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Girls Next Door Does Penis Size Matter


On the matter of women on penis size, what do they likely have to say? Does penis size matter? How important is penis size for women? These questions always bug men, especially those struggling with smaller than the average size of a penis.

Penis Size – A Source of Anxiety for Men

For many men all over the world, the size of their penis is a sensitive matter. To them, it’s also a source of anxiety. They worry so much that their penis is not big enough to satisfy their women. They worry so much about it becoming a reason for them never finding a lasting relationship.

Many things fuel these worries. From the misconceptions about the average penis size to how the size of their penis is a sign of masculinity. It is clear to see that for many people, both men and women, the size of a penis is an important matter.

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What do women have to say about your penis size?

If you read every articles and post on Internet, you will find articles trying to reassuring anxious men that the size what they’re packing doesn’t matter. There are women, though, who would contest to this saying size matters a great deal for them.

Men can’t help but be confused about this. Does size matter or not? The truth here is to some women, penis size matters. However, if you have long and numerous conversations with many women, you can easily conclude that a good number of them don’t really care.

Many of them would rather want a guy who’s warm, kind, caring and funny. They want a man who shares the same interests and values as them. However, this is more about their feelings and there isn’t a study exploring this topic, unfortunately.

Girls Next Door Does Penis Size Matter

In other words, the subject of whether the size of a penis is important is relative. It is all about one’s perspective. The truth is, whether the size of your dick matters or not depends on the women’s preference.

Some women say they want to feel their man ‘wayyy up’ so they want a big dick. Some say that too big hurts. Most of them, however, would say that the average penis size is the best in the in the matters of the penis. On the other hand, studies on this matter share some insight.

Apparently, most women like their man’s size to be not too small that they can’t almost feel it. Nor do they want it too big that it’d hurt. They are also more concerned with girth than length. If they feel concerned about size, it is more on how long than how thick.

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A Closer Look at How Size Matters (To Some Women and Men, Too)

When talking about how size matters to a good deal of women, you probably ask ‘in what ways does it matter?’ Who feels that penis size matters the most, is it, man or woman? How does this belief influence man’s self-image?

There are two things to consider when talking about penis size. One is the perceived average size, and two, the perceived ideal size. Men and women have their own perceptions of this. It means that each person has an idea of an average size and ideal size of a penis.

According to studies, a woman’s perceived average size of penis length is around 13 cm while her perceived ideal is about 16 cm. On the other hand, a man’s perceived average penis size is 14 cm while his ideal is a little over 16 cm.

These are only estimates and do not reflect reality. Based on these numbers, you can conclude that men and women have almost the same perceptions about the average size of a penis. On the other hand, their expectations about ideal length don’t often match up.

Women seem to have an ideal penis size about 2 cm greater than the average size. Men, on the other hand, are a little harsher to themselves with 2 and a half cm greater ideal penis size. Their ideal penis size is about .5 cm greater than women’s ideal size.

These numbers are only opinions that a number of men and women shared. It still does not reflect how men and women from different demographics. It still didn’t show how in different countries, in different states, in different continents and in different age group, they all differ.

There are huge variations about people’s ideas on the average and best size of penis from all parts of the world. Some countries have huge expectations while others offered less dramatic guesses.

Of the results of these studies, one theme remains persistent. It showed that people’s ideal length far surpassed they’re perceptional of the normal size. This again shows how so many people believe that the average penis size may not be big enough.

Girls Next Door Does Penis Size Matter

It is easy to see why people are so much concerned about the size of a penis. Almost anywhere, a person’s ideal size is far greater than the perceived average size. However, the perceived of what is “big enough” is not even a little closer to what is agreed-upon or considered universal.

People can still perceive a man with an average size or above average size penis to be inadequate. It all depends on the person’s location and the current cultural context. So, does size matter? It depends on what you think, where you are and whom you are seeing.

A man’s penis size is a source of anxiety to most of them because they worry about what their partner thinks. They worry about how important their partner considers the size of a penis to be. Based on studies, women do not place importance on penis size nearly as much as men do.

How to Find Happiness, Love, Health and Self Confidence in Your Sexual Life

Men’s worries about penis size are more on social pressures, an idealism that’s been around for so long it is hard to bend or break. If you were to believe the studies conducted, you should never really care about how big your penis is. You should be proud and confident about your body.

However, if you really believe so that you need help to get bigger there are many ways you can try. There are natural methods available from penis exercises to penile extenders. While the result is not 100% guaranteed and you need to be careful, you have something to try.

Here are two of the popular natural methods and products you can try to have your dream penis size. These two are popular, all natural and effective male enhancement products that many already tried.


SizeGenetics is one of the penis enlargement devices available today in the modern market. It is completely safe, providing 2800 grams of tension to help enlarge your penis a little each day. Using this extender promises to give you the most effective results.

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Bathmate Hydro Pump

Another great product you can try for your dream of bigger penis size is Bathmate Hydro Pump. Bathmate is the world’s first ever water-based hydro penis pump uniquely designed to work within 15 minutes.

It offers no side effects with real results. The pump does not only help enlarge your penis. It also helps to keep it in top condition, fighting the onset of sexual issues like erectile dysfunction. It will also give a boost to your self-confidence just like you always wanted.

Bathmate Hydro Pump uses medical grade materials that are skin safe. Having undergone strict dermatological testing, its manufacturers assure your penis grows healthily. The benefits of Bathmate Hydro Pump include increased penis length to help with Peyronies disease and more..

Girls Next Door Does Penis Size Matter

Many studies confirm that by using Bathmate Hydro Pump, you can gain up to 0.5 – 1.5 inches of increase. Many men give assurance that trying this product does give you great benefits of increased penis size.

In terms of male enhancement products, there are very few that has scientific backing. Bathmate is one of those products. Studies about Bathmate pumps show immediate temporary results. With consistent use, Bathmate could give permanent gains of 1-3 inches.

These two products are your best options in your dream of finding happiness and building self-confidence in the sexual area of your life. If you feel like your penis is not big enough, you can try them from the comfort of your home.

Together with eating healthy meals and some penis exercises, you can definitely get the penis size you are looking for. While many studies say that size doesn’t matter, to some men and women the size of the penis has an impact that penis pumps and extenders can help.

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