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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Anal Sex


Unless you have been living under a rock these past few years, surely you’ve heard about anal sex. Whether you are a man, a woman or in between, sex through the anus is sure a thing. Now if you want to level up in your usual bedroom activities.

Although anal sex is not a new thing, it has many misconceptions and myths. There is the usual misconception that it always hurts. An absurd one is if you hear someone ask, “Does anal sex make your butt bigger?” Anal sex and the size of one’s butt don’t have anything to do with each other.

The reality is that the anus is one of our most sensitive parts, as it has plenty of nerve ending that is quite receptive when stimulated. Amidst the misconceptions, anal sex isn’t unusual. Anal sex is okay to try if you want to experience something new to add to your sex life.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Anal Sex

Thus, it is not that surprising that anal sex became a part of many people’s sex lives. However, it is undeniable that while many people try, many also don’t like it. Some people never try it because they are just uninterested in this kind of sex.

On the other hand, some enjoy doing anal sex sparingly or during special occasions. Some people who try it likes giving and not receiving while some likes the other way around. These are all normal, as anal sex allows you to experiment a variety of things to add spice to your sex life.

If you are here, then anal sex must have piqued your interest. In that case, before you and your partner try it out you need to have some things set up straight first. On that note, below are everything you need and ever wanted to know about anal sex.

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Is Anal Sex Safe?

One of the first things that go into mind when it comes to anal sex is, “is it safe?” “Is anal sex bad for you?” Many people have this misconception that you don’t need protection when you are going in the butt since, obviously, pregnancy is out of the equation.

However, don’t think about anal sex as a form of birth control as it is not that reliable. You see, the anus and vagina are so near with each other that semen can leak from your butt to your vagina. While pregnancy is a very slight chance with anal sex, it could still be possible if you are not careful.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Anal Sex

More than safety from getting pregnant, using protection is extremely important when doing anal sex in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted disease. The tissue in the anus is extremely delicate that sex in the anus is riskier regarding HIV and STIs.

Penetration to the anus can cause tears and irritations that can give STI germs a direct pathway inside of your body. As such, make sure that you use latex condoms or other latex alternatives as protection. Using extra lubrication can also help in making anal sex safer for you or your partner.

Protection also applies even when your adventures do not involve a penis. Even if you use a butt toy from the wide array of it available on the market, protecting yourself against STIs and HIV still applies. If you are sharing toys, there is still the risk of spread of STI that condoms can help protect.

At the same time, using condoms for protection if you switch from anal to vaginal or oral sex is important since anal germs run the risk of causing vaginal infection or making you sick if it gets in your mouth.

For you and your partner’s safety, always use fresh condoms on the penis and toys that have been in the butt before switching to another orifice. Similarly, always wash your fingers if used in foreplay. Lastly, make sure that the butt toys you use are clean and have flared base, so they don’t slip all the way in.

Anal Sex for Beginners – How Do You Have Anal Sex?

You’ve figured out how important safety is in anal sex. Does it pique your curiosity more that it excites you to try anal sex first time? Well, wait no more. For first time anal sex, there are a few things you need to know to ensure both you will have a great time.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Anal Sex

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

To start, you need to set your expectations straight. When you have a finger shoved in your ass, it feels like you have a finger shoved in your ass. Seriously, what did you expect? When you have anal sex for the first time, it would like that for the first, second, third and a few more times.

It will probably feel weird and even gross for a few times but after a while at a certain point, if it all goes right, you will fill the finger with an incredible, spontaneous orgasm. Truthfully, it is hard to know or explain because it is different with everybody.

It has something to do with the person you have it with and the fingerer’s skill too. Considering these, it is not surprising that when you ask, “do women like anal sex?” you can have many of them relating their bad experiences having anal sex for the first time.

If you don’t want your woman to have painful anal sex that will add to her bad experiences, these anal sex tips here help in preparing for anal sex. If you are dating someone who is more into ass than breast, foot or leg, or if you are that someone, tell them if you are not ready for anal sex.

Even if your partner loves to do you from behind, you should never let them do something you so vehemently don’t want to do. However, if you want to experiment in this general area, then these are some tips to get started.

Don’t Forget to Grease the Tracks

Many people try anal sex without using any lubricants. No wonder your partner is saying it hurts. To make sure both of will have pleasure in your anal adventures then you need to prepare the butt hole by greasing it, so everything goes smooth.

