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Do Penis Pumps Work


Before we even start talking about pumps, it’s best to know what is a penis pump. A penis enlargement pump, also called as penis pump, cock pump or dick pump, is one of the many treatment options for those who have difficulty in maintaining an erection for sex. So, if you are wondering, do penis pumps really work? The answer there is yes. This is one of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction or the inability to maintain or get an erection.

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What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Do Penis Pump Work

Penis pumps consist of a plastic tube where the penis will get in, a pump attached to the tube, this could be hand or battery powered and the last part is a band, also called as constriction ring, that fits around the base of the penis once it is erect. This has been used as an aid for erectile dysfunctions for many years. In fact, the first penis pumps were the vacuum air pump. This type of pump is still available and widely used to this day. So what does a penis pump do? This is known to stretch the penis so that it will increase in size. More so, this also aids the penis so it can have better and longer erection, suitable for sex.

What Are the Choices for Penis Pump? From Air Vacuum to Water Assisted Pumps

do penis pumps work

When it comes to penis pumping, water assisted pumps are recommended. Air vacuums are now a thing of the past since hydro pumps are more comfortable to use as compared to the aforementioned one. At this point, there are only two hydro pumps being sold in the market, Bathmate and Penomet. If you are on a tight budget, it is still fine as there are different packages being offered from these two. You can actually just start with the basic. This will give you a good start so you can always decide after if you want better packages or stick with the first you bought.

You might get overwhelmed or confused when choosing since there is a variety and also the choices are quite confusing but the first thing you need to do is to measure your penis. From this, pick the right model based on your size.do not worry about the size, you can always get a bigger size once you have outgrown the current one. This is only applicable if you are choosing Bathmate. On the other hand, if you prefer Penomet, there is just one size so it won’t be difficult to choose. Just pick the proper gaiter for it though.

What is Water – Assisted Pressure or Hydro Penis Pumps

If you are going to watch a penis pump video, you will be able to see the different types of penis pump. But for now, let us focus on the water assisted pressuer or hydro penis pumps. These actually work the same as air vacuum based penis pumps but they do not use air. It makes use of water in order to create a vacuum force. This is very convenient as you could use it while in the shower. If you are consistent with its usage then you will actually be able to see significant growth in as short as 30 days. This will also depend on how you use it and for how long.

To make it easier for you to choose the best product we have listed some of our top reviews below:

Do Penis Pumps Work – 4 Major Sexual Health Benefits 400

Do penis pumps work? The simple answer to that most popular question is yes. The effectiveness of such pump is even accepted by doctors these days. In fact, men with erection issues are prescribed to buy penis pumps or penis extenders. Furthermore, these pumps offer other sexual health benefits such as:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – erectile dysfunction is a problem for over 20 percent of men in the United States. Age is said to be one of the dominant factors for this condition. Erectile dysfunction is caused by several factors such as health conditions like cardiovascular conditions, diabetes and psychological problems like depression and anxiety. Penis pumps can actually help in activating the natural function of the sexual organ by drawing blood into it so erection may happen.
  • Increase in Penile Size – penis pump results is actually quite astonishing as it does not only address one concern. It does not only address impotence but also small penis size. Since size is quite important for men, their sexual performance is often affected especially when they think their penis is too small (learn what is a micro penis). It safe to say that their performance is based on their own satisfaction on the size of their sex organ. In fact, a study done in the United Kingdom by the British Journal of Urology International in 2006 found out that over the period of 6 months, the men in the said study thinks that their size is not as big as what they are expecting to be.
  • Peyronie’s Disease – this disease is one of the most common diseases for the male sex organ. This refers to the development of an abnormal curvature in the penis when it is erect. This curvature affects the length of the penis and it also causes pain during erection which causes significant discomfort when love-making. Although, this may be considered a rare condition, it is quite an issue to men who has it. There are several causes for Peyronie’s Disease but the main thing is that it can be fixed through the help of a penis pump. One study made in the Department of Urology at the Saint Peter’s Hospital and the Institute of Urology in London involved 31 men diagnosed with the disease. At the end of the study, it showed that after regular use of penis pumps, a significant change in the penile strength was developed. The study which lasted for 3 months ended with a third of the participants extremely satisfied with the results they got from the vacuum penis.

How to Use Penis Pump for Men: The 3 Major Types 500

Most people believe that penis pumps are actually the same but in reality; they differ in many different ways. The best penis pumps may be determined through their type, quality, design, and mechanism and of course price. Each pump is unique from the other and is designed to cater to different needs. It is therefore important to know first which is best for you and how to use a penis pump so as to determine the best penis pump for you. It is also important to know how to use each of them so to avoid any penal injuries and for best results to be achieved. There are three major types of penis pump for men.

