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Guys Describe Weird Memorable Orgasms


What does sex feel like? Sex feels different for each person. The first time for a couple might feel a bit awkward unless they have talked about this matter, their concerns about infection or pregnancy and what sex means for their relationship or friendship. Even after talking about sex, the proceeding can still feel awkward. When both parties want it, and they take their time and assure each other that they still want to do everything, they have better chances of enjoying the pleasurable sexual activity.

When two people don’t discuss their sexual choices and still proceed, there’s a high possibility of having regrettable or uncomfortable sex. The couple’s mood, the state of their relationship and whether they feel distracted during the act also play an important role here.

Guys Describe Weird Memorable Orgasms

How sex feels physically depends on the kind of sex that the couple is engaged in. Vaginal sex can feel painful or uncomfortable for a female the first few times that they engage in this kind of sexual activity. Discomfort can be due to the tearing of the hymen. Women may also feel discomfort when they feel nervous or when there’s not much time spent on foreplay that would otherwise improve her arousal. Men describe vaginal sex as feeling wet and warm and a bit tight. Using a lubricant can help. It will make sex feel more pleasurable and comfortable for the couple.

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What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

Why do orgasms feel so good? What does it feel like? During sexual pleasure, the nerve endings of the body are communicating with the brain and vice versa. What you need to keep in mind is that it is different for everyone. Some people describe an orgasm as releasing control of self-consciousness and everything. For others, an orgasm is like feeling nothing and everything at the same time.

Some people say that it is an accumulation of tension that curls your toes and arches your back and when you think you cannot take it anymore, all that pressure is released and travels throughout your body. Those who have experienced it say that it is the best relief. For some people, an orgasm is a sense of sensual freedom that you can’t control on your own. You find yourself letting go because it is just too good. As you can see, the feeling is different for everyone.

How to Have an Orgasm

Maybe you want to know how to make yourself cum or how to make a guy orgasm. Do guys have orgasms? Perhaps you have seen a hot guy orgasm or a black guy orgasm a guy orgasm porn video, and now the question does guys orgasm has popped up in your mind. You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to give a guy an orgasm. The more you learn about your body’s responses or your partner’s, the more adept you will be at having or giving a guy orgasm. Here are some of the best ways on how to have an orgasm or how to make sure that your guy has an orgasm.

Guys Describe Weird Memorable Orgasms

  • Give yourself an orgasm – If you want to make sure that your guy has a loud orgasm, you should first spend some time giving yourself one. You should pay attention to your mind and body before you peak. Determine where you are touching and how much pressure you are applying. Re-create those moves during sex to orgasm quickly. This way, you can give that loud guy orgasm you’ve always wanted.
  • Set the mood – A guy gives girl orgasm. Setting the right mood is important when a guy makes a girl orgasm. Every woman has a different sexual mindset. She might be easier to arouse when there’s soft music playing in the background or when there are scented candles inside the room. Determine the kind of atmosphere that works for you and create that tone before doing the act.
  • Try new positions – You can try new positions to come faster. Woman-on-top is most likely the easiest & best sex position to orgasm because you control the speed, angle, and depth of penetration. You can also touch yourself. Try grinding against your partner’s pubic bone to stimulate your clit. You can also rotate your hips in an oval manner instead of up and down. This will let you tease your clit each time you move forward. You can also squeeze your PC muscle or the muscle you use to stop urine. Flexing this muscle pulls on the vagina and clit, which creates more friction and helps you achieve faster and stronger orgasms. Another position that can help you orgasm faster is doggie style. This style allows for deeper penetration. You get self-conscious since you’re facing away from your partner, which allows you to tune out your nerves.
  • Get yourself physically in the mood – Priming yourself before you see your partner is a good way to orgasm faster. This is because building excitement will keep you in a state of arousal. Think about what you will be doing in the evening. You can masturbate to the brink, but don’t allow yourself to finish. By doing this, you will be bursting with excitement for the activity that you will do later. When both of you have finally get together, your body will immediately return to the buildup level you have already achieved, and your partner can finish you by quickly.

Guys Describe Weird Memorable Orgasms

  • Multitask – Multitasking can also help you and your partner orgasm faster. Stimulate more than one area at the same time. For instance, you can ask your partner to insert two fingers while he is going down on you. Your partner can also touch you all over. He can rub your inner thighs, breasts, and neck.

These are some of the {best ways to orgasm faster}. Using lube is also a good idea. You can give each other a massage to enhance the senses and make sex more pleasurable and exciting for both of you.

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