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Frequent Sex Makes You Smarter


For most guys, sex is one of the best parts of every relationship. But, don’t you know that sex is linked to numerous health benefits? Healthy sex life is a key to a healthy lifestyle. If your sex life needs a boost, then it’s about time to improve your emotional and nutritional well-being.

You don’t need to have a sex therapist just to tell you what to do. What you need is to be aware of all the things about sex. Although there are some issues with regards to orgasms and erections, sex is still the most powerful tool that builds a relationship and marriage together.

Having sex is not just about big penis and various sex positions. Health benefits of sex can be seen during and after sexual intercourse. Here are some of the benefits of having sex regularly:

  • Healthy Heart

This is one of the best benefits of sex for men. Men who have sex for at least twice a week is 45% less likely have heart disease as compared to those who have sex only once a month. These sexual activities tend to provide couples with the same benefits to the heart. This is why it is healthy to have sex every day..

Frequent Sex Makes You Smarter

Frequent sex also increases the level of estrogen among men and balances the testosterone level which is very vital for their overall sexual health. Having a healthy heart is just one of the numerous benefits of sex.

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  • Improve your Relationship

One of the reasons why sex is healthy is that it does not only promote a healthy lifestyle but improve your relationship as well. Orgasm and sex increase the oxytocin hormone which is often referred to us as the “love hormone” Not only that, having frequent sex also provide amazing sex health benefits to both men and women. One of the best ways of securing a relationship is through make-up sex wherein after a stressful fight and argument; sex tends to follow afterward. Sex is also considered as one of the best ways of spending quality time with your partner especially when the both of you are busy after the day’s work. The benefits of having regular sex can be seen when the two of you are happy and contented with each other.

  • Boost your Libido

Is sex good for you and your libido? The answer is definitely “yes.” The more often you have sex, the more you will improve your libido for women, regular sex helps them to increase and improve their vaginal lubrication. This also triggers the vagina to increase its blood flow making it more elastic. Frequent sex also provides you with a lot of experience, so every time you and your partner will have sex, you will get to know and be familiar with some of the sex positions you haven’t tried before.

Frequent Sex Makes You Smarter

  • Stress Reliever

If you are too stressed in your office, leave the office early and have sex with your partner at home. Don’t get embarrassed as this will help you to release your stress. Sex is a way of releasing some chemicals from your body to ease and relieve your stress. A study shows that frequent sex can help you become more productive in your workplace and excel in many other things.

  • Reduces the risk of Prostate Cancer

One of the helpful benefits of sex for men is its ability to reduce the risk of prostate cancer. When you have frequent sex with your partner, you ejaculate at least more than 20 times a month. Whether it is masturbation or sex, what matter is you are releasing and getting rid of the prostate cancer.

  • Makes you smarter and improves immunity

People who tend to have sex twice a week have a significant boost in their immune system. The body’s immune system is the one that protects the body against different kinds of harmful disease. This is why sex is good for you. People who are having frequent sex are more likely to be free from different sickness. Aside from that, having regular sex can also make you smarter. When you are free from sickness, and you have a healthy body, you can properly think and solve problems without getting stressed.

  • Improve Sleep

Since sex needs energy and some sort of athleticism, you will surely feel tired after your sex session. After your sexual intercourse, prolactin, a hormone that provides relaxation is being released. This hormone is what makes you sleepy and easily knocks you down. Oxytocin also is known as the love hormone and is being released during your orgasms which promote better sleep.


  • A form of Exercise

Sex is also considered as one of the best forms of exercise and workout. You can burn lots of calories every minute of your sex session. Sex also helps boost heart rate and can strengthen your muscle just like a normal exercise. Studies show that you can burn about four calories every minute of the intercourse. Many couples are considering sex as a form of exercise which does not only provide them with pleasure but as well as balance and flexibility.

  • Pain Relief

If you have leg or back pain, sex could also help. Sexual activity is found to be helpful in reducing pain from headaches, menstrual cramps, and arthritis. There are also studies that show complete relief from a headache and migraine.

Frequent Sex Makes You Smarter

Many people sometimes linked their healthy lifestyle to healthy foods and supplements. But this is just a misconception, for there is no such thing as a miracle food supplement. Don’t just settle for those foods and exercises. Have sex. This is considered as a moderate exercise that boosts your mental, emotional and physical well-being. As long as you are in a safe sex routine, you don’t need to worry. Just have sex with the one you trust, and you will surely reap the numerous health benefits of having a frequent sex.

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