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Fun Sex Positions


Are you looking for new sex positions you can try in your bed tonight? Or it’s just that you are curious about what else is there you haven’t tried yet? Well, we have a bunch of them for you!

Whether you are with a new partner or with someone you’ve committed to a long-term relationship, it is still best to make the things between the two of you exciting – even in the bedroom. How? Start in finding out and trying new and fun sex position, of course! Every couple has their own tried, tested and favorite sex positions. These positions really work for them even up these days, but again, it is still best to spice up things a little and try something new. The fun new sex positions can bring a completely new element to your sex life and take note; there are lots of them, which you haven’t tried yet.

Are you ready to try something up on that sheet? Here are fun, easy sex positions that will work for you:

new sex positions you can try in your bed tonight?

  • The Waterfall

Maybe this one is one of the exciting, easy fun sex positions we have on the list. The man should move to the edge of the bed while lying back his head and shoulder to the floor as the woman straddles. Blood will rush through man’s main head, allowing a greater sensation as the orgasm takes place. Try this unique sex positions for fun.

  • The Hot Seat

This fun sex positions cosmopolitan is also known as the man chair or the love seat. Aside from the fact that this is easy, this is also used for fun gay sex positions. All you need to do is to sit on the rim of the bed with both feet on the floor. The woman will sit on top of you between your legs.

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  • The Cowgirl

This fun sex positions to try is also called as a woman on top. This is considered as the easiest and the best sex positions, as it allows a good sensation. It also offers the woman a psychological advantage by taking charge the paces and the depths of the sexual penetration. You can also try this one on this position. Lie together chest to chest while stretching your legs together facing each other. The woman will brace her feet on man’s feet and then push off in order to create some rocking motion, which will effectively rub her clitoral and vulva spots to your pubic bone. This will give both of you intense pleasure.

Fun Sex Positions

  • The Spin Cycle

If you love making extra activities while you are in your laundry room at home, this fun and new sex positions can give an extra vibe. The spin cycle is the variation on Hot Seat sex position with a woman sitting on man’s lap – but this time thrusting on tops of home’s washing machine that is set at high agitator cycle.

  • The Deepwater Dare

If you feel like having sex in the pool is the best way to go on a boring night, then this most fun sex positions are perfect. Dare to have sex in the deep water. Facing each other, the woman holds man’s shoulder while wrapping her legs tightly around his thigh. Make sure to do this in chest-level water, so you won’t get yourselves drowned when carried away or to avoid giving a live show to the potential viewers.

The Pregnant Woman Sex Positions

A pregnant woman can still find sex comfortable in spite having a bulging tummy. Here are some suggested fun sex positions while pregnant that you can try:

  • Spooning

Woman and man lie side by side with their bodies angling each other. The man is in the behind making a shallow penetration while the woman lifts her top leg.

Fun Sex Positions

  • You On the Top

On this fun pregnancy sex positions, the woman won’t feel pressure on her belly. Also, she can have the liberty to control the speed, as well as the deep of the sexual penetration. This can also work as fun sex positions for fat people.

  • On the Bed Side

The woman on this sex position is lying on her back on the rim of the bed. Her knees are set, and her feet are the corner of the bed. The man stands to face her. This position is just like a classic missionary sex position, but the difference is the man won’t rest his body weight on the woman’s top.

  • The Flatiron

We have mentioned some of the fun and crazy sex positions, but this one also does. A woman will lie facing down the bed wither knees bent slightly, and her hips raised a little. You can put a pillow beneath her abs for more comfortable feeling and to increase the hip angle. The man will thrust from behind while keeping his weight off the woman’s body. This can be done by propping the man’s body up with his arms. This kind of fun sex position will create some snug fit, which makes the man feel bigger than the woman.

Fun Sex Positions

  • The Lazy Man

Sit on your bed with your legs outstretched. The woman is on top of you, and she straddles your waist on the bed. She needs to lower herself by bending her knees and make her body leveled next to you. By pressing her feet balls, she can effectively raise and then lower her body on your shaft. She can even quickly or slowly move with her pushes, depending on your movement preference.

  • The Butter Churner

This sex position is also called as the squat thruster. This good fun sex positions can be achieved by letting the woman lying on her back and her legs being raised up her head. The man will squat over the woman and deeply thrust his penis into her. Make sure to be very careful about the quick thrust so you can avoid too much pressure on her neck.

Fun Sex Positions

There you go! We have given you some of the fun and easy sex positions. Again, it is best to try something new and find out where these sex positions will take your performance. Get yourself ready for the hardest sex challenges and explore every inch of your partner’s body tonight.

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