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Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex


The Dos and Don’ts, and the Benefits of Oral Sex to Relationships

Can you imagine your life without sex? Sex is very crucial for couples or partners as it also promotes a well-balanced relationship. Since sexual intercourse is not just about dick and pussy, it is important to understand the important role of healthy sex in your relationship.

When you talk about sex, it is not just about the positions, the way you cum just to reach the climax. To many, it has been a routine to have sex with their partners like doing a quickie, oral sex, scheduled sexual intercourse and some of your favorite sexual positions. If your goal is maintaining the good relationship you had with your partner, it is better to think of some of the best technique on how to please him or her.

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex
Keeping all the things that you love to do is one way of ensuring the intimacy of your sexual life. You have to remember that sex is something that you are obliged to do. It should be something that you always want to do without any hesitations. Oral sex has been one of the most intimate ways of showing someone that he or she is special to you. Many said that they do not just give a blowjob to anyone. They give it to someone they truly love.

What is an Oral Sex?

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex
Oral sex or blowjob is a way of stimulating the genitals of your partner with the use of your mouth together with your tongue and lips. Oral sex includes licking and sucking the penis, the clitoris or the vagina.

Many people are doing the oral sex for many reasons. Most partners especially those who are not yet ready for coitus prefer to have oral sex. There are some that love to have an oral sex instead of a sexual intercourse. If you do not have the experience doing oral sex, give it a try with the help of the different techniques to better satisfy your partner. Another good thing about oral sex is that it is 100% safe from getting pregnant however you can acquire some sexually transmitted disease especially if the person you have sex with is not familiar to you.

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To reduce the risk of getting STD’s, you can use a condom before giving a blowjob to a man. There are lots of flavored condoms that taste good. If you are a man and planning to lick the pussy of a girl, you can opt to use a dam. A dam is a small plastic that serves as a barrier for the vagina that helps in preventing the acquisition of STD.

Oral Sex Tips

During your sexual intercourse, oral sex will always be present. That is why you have to know some of the oral sex techniques that your partner will surely love and scream for more. For most women, they have their orgasms through their clitoris and for men, through sucking and licking. Here is how to assure that both of you will have the best oral sex you can live with each other.

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex

>>Turning the Lights Off
Some women love to suck the dick of their partner, enables them to savor the moment when the lights are off. Most women are being distracted when the lights are on. So, it is better to turn off the light and continue licking your man’s ding-a-ling.


>>Don’t Rush an Oral Sex
Most of the guys are licking the pussy of their partner for only a few minutes. This may offend your partner which makes it a big mistake because a good partner always wants the best for his woman. Do not rush in giving oral sex. Although women differ from each other, it is advisable to take it slowly and then gradually make it faster to ensure that your partner is enjoying and will soon reach the peak of her excitement.

>>Be Creative with the Tongue

For men, your tongue is a powerful weapon in pleasing a woman. You can slowly use the tip of your tongue first and then use the whole part of your tongue later. Remember, you have to keep your tongue soft and then flat. When it comes to the licking process, start from the bottom and then up to the clitoris. Licking the woman’s genital depends on her response, the more she loves it, the more likely she will reach the orgasm. You can also try using the alphabet if you like.

>>Use Your Hands

Both men and women can use their hands while doing oral sex with their partner. Touch is the most effective way of showing your affection and must to your partner. If you are already in the perfect position while doing the oral sex, you can caress your partner’s body with your hands. While your tongue is still busy, you start touching the breasts, the knees, and other sensual zones that will add up to your partner’s feeling that will surely make her feel aroused.

>>Do the 69 Position

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex
Pretty sure that you have already heard or even tried this sexual position. This sexual position is very common to most partners who are always active in having sex. Although there are many loads of oral sex positions, this one is a perfect position. 69 oral sex position is a good position that will both enjoyed by partners. While your girl is sucking your penis, you are also busy licking her pussy. You can also try other positions and find out which one is the best for you.

>>Oral Sex Positions
Are you ready to perform the record-breaking oral sex? Well, make sure that you have finally mastered how to do oral sex. But if not, don’t worry. To better help you perform the best oral sex, here are some helpful oral sex positions that both of you will surely love.

>>The Classic
This type of oral sex position is the common position to perform by most partners. All you have to do is to get comfortable in bed and let your partner lavish you with pleasure. It is a simple yet delightful position.

>>Doggy Style
If you wish to get wild, then try this oral sex position. Just let your partner behind you and lick your clitoris or he can relax on the bed while his mouth is savoring your pussy. You can also spice up this position by making loud noise and moans.

>>Standing Up

This is a position where the man will just stand up, and the woman will sit on a lower couch or a chair and give her man a blowjob. For women, you can also kneel in front of your partner with the use of a pillow so that you will feel more comfortable. For most women, sitting is more comfortable than kneeling.

>>The Throne Position
For those women who wanted to give the best blowjob, the throne position is worth considering. To do this, just let your man seated in a comfortable and soft chair. Start kneeling in front of him and start sucking and licking his manhood. You can also add some spice by allowing your man to watch a movie or even read a magazine while you are busy with his dick.

Benefits of Oral Sex

Who says that oral sex is just an act of showing lust? Oral sex is not just about licking and sucking. There are numerous benefits that oral sex can give. To mention some, take a look at the list below:

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex
>>Promotes Intimacy and Communication
Giving your man a blowjob is a way of showing your affection to him. Oral sex is a way of creating an intimacy with each other. Your relationship may have gone through several struggles, but you can strengthen it more by having the better sex life. So, practice for more to be better.

>>Reduces the Level of Stress
The moment you reach your orgasms, you will definitely cum. The sperm is known to be can helpful agent in increasing the oxygen in the brain. The tendency is to raise your mood and reduces the level of stress.

>>Pain Reliever
During orgasm, your body is releasing substances like the Oxytocin which helps in reducing pain. Having sex and doing oral sex can give you pleasure and at the same time providing numerous health benefits.

>>Depression Treatment
With all the health benefits listed above, all of these serve as a treatment for depression. These can also improve the overall health of an individual.

>>Safe from Pregnancy
Since you are only giving your partner a blowjob, you can ensure that pregnancy is being avoided. Stimulating the genitals of your partner until he or she reaches the orgasms is a safe way of performing sexual intercourse.

>>Induces Sleep
For women who are fond of swallowing men’s semen, here is good news for you. Semen contains melatonin which is the best agent in inducing a better sleep overnight.

Dos And Don’ts Of Oral Sex
>>Helps men from the risk of Prostate Cancer
Oral sex also offers great benefits for men. The more your man ejaculate, there will be fewer chances of having the most common cancer among men, the prostate cancer. Therefore, it is important always to please your man using your mouth and let him cum frequently.

Oral sex has been part of the sexual life of most people. However, if you are one of those people who are not so good or even don’t have the guts in doing it, why not give it a try? Doing oral sex is one of the best feelings in the world that can provide you with pleasure and health benefits and helps build strong relationships.

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