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Does Jelqing Really Work?


Men have actually been seeking out many different options for penis enlargement for many years now. Options include penis enlargement pills, pumps, extenders and more. There is another popular method of male enhancement, and that is known as jelqing.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is basically an exercise technique, and if done properly, it tends to increase circulation and blood pressure to the penis. This is widely known as a natural male enhancement procedure, and it mainly requires the use of hands. The actual jelqing exercise is said to be a massaging movement repeatedly done. Jelqing exercises are designed to increase tissue size naturally after several weeks or months.

If you wanted to increase your penis size as well as the amount of blood into your penis, jelqing is a suggested method to do. This is also used to improve the penis’ erect size. Also known as milking, jelqing is a particular exercise that involves the use of the thumb and the index finger in OK position and wrapping these around the penis while partially erect. Through repeating this exercise, you are actually forcing blood into the penis glans. This improves vascularity within corpus cavernosa and the surrounding tissues.

Does Jelqing Really Work?

Many individuals believe that continuing jelqing will effectively increase the length of the penis. But, men should realize that somehow, there are risks involved. You need to take time to learn proper ways on how to jelq to ensure effective jelqing results. You can also find lots of great information about jelqing, jelqing exercises, jelqing results, jelqing before and after pictures and more allowing you to gain more precise insights. One more thing, make sure that you will use some lubrication while you’re performing. Remember that broke blood vessels and irritated skin are possible because of the friction buildup while you are performing.

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Jelqing Exercises-Control Premature Ejaculation and Increase Penis Size

For many years, men have really tried hard to increase the size of their penis to satisfy their partners. Over the years, health experts have developed this system known as jelqing. This has proven to increase thickness and length of the penis if properly applied.

Jelqing exercises are not just effective for penis enlargement. This can also be very beneficial to men who are struggling with issues linked with premature ejaculation. Through learning how to jelq and manipulate the penis in specialized ways, men can actually master the delaying of sexual climax to extend sex sessions indefinitely and become the best sexual partner that can satisfy their lovers in bed.

Jelqing exercises if done regularly can promote thicker and larger penis and can make erections longer lasting and firmer. The old jelqing techniques are known to stimulate testicles and penis in a way that semen volume will dramatically increase, and contraction becomes ultimately strong that ejaculations become more powerful and satisfying to both.

Ladies are exceptionally impressed with and are also physically satisfied by a bigger penis. With a sex partner who knows how to utilize it adequately to give her great climax. Mastering control over humiliating untimely ejaculation will rouse trust in a man’s intensity and capacity to amuse his partner with complete sensual fulfillment. Through increasing the size of the penis with jelqing exercise, your insecurities before will now only become the things of the past.

This routine will gradually condition the penis to expand the girth and length. While the penis is not really a muscle, regular jelqing practice mainly focuses on expanding the penile tissue allowing them to receive greater blood flow. This results in longer and thicker penis that impress.

The effectiveness of jelqing and jelqing exercise were proven effective over the years, and increased number of men has widely enjoyed the amazing benefits. With jelqing, it is now possible for men to finally say goodbye to the humiliation of having a small or average penis. The right jelqing techniques make the prestige and advantages of a bigger penis. No wonder, most men are more than willing to try the best ways on how to jelq and then use the fruit of their hard labor to provide thrill and fulfill the sexual desires of their partners.

Does Jelqing Really Work?

Warm Up is Vital Before Jelqing

A proper warm-up is needed before you perform any jelqing exercise. In actual jelqing exercise, you need to wrap around your hand around the base of your penis forming a circle with the use of your hand, your forefinger and thumb. Important notes include gently stroking or massaging in controlled and slow motion; penis must be in a semi-erection state which is about 40 to 60% erection and adding lubrication.

If you are wondering why a warm-up is important while jelqing, you need to learn this-warming up because it actually prepares the penis for the exercise. The proper warm-up could also mean faster jelqing session. There are many different known ways to warm up. Men can use a warm towel and then wrap this around their penis for few minutes. Some opt for this hot wrap wherein they run a washcloth under clean and warm water, wrapping your penis and then repeat. Many men found using moist and clean heating pads effective but there’s one important caution, and that is to ensure that you don’t get the pads too hot.

Jelqing Results

When it comes to jelqing results, there are actually long-term and temporary results. Basically, temporary jelqing results are results that only go away and usually last for about an hour or two after one jelqing session. Results include naturally enlarged penis because of the high amount of blood that you are pushing to your penis.

Long-term results are sometimes hard to pinpoint this is probably because the girth gain is difficult to notice as compared to the length gains. But, if you are consistent with doing your jelqing exercise (one jelqing session with about 200 jelqing strokes for every session), you will then begin to notice amazing gains in two months.

