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How Do Women Masturbate


Women who are in need of sexual pleasure most of the time turn to masturbation in order to obtain their psychological and sexual objectives. A lot of single and married women often satisfy themselves and explore their erogenous body parts so as to have sexual climax each time they want it. A lot of women even masturbate and obtain multiple orgasms during one erotic masturbation session.

Married women masturbation is common, and for some of them, that is the only way they can obtain orgasm and enjoy sexual satisfaction. For most another female out there who reach sexual climax using sexual intercourse, they need to plead and beg and cajole their guys to suck them and help them obtain it.

Masturbation provides many benefits both for men and women. Aside from knowing your body very well, it also helps release the tension and of course as the best way to relieve your stress, this is according to the latest research done by sex experts.

How Do Women Masturbate

Why Do Women Have To Masturbate?

A lot of women masturbating since this is the only means to explore themselves and discover parts of their bodies their partners never reach during sexual intercourse or foreplay. Masturbation helps them explore their pleasure points so as to excite themselves sexually. They also masturbate in order to give themselves the sexual as well as exotic pleasure their guys and sex partners fail to provide them during sexual intercourse.

How Do Women Masturbate

Given that a lot of girls are shy when having sexual intercourse with men, they don’t let go of the shyness and inhibitions and, therefore don’t enjoy intercourse with their heart’s desire. On the other hand, once they masturbate, most of the time they let down their guards and reach stages of sexual satisfaction they never experience or get to with their partners.

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How Often Do Women Masturbate?

According to the latest survey conducted by sex experts, 92 percent of female regularly take time out in order to please themselves, a remarkable leap from the results of past studies which is 74% only in the year 1979 and 62% in the year 1953.

The said survey questioned 1000 women 18 and 30 years old, and their replies show that not just do nine out of ten women play or masturbate, 2/3 do it three times per week. The research refers to this as “session” that we can take for granted to the amount of sexual climax obtained, but instead, the time spent obtaining them. It is because you know that once you have one, you will already stick around for more. Sexual climax from masturbating is like eating your favorite burger; you will keep on asking for more due to the satisfaction it provides to you.

How Do Women Masturbate

How Do Women Masturbate: Using Exploring Female Erogenous Zones to Orgasm

A lot of women explore their pleasure points or parts during masturbation, it doesn’t matter if they are solo or with their sexual partner. This discovery of the women erogenous zones results in sexual climax most of the time. More daring female have also learned to have multiple orgasms once they masturbate.

For a lot of men out there who want to know how to masturbate women, and then they need to master their erogenous parts due to the fact that it will make their girl adore them and be ready to have sexual intercourse anytime. This is simply because sex with these women will be a give and take condition, the women give and gets pleasure, just like the guy. Or else the woman will keep on masturbating even after having intercourse with his guy or man.

Tips for a Successful Women Masturbation

With regards to masturbation, each and every woman should know some tips in order to make it thrilling, fulfilling and of course successful.

  • Take a Bath

Before masturbation, never forget to take a bath first, long and scented bubble bath is highly advisable to condition yourself. It is also highly recommendable to invest in luxurious shower gel or bath foam. Wash your body and enjoy massaging your breast and genitals.

  • Dry Yourself Very Carefully

Dry yourself and then massage your body with your favorite lotion. Keep touching and massaging your body, it may be a smart idea to position in front of your mirror while doing it. Doing this help, you see the parts of your body you are touching and caressing. This also helps familiar with your body parts.

  • Use Lube

Sex experts recommend using a significant amount of lubrication during masturbation. Apply lube onto your middle and index fingers, and slowly touching it around the clitoris. The clitoris is a small button that looks like a small penis located at the top of the vagina and inner labia. Labia are the folds located inside the bigger folds which make up largely of the vagina. Sure, you may have enough vaginal lube, to begin with. In case you do not know, the extra lubricant will make it more comfortable and easier for you.

  • You Can Use Vibrator to Further Please Yourself

Women can use any types of vibrator intended for sexual stimulation, but you should not essentially begin with that. According to experts, while you may have a success rate with sex toys, utilizing your hands at the start could be a good way to know more about your body. What is more, it is also more equal to the feelings caused by your partner’s hand. Therefore, when you have interest in partner sexual intercourse, it will assist you to change over from one to another more smoothly and provides you information on how to want to be held and touched.

How Do Women Masturbate


With regards to women masturbation, keep in mind that the key focus isn’t your body or what you’re doing with it but what’s happening in your brain. Body stimulation helps to bring mental state of sexual arousal to sexual climax. Therefore, when you are not mentally turned on then don’t even start the stimulation as there is no point.

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