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How Often Should You Have Sex


It’s a fascinating topic to ask how often should you have sex. However, this depends on the person who you ask. So, how much sex is normal, how often should you have sex when trying to conceive and how often do healthy couples make love are only some of the questions that you want to know.

There’s no “Normal Sex.”

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that every person’s sex drive is unique, every couple’s marriage is unique, and their daily lives are different. Given that there are various elements at play, it’s difficult to know what the normal number of having sex is.

How Often Should You Have Sex

If both of you are in a good mood with once a week, or every once a month, then it does not matter what other lovers are doing. However, if one or both of you are not in a good mood, then maybe you can talk a new normal. In the majority of couples, one individual always likes sex more, and the other will like less sex. It is how you deal with it that makes the difference.

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How Often Should a Couple Have Sex?

According to research conducted by Society for Personality and Psychology, they discovered that happiness is correlated to sex. While it may appear that the more sex, the better it is, there was a point where happiness leveled off.

So, how often should couples have intercourse with level off with happiness? According to experts, it is once a week. More sex does help boost happiness; however daily is not necessary. Anything that is above once a week didn’t provide a substantial rise in happiness.

How Often Should You Have Sex

Obviously, do not let that be a reason not to have more sex with your partner; maybe you and your partner love doing it more or less. The essential thing is to communicate about it and figure out which works for you both. Remember, sex can be a huge stress reliever, and this can bring you much closer as a couple. Thus, if you both wish more, then there’s no one stopping you!

How Often Should You Have Sex to Get Pregnant?

On the other hand, if you’re trying to plan a family, the question how often should you have unprotected sex to get pregnant becomes very crucial.

Couples who tried to get pregnant were told to have sex once each other day during the woman’s fertile period. However, research has shown you can enhance your possibilities if you have sex once a day on a regular basis during the fertile 4 to 5 days before and the day of the ovulation. In these rare scenarios when the man doesn’t have enough sperm, the basic rule of once every other day holds true.

Apart from that, studies suggest that the normal couple who is trying to get pregnant must sex 2 to 3 times a week.

Following are some tips to make your sex life a lot spicier than ever:

  1. Get your man to help around the house

Studies show that when a woman takes on most of the domestic responsibilities, both partners state lower satisfaction with sex as well as the relationship as a whole.

  1. Don’t forget to cuddle after sex

It is very simple to be in a hurry or to begin doing something else like rushing off to the shower or checking your phone. Nevertheless, what you perform after sex appears to be as crucial as for whether you had sex. A study shows that couples who can cuddle after sex are more sexually satisfied in their relationships – and surprisingly, kissing and cuddling is more vital to men in a long-term relationship compared to women.

How Often Should You Have Sex

  1. Make sex your priority

It not just great for your relationship, but overall it’s good for you. Remember, sex is cherished. It comes with various health benefits, including enhanced sleep quality, reduced chronic pain, enhanced immunity, lowered blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease.

  1. Do not allow stress and anxiety get in your way

A lady with a normal sex drive might feel not interested in sex if she has a very stressing life. If that stress comes with her when she’s in bed, it can stop her from having sex. Stop it right away and try to fit in some relaxing time for yourself – even if it’s just a few minutes – every day.

  1. Talk outside of your bedroom

Did you know that 96% of people believe that sex is more satisfying when there is an emotional connection between both partners? So make sure that you establish that connection by talking things outside your bed.

How Often Should You Have Sex


One thing to take into consideration is the quantity versus quality of sex, which you and your partner are experiencing. If both you love having sex when you do have it, then it is perfect! A lot of researchers recommend scheduling this type of activity. This may appear robotic; however, once you get started it is anything but robotic. Remember, scheduling will only denote it becomes a higher priority.

Furthermore, if your quality of sex is very low, that could be the main reason why the quantity is low too. In a typical marriage, sex is the connection that binds. If you encounter a dip in your sex drive, assess whether that is because to the negative feelings in your marriage, yourself or your partner.

No matter what you discover, you need to ensure that you spend time doing something productive about it. You need to stop the blame game right away and take responsibility for making stuff better. Plus, take note that a good marriage counselor can also help determine how to enhance things on all accounts.

How Often Should You Have Sex

You will find lots of researchers that seem to tell you how many times should you have sex for married couples. However really, there’s no set of the meaning of normal. Every couple is unique, so it is up to you to know what is normal for you.

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