Don’t believe the misconceptions and myths about painful anal sex. It hurt because they didn’t grease up, which is where lube comes in. It shouldn’t hurt but more like you feel as if you might take a dump but you won’t (hopefully you don’t!). Just breathe and relax your muscles.

Start Slow then Build Yourselves Up

Anal play should start simple with both of you working your way up. To start, try penetrating her using only a finger. When she gets comfortable, you can work your way into putting two fingers, maybe three then following a small sex toy or you can move on to putting your penis in.

By starting simple, you can get your partner become accustomed to the sensations of having something inside her butt. This will help her get ready for the main act and the more butt play you want to do. To prepare her for this, you can use butt plugs that are specific to this kind of training.

Remember It Should Be “Just the Tip”

If you are the person doing the penetration, you should remember that what goes in whether it’s your finger, a sex toy or your penis, it should be “just the tip”. Well, unless what you are going into is hardcore anal sex, which by no means anything comfortable.

However, if you don’t want your partner to feel hurt, then you should only “rim” her, not “ram”. The butt also has many nerve endings that when going all the way up generally means painful. If you ram it up to there, it will also make that weird feeling for your partner as if she needs to take a poop. Well, that’s no good.

Vigorous Ramming Should Not Happen Immediately

After your partner gets accustomed to having your finger or penis inside her butt, don’t ram her with rapid-fire movement so suddenly. That won’t make her feel good but only hurt. Sure, a lot of sex is fast especially if you have seen too much porn.

Anal play, however, is different. Women having anal sex needs to be prepared and feel comfortable. With that, once you are inside you should always take it slow, picking up your pace and slowly building up to faster movement, so both of you feel the pleasure of anal sex

Try Different Anal Sex Positions

Who said doggy-style is the only position you can have in anal sex? Nope. You can try varying anal sex positions too if you want. After all, it is hard to get some eye contact when what is going on is some face-to-anus action.

Different Anal Sex Positions

That’s why it is advisable to try a variety of positions. For instance, your partner can lie on her back with her hips elevated. She can also try sitting on your face in a reverse cowgirl style. You can try so many positions until you find the one that makes both of you feel at ease.

Don’t Worry — It’s Not Dirty

Probably one of the concerns of your partner is that the anus is dirty. According to clinical sexologists, it is not. The truth is, the anus, as well as the lower part of the rectum, has little fecal matter in them. That means you do not have to worry that they are as dirty as you think.

As long as both you practiced good hygiene and cleaned up before and after; then there is nothing to worry. The key to the anal play is both you and your partner feel comfortable. As such, do everything you can do to ease up any lingering discomfort or anxiety.

Include Additional Stimulation

To make the best of your anal play, you can include some additional stimulation to what is going on. Whether it is clitoral, vaginal, nipple-centric, etc., do something that you think best for added pleasure. The fact is some can cum with anal sex, but some of them cannot climax with it alone.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Anal Sex

Sex anally is more like an accent or a spice to your usual bedroom pleasure. It adds to you and your girl’s overall experience. Together with your usual sex menu, anal sex is sure to make your woman get an orgasm than before.

Don’t Use the Butt Finger in the Vagina After

As mentioned before – protection. If you use the finger, sex toy or penis from the butt to the vagina without proper protection, you are increasing the possible spread of STI. While your penis or anal sex toys can use a condom, it sounds absurd to use with the finger.

In that case, you should ways have baby wipes on the nightstand. To some, it might sound absurd too, but it isn’t. Protection is most important when it comes to mature anal sex. If it is how to prepare for anal sex, then besides condom and lube, baby wipes are mandatory as well.

Communication is the Key

When it comes to anal sex, the most important thing is perhaps communication. By being open and honest with each other, then you can truly know what works and what does not. In any relationship and sex, you should always feel tuned to the feelings of your partner.

If she is not comfortable even after trying it a few times or if you feel weird about it, then don’t keep doing it thinking it will feel better later on. Instead, be true to what you are feeling and simply try other things that may successfully spice your love life.

If it is all about anal sex, these here are some useful anal sex tips that will make sure you get the best feeling with getting your kink on. Moreover, it will ensure that you did your part in keeping your partner happy and satisfied.

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