her wetness as one of the dirty things to say, you will sure to get your desired response. It’s a curious thing about the brain. Sometimes, it doesn’t recognize what’s real that it will react even when you just tell a woman how wet she is.

Say “You” to Turn Her On

The word “you” lets you emphasize your partner and not the act. If you say, “I am turned on” it only talks about you and your own sexual pleasure. It sends a bad signal to your partner where you look invested only in your sexual experience.

However, if you say, “You really turn me on” it shifts the focus to the woman. This lets your partner know there is something she can do to arouse you. If you want to arouse her, it’s give-and-take. That is, you need to let her know and feel desired. So, get ready to be turned on.

Tell Her You “Need” Her

If you only you have the slightest idea about women, you should know they want to be wanted. The key to arousing her is to make her feel wanted, something she doesn’t need you to be shy. In fact, if you can show or tell her how crazy you are for her, that’s great.

It’s not enough to show her; you need to verbalize your desire. She needs to hear you say, “I want you” or “I need you.” These words will certainly increase the desire she feels for you.

Dirty Things To Say To A Girl Arouse

Comment on How “Tight” She Is

You can never go wrong in saying this dirty word to her. Commenting on how “tight” she is can have a powerful effect on her arousal. It makes her feel good if she feels like almost a virgin to you. This is because this assures her that she’s making you feel good.

You see, commenting on her tightness is a compliment to how youthful her body is. At the same time, you are also letting her know how intoxicating her role in pleasuring you. You will make her feel more aroused if you tell her exactly how good she feels inside.

Say How You Want Her to “Come”

If you are looking for dirty, sexy words that simultaneously mean pleasure, desire, and orgasm, there’s the word “come.” The dirty things you say to a girl with the word “come” is certain to be full of erotic potential.

There’s one thing to remember before saying, “Come for me” or “I want to see you come” to your woman. Before saying so, it’s important that you made her come in the past. If not, you will only put pressure on her, and that is not sexy at all.

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