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How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie


There is not a person in the world who wouldn’t want to be a good kisser or at least know if he or she is. Surely, you asked yourself “Am I a good kisser?” at least once. Well, others who have not had their first kiss yet probably have not asked this question yet. However, for those who had a kissing adventure before must take the am I a good kisser quiz. Many think that good kissers can have a better relationship. Don’t be too hard on yourself because kissing takes practice too.

To start learning how to be a good kisser, you need to know the signs. You need to know what it takes to be a good kisser to become one. On that note, the next section gives you the signs you are a good kisser for a checklist.

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

What are the Signs of a Good Kisser and How to Become One

Before you discover the pleasure of sex, you start with the beautiful, almost magical experience of kissing. Though it is downright amazing, it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing too especially for the newbie. So, how do you know if you re a good kisser?

For the first, second or maybe even third kiss, it is natural that you feel queasy and nervous when kissing. If you can help it though, don’t show you are anxious. You see, confidence is a major turn-on no matter the age or gender. If you are confident believing you are a good kisser, you’re halfway there. Even if you are not confident, you need to fake it if you must. Just remember that confidence is about the tone of your voice, your body language, and your scent. During kissing, your partner can easily feel if you’re tense.

From the tone of your voice, he or she can detect if you are nervous or not. If you are nervous, you are more likely going to sweat. Your partner will likely smell it unless you are wearing deodorant or perfume. This shows how important confidence is when kissing. Of course, being confident doesn’t guarantee good kissing. It is only half the battle, but you don’t have to worry. Later on, you can learn how to become a good kisser. Before that though, you should know the signs. So, how do you know if you’re a good kisser?

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

Read here following kissing methods:


  • It’s a Great Kiss if You Are Both Smiling

A smile is one of the best signs that tell you if someone is having fun and enjoying. People want to be happy that’s why they love happy people. Even more so, they like the people who make them happy too. In that case, if your kiss makes someone smile that means you’re genuinely a good kisser.

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

If while kissing you can feel your partner smiling from ear to ear, continue whatever you are doing because you’re doing right. If you can share your feelings through the kiss, share to your partner how happy you are, then the kiss feels more loving and sexy.

  • Your Hearts Are Beating Faster

An excellent way to tell if a kiss is good is if your hearts start to race. When your hearts are beating hard, it is your body reacting to the excitement of the kiss. The excitement makes the kiss a whole lot better. One way to raise the anticipation is by going for a kiss that’s impossible to resist. Do this by first making eye contact. The eye contact is what increases the level of desire between the two of you. Go for the kiss but stop before you make contact, just a hair’s breath away from each other. You will notice the excitement build up.

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

Move your face slowly, side to side so that your lips are barely brushing each other. This will turn the heat up all the way. By the time that you are going to kiss, you will surely be craving each. That will make a more exciting and heart racing kiss.

  • You Have a Good Rhythm

Having good rhythm means going with the flow to see where things will lead. If your partner is pulling away from you, that’s a stark sign you should end the kiss. Kissing is a give-and-take action. Let your partner take the lead and see where it takes you. When an opportunity presents, take control then kiss your partner back. After a while, let a space for him or her to step in and lead again. If you follow, allow and receive then you can make a long rhythmic make out session.

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

  • When They Can’t Get Enough of You

If they pull away, stop. However, if your partner keeps moving closer to you, brushing your face and cheek, running their fingers through your hair, clearly they are into you. If you have been making out for a while and things are becoming all handsy, that’s also a sign that you’re a good kisser. You will know your partner is into you by pulling back just the tiniest bit. If they follow you or even pounce on you, they are having a good time.

You can try this a few times but don’t make your make-out session a game of chasing down, all right?

How To Be A Good Kisser Newbie

  • The Kiss Just Feels Right

Sometimes, you don’t have to overthink about it. All you need to do is to trust your responses. If you’re feeling good about it, if there are butterflies in your stomach, that’s a sign. If you simply cannot stop thinking about, then that’s it. There is no need for you to dig deeper into details. Just believe what you are feeling the moment you and your partner touched lips. It will tell you right away if the kiss is good or not. If you are feeling great, then the chances are your partner is too.

If you wanted to know and learn how to be a good kisser, you should follow these signs. They do not only tell you what good kissers do, but they also give you great ideas on what to do. Just remember to be confident, be spontaneous to keep it fresh and ensure your kisses are desirable.

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