Does Jelqing Really Work?

Taking measurements using ruler can be tricky as you need to ensure that same conditions truly exist across every measurement.

The Significance of Jelqing Products in Achieving Great Jelqing Results

There are lots of jelqing products readily available for men to buy. With countless products to choose from, men are advised to be extra careful when selecting products to avoid scams and many different outrageous guarantees.

Some may not realize it yet, but jelqing products are essential to achieving great Jelqing results. Jelqing products are known to be effective male enhancement products. These are products that are not just effective but easy to use. Some products are designed to extend the penis while other products work in other ways in terms of enhancing the size of the penis.

One of the great significance of these products is that these increase both length and girth of the penis. The thing is, you need to use these products properly and have patience while you’re using it. Remember that these can’t provide results overnight. It takes some time for you to see positive results and changes.

There have numerous ads, jelqing results before after pictures and more that are being shown on televisions and magazines. Most of these are linked to jelqing exercises and jelqing products, and these are said to be the reasons behind the great results. That being said, men are advised to choose quality and recommended jelqing products for ultimate results and male enhancement experience.

Highly Recommended Jelqing Products Every Man Should Know and Try

There might be countless jelqing products readily available in the market today, but the following are the most recommended:

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

With SizeGenetics Penis Extender, comfortable, non –surgical and safe penis extensions are now possible even in the comfort of your own home. SizeGenetics features innovative comfort technology which only means that men can wear this longer and then obtain size faster. This quality penis extender was designed with ultimate comfort and successful results in mind. This is indeed one of the best penis enhancement systems that you can buy.

The advantages of SizeGenetics Penis Extender are as follows:

  • Extends penis by inches easily
  • Recommended by doctors and surgeons
  • Designed originally to help in curvature correction
  • Free exercises to help strengthen men’s erections
  • Techniques to help men control when they ejaculate
  • Improves confidence between the bed sheets

Some men believe that it’s safe to purchase cheap products. This should not actually be the case. Cheap products are uncomfortable to use and would just make your jelqing or any pleasure session harder. You will eventually start to make excuses until you finally quit.

One of the best things about this best-selling jelqing product is that you can easily start using it the moment you get the product. Are you curious about the results of using this penis extender? Well, the result includes gaining 1.8 inches in length, and you can achieve this is four months. In just 4 months, you can’t really believe in such results, right? But results are real.

Many men have used SizeGenetics Penis Extender, and the results, later on, make them feel confident and proud. Also, with the help of this product, lovemaking has become better than ever and now, most men who have used this now have excellent control and more intense orgasms. So, for those men looking for top quality penis extender, the SizeGenetics Penis Extender is highly suggested.


Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps

Another highly recommended jelqing product is Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump. Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps are water-based penis pumps mainly used in bath or shower. There are actually exclusive versions of these penis pumps.

The major benefits of these penis pumps include but not limited to the following:

  • Features the latest technology for highly effective penis enlargement
  • Powerful, safe and scientifically proven penis pumps
  • Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump is unique

Unlike other brands of penis pumps available on the market today, the Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump is one of the best that was ever invented. This delivers effective and reliable hydrotherapy system with innovative and unique Gaiter System.

This product is viewed as one of the simple yet elegant penis pumps that men can use the easy way. The reason behind this product’s ultimate success is so simple. This completely works, and countless men can attest to this. This product has been favored and widely used by numerous men. Majority of them were amazed of the results. Men gained thicker and longer penis in just a few weeks. Thanks to Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps’ innovative designs.

After several studies and extensive researches, this product is now highly recommended. Men use this regularly and make this penis pump part of their sensual and health routine. Designed for simple and safe use, men can use these penis pumps in the bathtub or the shower. This is crafted from precision and high-quality materials backed with manufacturers’ warranty. These also come standard and are considered unbreakable for the product’s intended use. These things being said, you can now understand why most men choose Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump and use this for their hydrotherapy workouts.

This penis pump provides unmatched flexibility while maintaining its ability to get visible positive results within just 15 minutes of use. This also gives each man the ability to increase his penis size by up to about 3 inches in length and about 30% in girth.

There are countless brands of penis pumps readily available, but these two is worth trusting and investing for. These products were designed to help men obtain bigger and harder penis which is the ultimate key in having complete sexual pleasure and satisfaction, not to mention the great chance to satisfy their sexual partners’ fantasy and desire.

Jelqing and male enhancement are broad factors that are significantly linked to men. If you are one of those who dreams of having longer and larger penis, becoming better in bed and satisfying your partner like she has not experienced ultimate satisfaction before, you can stick to these products and take your sex life into the next level. You can never go wrong with these products.

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