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How to Clean Mens Sex Toys


Good sexual hygiene and practices must be observed all the times, and this includes cleaning sex toys for men. Sanitation is very important when you have a collection of sex toys especially if you happen to use it all the time. But even when you are just keeping them somewhere in your closet, you still need to keep them sanitized and ready for use anytime you want to.

Clean up mens sex toys

Stepping up into your sexual fantasies and desires are better achieved with the help of mens sex toys. There is danger in using un-sanitized toys, though. Sure, cleaning up time sounds no fun, but you get a lot of benefits from doing so. It does not matter what materials your sex toys are made of- silicone, jelly, medial-grade steel or homemade sex toys for men. It is a must to handle them properly after use from cleaning, drying, to storage. Call it maintenance if you want to, but you and your sex toys are in for a long haul if you know how to clean men sex toys.

Best Sex Toys for Men

Sex toys allow you to be dirty in bed, but you don’t have to take it literally. The rule of thumb is to clean it or them after use whether you just had a very satisfying sex on your own or with a partner. They come in wide array of designs, sizes, shapes, and materials to amplify your wildest sexual fantasies and performance.

  • Penis pumps
  • Prostate toys
  • Strokers
  • Life-like masturbators
  • Training fleshlight
  • Penis extenders
  • Pocket pussy
  • Floggers

There are homemade sex toys for men, too. Name it; you got it.

Home made sex toys for men

Talking about letting your imagination run wild! Yes, you can actually make your very own homemade sex toys for men. The good side? It will not be as costly, and you can make them anytime you want to. You have the liberty to make a sex toy which really works for your fantasies. The letdown? The materials used are not clinically proven to be safe and most probably disposable. It will be inconvenient for you when the “itch” hits you, and you’ve got no toy to scratch it with.

Follow these methods for to get more in Bed with your partner:

How to make a sex toy for men

Of course, there is no better way to have better sex than to have the real thing. That’s where mens sex toy comes into picture which comes in a variety of prices. But when you need to settle for a safe cheaper alternative, you may start thinking of simple ways on how to make a sex toy for men like dildo and fleshlight.

  • Dildo –The closest imitation of a vibrator in your home is an electric toothbrush because it vibrates. You also need a condom, clean, soft cloth, and baby oil. Simply wrap the handle with a soft cloth, slid off the condom, lubricate with baby oil (or lotion), and its ready to vibrate to your pleasure.
  • Fleshlight – Watermelon and lubricant are all you need for sex toys men love. Yes, watermelon can be a vagina for a moment. Simply dig a hole that’s a little smaller than your penis’ size. Scoop the flesh out but leave some behind, set the microwave for 5 minutes, take the watermelon out and pour lubricant into the hole. Enjoy the depth and warmth of vagina’s moisture until it lasts.

How to Clean Mens Sex Toys

Tips on Cleaning sex toy for men

From the moment your package arrives; don’t get too excited to try your new sex toy right away. Read the manual and follow the instruction in your initial clean up. From then on and onwards, cleaning your toy must always be part of the ritual after use.

  • Know what kind of materials these sex toys for him are made of.
  • Different cleaning materials and cleansing methods are specifically designed for specific materials as well.
  • Always check the labels. Ordinary wipes and specialty wipes have totally different effects on your sex toys.
  • Use a washcloth or special wipes to clean out motorized or corded sex toys unless the manual says it’s waterproof.
  • Keep a small softest brush to clean folds and crevices
  • Dry your toy with lint-free towel or cloth and never with tissue paper or paper towels.
  • Choose alcohol-free cleansing materials to keep your toy from getting damaged while still keeping your PH levels in check.
  • If you’re unsure of the chemicals and active ingredients in any of cleansing materials, plain water and soap will do.
  • Air-dry your toy to ensure no moisture or water is left before storing it.

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Why clean sex toys for guys

After a totally satisfying pleasure with the best sex toy for men, make sure to clean it up and have ready for good use again. Never ever use a sex toy for the second time when you haven’t cleaned it after your first use. Bacterial infection is just lurking around the corner, waiting for the right time to feast on your genitals and other sensitive body parts like eyes, nose, and mouth. That is a bad nasty, and nothing can get nastier than that!

Women and men using sex toys are constantly increasing, and the demand for sex toys are likewise skyrocketing. When you are assured of your health’s safety, cleanliness, and bacteria-free sex toys collection, you will definitely say, “These are the best sex toys for me.”

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