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Extenze Extended Release Male Enhancement Pills Review


Extenze Extended Release pill is a unique male enhancement pills known for its effects in enhancing men’s sexual performance. This Extenze review aims to offer more knowledge with regards to what the pill is, its ingredients as well as its effects. You will therefore get enough knowledge to equip yourself with about the drug and how it works to solve manhood problems.

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Extenze Extended Release

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Extenze male enhancement pill is a unique supplement made from a blend of natural ingredients. This may as well be considered an herbal blend. This makes it natural and thus being trustworthy. Since it has natural ingredients, it is considered safe for human consumption and thus cannot cause harm or side effects in the body. Each ingredient is uniquely chosen so as to increase the blood flow to the penis and help in better and harder erection.

There are no artificial contents for the Extenze Plus pills. This means that you are free from the effects of any chemical substances that may be present in some of the male enhancement pills. In fact, most of those pills only have chemical ingredients that are manufactured in the lab with no clear medical pass. This is the reason as to why some men get defects on their bodies as the chemicals cause irritation and can lead to terrible side effects. It is therefore not advised to buy just any male enhancement pill in the market simply because it seems like a working one.

You would end up buying the wrong one and suffer the consequences…

The Extenze pill has been clinically tested and approved to function properly in the body without having to cause side effects. Every single ingredient used is safe and approved by the FDA. We have broken down the ingredients contained in the pill to see how each are helping with your penile issues.

extenze extended release

  • Niacin works in helping to strengthen your cardio-vascular system. The initial erection is one of the most important factors in setting a good sexual intercourse. This makes a lot of difference when it comes to performance and sustenance levels, sexual libido and in withstanding premature ejaculation. Niacin helps you achieve a strengthened initial erection. This also aids in enhancing your nervous stimulation with consistency. A lot of men losses their erection even before ejaculation which really is frustrating. Niacin works by inducing desire into your nerves so you can be more responsive during intercourse. Afterwards you can go for longer with a sustained erection and not only have fun but also enable your partner to enjoy as well.
  • Folic Acid. Folic acid is actually pure Vitamin B-12. This acid is needed by the body but it is also very helpful in increasing one’s sexual drive. Furthermore, it helps in increasing libido. This ingredient therefore increases sexual appetite and makes you yearn for the act even more. With the libido increased, you would probably have more desire to involve in sex even for longer periods of time. This is also because you will have more energy and drive.

You might be wondering how these major ingredients together with the other ingredients truly work. Basically they work in two stages within the body which we can look at below.

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The Sexual Organs

The first target for these ingredients is your sexual organs. The ingredients pass through the tissues to the penis. This removes toxic elements which are absorbed by the tissues and at the same time actively strengthen the inner tissues. Once you tissues are cleansed, the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients become faster and more effective.

The Nervous System

extenze extended release

The nervous system consists of the brain. The brain is the fundamental operating system of the body. Without it, many functions in the whole body would be halted. It is a very important part in the sexual process as it controls the different cells that are involved in the erection and sexual intercourse process. The brain base contains different cells, tissues and neurons which are associated with all sexual activities including sexual invocations.

Once the toxins are cleansed, the mind gets cleared too. Once it is clear, it can also think better and you will be able to control your sexual thoughts better. Therefore if the brain is not cleared, you will have a hard time controlling your sexual life as the cells and neurons fully depend on its well-functioning. That is why people who are stressed up and depressed find it hard to involve in sex as they cannot be able to coordinate from the brain and concentrate. Concentration is key for the sexual process and lack of it would make one unable to perform effectively. Therefore these ingredients help the brain to become more active and conscious thus enabling the individual to perform exemplary.

Extenze Male Enhancement

Since this is based on herbal ingredients, it is safe and does not require any prescription. You can get them easily over the counter but it is usually a good precaution for you to buy them through their website in order to avoid counterfeit and fake products that are in the market. A lot of people are taking advantage of the drug being popular and are thus determined to make money out of unsuspecting customers who may not be able to distinguish between the real and the fake. Taking in the fake products can lead to failure of the nervous system or any other dire effects that would affect the normal functioning of the body. You should therefore take heed of this advice unless you are entirely sure of how the real drug looks like.

There are usually no side effects when taking the supplement however, if you have allergies to any of its ingredients then you might feel some irritation, nausea or giddy sensations. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any serious side effect that would threaten your health and well-being. However, if your allergies are worse, it is advisable to stop the supplement and consult your physician first. This is just to avoid any further effect and control the situation in case the allergy has gone so bad. This is also true if you have any heart or cardiovascular issues or if you have a history of high blood pressure.