  • Manual Pumps. This is considered to be the most basic and most common kind of penis pump out in the market. Its construction is actually the same the first ones created but the design has been made safer and the materials used were different. This is also the most popular type since it is relatively more affordable than the others. This is also the most recommended type for beginners since it is quite simple in operation. It doesn’t require any add on like water and batteries.
  • Battery Powered Pumps. This comes close to manual pumps when it comes to popularity. This type of pump consists of an electric pump which aids in pushing air out from the main tube of the device. Through this, results are faster as vacuum is achieved more quickly. Furthermore, these types of pumps are often installed with safety precautions. They often come with an auto shut off mechanism or a pressure gauge. These are all to ensure that the vacuum created when using the device will not cause damage to the penis. This is the most popular type of pump used among older men as this does not require much effort from them which is quite troublesome for many. With this, they do not have to use their hands in pumping the air and therefore, men who have severe arthritis or coordination issues are recommended to use this type of penis pump.
  • Water Assisted Penis Pumps. Water assisted pumps are increasingly becoming popular these days since they are much safer than the others. For these devices, it makes use of water instead of vacuum to get blood pumping into the penis. This type of mechanism is considered to be more advantageous since it creates a more uniformed blood flow in the penis. On the other hand, air vacuums sometimes produce air sockets. Another advantage which makes this type of pump really popular is it is gentler to the penis. These pumps are more commonly known as hydro pumps. At this point, there are only two manufacturers of hydro pumps, Bathmate and Penomate. Both are equally good, however, Bathmate has a wide range of choices depending on your size while Penomet only have one size. It has different sizes of gaiters though so you can freely choose depending on your size as well.

Results to Expect from Using Penis pumps (Photos)

do penis pumps work

do penis pumps work

do penis pumps work


What Are The Best Penis Pumps That Can Deliver Such Results?

The best penis pumps on the market nowadays are Hydromax X-Series, Bathmate Direct, X4Labs Penis Pump. Although all products are efective we really recommend Hydromax X-Series as the best product for those who are suffering from small penis size and would like to learn how to get a bigger penis.

do penis pumps work

The company has created a wide range of products that are suitable for men with all penis sizes starting from very small penises to average sized penises whose owners would like to make the form of their genitals better and increase girth. If you do not know which product is the best for you, check out the table below to find the best one.

do penis pumps work

If you have found the right size for you and are ready to make the purchase, you can find all prices below and click on the table above to buy the product right now.

do penis pumps work

Useful videos:


  • Étienne says:

    Yes, they do. Doctors see the penis pump—or “vacuum narrowing gadget,” as it’s brought in the business—as a sensible, minimal effort treatment for erectile brokenness. A report from the American Urological Association says that choking gadgets may be valuable in situations where PDE5-inhibitor drugs like Viagra are insufficient. In any case, most men (or couples) don’t care for utilizing the penis pump

  • Wolf says:

    While the good news is that your penis will probably increase long and size when utilizing a penis pump, the increases are just brief. A few men who utilize a penis pump consistently, around three to five times each week for no less than 20 minutes for each session, guarantee they can keep up more noteworthy penis length.

  • Nicasio says:

    heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6″ BPEL x 5.6″ Mid Girth.

  • Gwilym says:

    I’m recently 29 years old and love pumping. I purchased a few penis pumps and cylinders off EBay. They were poor quality and it has sadly been a few months since I have been able to pump.I have been reading through different threads on here ( Amazing Site! ). I am wanting to know which is the best pump and cylinder that is not outrageously expensive. Thick-wall vs. VelSeal vs. LA Pumps vs. Boston Pumps. Ideally I would have a vacuum pump.

  • Ajanta says:

    My question is simple and short. My base girth needs some work and I wonder if any of you guys had some good base girth gains from pumping.

    • Shantanu says:

      I can answer your question with a definite YES as far as pumping being very effective for base girth, speaking from personal experience. Briefly, I have been an avid pumper/dry jelqer/power jelqer for the past three years. My pre-PE base girth was slightly under 5”. Today, my pumped erect base girth is over 7” in circumference and can reach nearly 8” after pumping. My flaccid base girth is over 6”. Now it may be my individual genetics, good technique, persistence, plain good fortune or a combination of all of the above which has given me these great results. But I will definitely attribute my success in base girth growth to pumping. Also, pumping directly helped my first 1” growth in erect length. I’m still pumping at least 5 days/week and am still growing. Plus responsible pumping works great for keeping my dick in tip top overall health.

  • yatendr says:

    I am wondering how your girth increase at the base stands in relation to your overall girth development (since you’ve started PE)? Have you had relatively more growth at the base than in the middle or is there no difference?

  • Matias says:

    What kind of pump do you own since you seem to have quite the experience?

    • Benjamin says:

      During my first 1.5 years of pumping I used a Mity-Vac pump/gauge, two of them to be exact. Both of them developed cracks in the trigger and were eventually discarded. Since then (the next 1.5 years), I don’t use any pump at all. All I employ are any of my two principal cylinders ( 2.0” and 2.5” diameters purchased from LA Pump Distributors), the attached hose and connectors and my own mouth power to create the suction and vacuum. Since I’m quite familiar with the “feel” for vacuum pressure from experience, I can gauge the pressure exerted to a comfortable and effective personal level. I do not suggest that newbies try to pump without the benefit of a pump/gauge to monitor themselves.

  • Tomas says:

    I agree with the above suggestions about using two tubes with different diameters to coax some girth and/or length out of your unit. The problem I seem to be having now is that my base girth is becoming too big to fit in the Penis master ring (especially if I am slightly pumped from either a workout or sexual excitement) and the pressure there begins to hurt like a bitch, i.e., they should make the PM in different ring sizes too.

  • Hamish says:

    Can I get permanent gains from using a pump alone and not performing any exercises such as stretching and jelqing manually, and without taking any nutritional suplements. ?

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