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How Men Really Think about Sex


One hard truth that men face is that they are often depicted as always sexually motivated. People think that are always game and never refuse when it comes to sex. So, what do men think about sex and how often do men think about sex? What does sex really mean to them?

Perhaps, you have heard a guy friend said “all I think about is sex” or “just can’t stop thinking about sex.” If you frequently hear these from men around you, then you are not to blame to think that men are always into sex.

The truth is, for most men, sexual contact actually opens up a gateway leading to their soul. This allows them to feel the need to rely on another person for safety and warmth and get in touch with some raw feelings they wouldn’t experience otherwise. They become human and softer, as they gain access to a variety of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

How Men Really Think about Sex

What Does Sex Mean to Men and Women?

Sex is important to all human being, male or female. It is just that, often, it seems that men place importance on it than women. For years, women have wondered why sex proves to be one of the essential aspects of a relationship. Although sex is important to women at first, it is sometimes the first thing to go once they get comfortable in their relationship.

For men, on the other hand, sex is truly a vital part of the relationship. There are many reasons why sex is very important to men, especially in marriage and why it will always be. Women need the passion, the chemistry and romance to know that the love lives and goes well. They must be cherished and loved, which is usually through verbal signs of affection. On the other hand, men are straightforward. They are almost primal when it comes to their needs. Sex is necessary for a relationship for men because it is a sign of unity and strength.

How Men Really Think about Sex

Women may view sex as another chore, but the case is different for men. It is a manifestation that the relationship is strong and alive for men, and once it’s missing, they begin to panic. Sex matters to them in a relationship. It shows men that you love them and care about the relationship.

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What Do Men Think About Sex?

Let’s look at a man’s perspective with regards to sex.

  • Sex brings connection – for most men, sex is the way to connect with the other person. They consider sex as an important thing to stay connected. Regardless of how difficult your daily lives are or what’s going on in the relationship, sex unifies you.
  • A man’s ego is often related to sex – men’s ego is fragile. Often, it is related to sex since it is what keeps him going and motivates him. Pleasuring a woman is a goal and once attained becomes his achievement.
  • Sex will make you stay close to each other – no matter how or what you argue about, sex ties you. You show that you’re close to each other when you’re with one another physically. Sex is your bond.
  • Men love sexual fantasies – you’re probably aware of this. Though some women also have their sexual fantasies, men have more of those than that of women. They also usually want to share those fantasies but just worry that their partner will judge or shame them. They love to explore and likes to do what’s exciting and fun.
  • Sex is a Hunger – for men, craving for sex can be compared to a craving for and wanting chocolates. Every sexual episode has a delightful possibility of something fulfilling and full of surprises. The mind of men is captivated by the idea of having a chance to be delighted and satisfied.

This list also presents the reasons why sex is important to them. Every man is different, so every person has his own reason for loving and enjoying sex.

How Often Does A Man Think About Sex?

Since men are often viewed as constantly sexually motivated, many think that men always have sex in their mind. Indeed, there are some who admitted “I can’t stop thinking about sex” or wonder “why do I always think about sex?” This leads to many types of research on how frequently they have sex in mind or have many times the thought ever crossed their mind.

How Men Really Think about Sex

The idea that men think about sex essentially all the time is widespread. Therefore, it’s possible to link every kind of bogus stats to the perception that men are crazy about sex. However, the actual number of times they think about sex in one day isn’t clear-cut in any scientific research. There is also no perfect technology today that taps into the sexy brain waves of a person. Hence, there is not accurate data or information on how many times a day do men think about sex.

How Often Do Girls Think About Sex?

It is said that for men have probably thought about sex many times during the day. However, the answer to the question “how often do girls think about sex?” might be a bit hard to answer.

So, do girls think about sex? Well, just because women have many other things on their minds do not mean that they don’t have their own internal sexual lives. In contrast to the popular belief, it does not take perfect six-pack abs displayed in front of them or a romantic candlelit dinner to get them thinking lustful thoughts. Though they probably think less about sex in a day, they still do.

How Men Really Think about Sex

What to Think About During Sex?

So, what do guys think about during sex? Women probably have their mind running in many different directions during sex. Others say that part of them are caught up the sensation and the physical pleasure of enjoying sex with their partner, while the other part runs all over the place. You are maybe curious what goes into a guy’s head during sex. Or maybe, you wish you could just read your partner’s mind to know what exactly he thinks while you enjoy the act.

Well, you don’t have to sit in wonder. Here are some things that guys think about during sex.

  • Birth Control Thoughts – sometimes, men are enjoying the momentum until the thought of birth control runs through their mind. Perhaps, he wonders if it’s fine not wearing condoms during sex or he worries about pregnancy.
  • Does he really like the person – some men may wonder, “What am I doing?” “Do I really like this person so much?” They may also ask themselves if they will ever have sex again.
  • The Roommates. This is especially true if the woman or their partner starts making loud noises. He begins to think about whether his roommates are just around the house or might enter the room. The thought can be both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time.
  • Super Random Thought – it could be their third-grade teacher, when her parents are coming home or if he managed to turn off the stove. Or, they just suddenly remember about the next project he needs to complete on the weekend. Men, just like most women, may think about super random thoughts during sex. They just could not control it.

How Men Really Think about Sex

  • His partner – perhaps he wonders if she is almost there or whether she is enjoying or not. He might also focus on pleasuring her as much as possible. He may also pay attention to her reactions so that he will know what she likes and what she may feel during sex.

You might be enjoying each other’s warmth during sex, but there is a different drama happening in your mind. Sometimes, they do not have anything to do with what you’re doing. If you want to know how to stop thinking during sex, it would be impossible, there will always be something in your mind, whether it is your partner, the pleasure or just about anything under the sun.

Men are different, so every man might have something different in mind during sex. There are some men who said that it’s just so hard to focus on anything in particular when they are having sex. There’s just too much sensation and often, they would just focus on their partner’s face.


Sex is a magical thing, and when done with the right person at the right time can be truly memorable and fulfilling. Men and women have a varying point of views regarding sex. How they think about, and view sex will usually affect their relationship with their partner. While men have different perspectives about it and think of sex in a variety of ways, it is important that they think about it as something to be shared with the person they love. This is important to make the relationship lasts even longer. This will also make your sexual experience even more enjoyable and pleasurable.

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