Increasing Blood Flow Into The Penis

The basic reason behind why people with blood pressure problem may not be able to use this enhancement pill effectively is because the main mode of functioning of this drug is by inducing blood to flow into the penis. Those with irregular blood pressure may therefore be affected by this thrust of blood into the penis as there is already a problem in the flow of blood in the entire body. It would therefore be wise for you to evaluate your case first and if possible seek advice from a medical doctor before deciding on whether or not to use these pills.

So over all, what does it do? Well, to sum up all that was mentioned above and to simplify its effects, read through.

extenze extended release

  • Extenze pills helps men in achieving bigger and harder frequent erections. This is strongly recommended especially for men who are over 40 since it is usually at that stage that the body starts to deteriorate and it’s just normal. There is nothing wrong with it, but know that you can always do something about it. With continuous usage, you can have more and frequent erections and thus bringing more life to your sexual life. Reaching the prime age does not mean the end of sexual encounters. With the birth of male enhancement pills, men who have reached the age of 40 and above can also get the chance to feel like they are young sexually.
  • This also aids in intensifying your orgasms. Gone will be the days when you have no appetite for sex at all or if you are feeling low on energy. This helps in intensifying orgasms as well as in increasing your endurance so you can have longer and more satisfying sexual intercourses. With this, you would feel like you are back in your prime again. Sex is an exercise that many would term as refreshing to the body, mind and soul. Well this is not far from the truth as sex has been found to relieve stress and depression to a great percentage. This it achieves by creating a relaxing atmosphere for the brain. Inability to perform well in bed can be a cause of the very stress again and that is where the male enhancement pills come into the picture.

Extenze Pills

The most common question upon reading about reviews is where to buy Extenze Plus? Well, this is one of the few enhancement supplements which are available in local drug stores but it is also available online if you feel more convenient buying there. Also, it is better to order online if it is your first time as they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, a feature which is not available in drug stores. Online purchase also offers discreet shipping and they do use advanced security methods to protect your information and privacy.

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  • Bjorn says:

    I have been a weak since my childhood, when I hit teenage, I had to suffer with erectile dysfunction and off-course embarrassment. Not being able to perform when you are expected is the biggest failure. I saw the advertisement for Extenze pill and they worked miraculously. I am with my girl for last 1.5 year and we both are in healthy sexual relationship.

  • Boris says:

    I started taking these pills 6 months back when a girl complained about our sexual encounter. I was shocked to hear those words- thin, mushy and small for my penis. These pills have done wonder as now I have a stronger dick. Honestly, I never knew it can get this huge.

  • Cormac says:

    This is the first time I am writing a review. I am using these pills for 3 months now and the results are very much visible. I am now much larger than I used to be plus the erection stays for long. My girl is happy like hell and we are exploring new sexual avenues of pleasures each day.

  • Django says:

    Since we got married, I and my wife have found new ways to pleasure each other. While she is still very attractive, I have started feeling that I am getting old; especially my penis. It is not that strong and healthy as it used to be. I am afraid she will cheat me for sex. Should I try these pills.

  • Django says:

    These pills are miraculous. I gifted it to my father-in-law (yes, we are very frank) and he still thanks me for this thoughtful gift. FYI, he is 65 right now but still have an active sexual life. If you are experiencing any size and volume problem, have these pills, you will see the results yourself.

  • Fabrizio says:

    Sex is fun once again. I am 35 and my wife is 32; I know that isn’t an age to lose the charm but we did lose our sexual interest. She wanted me to try but I felt hopeless because of the thinning and short penis I was experiencing. She, then bought me these Extenze pills and after 1.5 month of use I felt like me again. We have sex almost every other day and it is amazing now.

  • Fyodor says:

    My wife is happy I tried Extenze pill. These pills are great when it comes to making your penis healthy and ready to bang. Try it out to impress your wife or girlfriend, it is a secret that must be shared among men.

  • Gaston says:

    I have heard a lot about Extenze pill. Are they safe to use. I know the article says it all but really, do they work without any side effects?

  • Lorenzo says:

    Indeed they work. They are the most naturally made extension pills that have proven results, There are many men in the community that vouch for their results. You can try them with hesitating for any sort of side effects. They only offer effects for your penis and sexual life.

  • Dimitri says:

    I am 40 year old and have lately started feeling decline in my sexual health. I am no more strong and ejaculate in short time. These pills look promising to me, I will try them and share my experience soon to help others with the same problem.

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