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Hersolution Pills vs. Hersolution Gel Review


There are several things you can do to recover your low libido and get the pleasure you deserve. One of these things is changing your lifestyle and eating habits. As you know, you are what you eat, so why not attempt to stick to healthy, libido boosting foods that might work for you after you include them in your diet for a couple of months? Or else you may even visit your doctor and try injections hoping that your libido goes up… All these methods are very  difficult and, in the long run, they may not even work. For that reason, what are the best and most active ways to increase female libido?

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Hersolution Pills vs. Hersolution Gel - Which Natural Female Enhancement Is Right for Your Situation

Fortunately, there are several effective products that can help you with your problem naturally without any unwanted side effects or surgery. We are talking about Hersolution Gel and Hersolution Pills. Both are generally medical research products made and supported by doctors and researchers which produce an effective and potent combination of natural ingredients to increase your libido.

So what is the general difference between these two natural women enhancements? The difference is obvious: the first product comes in a form of gel while the send comes in a form of pills. If you prefer instant results, than you should opt for the first product, however if you are looking for long lasting results, you should use Hersolution pills that will boost your libido in a few weeks and make results last for a long time. Some women prefer to use both products at the same time to boost their libido and get maximum pleasure in bed.

hersolution pills

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First, you should realize how the Hersolution Gel works. It uses a technology that absorbs all the elements of your skin and your clitor, leaving you with a great explosion of sensations and a rapid enhance of your libido. As mentioned above, hersolution pills are completely different. With them, the herbal ingredients may usually take a couple of weeks to become saturated all the way through the body. Both products contain only natural ingredients approved by FDA. Clinical studies have shown, that almost 95% of women noticed considerable libido improvements while using these products while only 5% of women reported that thy did not notice anything.

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Hersolution Gel

If you are not sure about which Hersolution female enhancement is the right for you, then I advise you purchase both of the enhancers to see how they work. It will take you only a week or so to find which product is the best for you but once you find it, you will make yourself happier and you will forget about your libido problems once and forever after that. So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to find the best deals in 2017.  Good luck on your way to a happy sexual life!


  • Liza says:

    I won’t give details, but I required some assistance getting in the state of mind and needed more sensation. Hersolution Pills and cream certainly assisted with both of those. I never used to have an issue yet now that I’m more established I just noticed I wasn’t in the temperament to such an extent. This product worked and quick.

  • Alejandra says:

    If you have a lack of desire for intimacy, I would definitely get this. Read about this on the internet and tried it. I love it….. I would definitely advise getting the gel too

  • Alessia says:

    I’ve been taking them for 3.5 weeks now. At around 2 weeks I started noticing a different in my drive for sex, which was non presence preceding taking the pills. Presently, I’m experiencing feelings that have been “covered up” for a years. I’m experiencing a milder side of me more than I am experiencing a higher sex drive. I’m certain they’re connected however.

  • Alexane says:

    It actually works yet takes time, first month we didn’t see anything and second month we didn’t think anything as well however were engaging in sexual relations significantly more and now a ways into our third month we can truly see now I cannot stay aware of her

    so remember it is exceptionally continuous however works dont abandon it simply continue utilizing them as we did, for us its simply showing signs of improvement.

  • Amaia says:

    I found HerSolution when I was searching for a natural HRT alternative. I’m taking it for 2 month now, and I feel more confident in bed and get real satisfaction from sex.

  • Anika says:

    Hi I was wondering if anyone here can help. I’ve been on antidepressants for over 2yrs, and my libido is gone. I feel like the best yrs of my life are slipping by due to my depression meds. I was wondering if anyone here perhaps is going threw the same problem, and if there is indeed something out there that really helps to increase my libido. Please help 😕

  • Damiana says:

    Its great good many bad and good reviews concerning Hersolution gels, But I have used it throughout recent months and the pleasure is exciting it improves sex so much best I have have used.

  • Ebba says:

    When I first ordered this female enhancement gel, I could never have admitted to anybody that I was using a “better orgasms” product. But once I discovered how mind boggling it is, I really got up the nerve to tell my friends. Presently they’ve attempted it, and I’m their hero for turning them on to it… their partners say thanks to me too! This is an awesome Product. I’d prescribe it to everybody.

  • Irina says:

    Before trying HerSolution Gel, I thought multiple climaxes were a myth. Was I wrong – now I want so long appears it will never stop! I love it, and so does my boyfriend!

  • Luciana says:

    No doubt, Her Solution Gel has given me the best sex ever. It’s like, amazing! Why didn’t I find out about this sooner?

  • Sheery says:

    I always felt uncomfortable at the beginning of sex and sometimes it even hurt when starting sex. Now this is gone, thanks to this gel!

  • Tancred says:

    this gel has worked for me. while it may not enhance my sexual experience, it does a great job of lubricating so sex doesn’t hurt. so in that sense, i’m enjoying it more.

  • Thomas says:

    If you have a lack of desire for intamacy, I would definitely get this. Read about this on the internet and tried it. I love it….. I would definitely advise getting the gel too.

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