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How to Do Anal Sex for the First Time


Not all people are open to the idea of anal sex. But that is okay because let’s face it, no everybody prefers everything, and if you don’t want to try it, that’s alright as well. However, consider though that after you read this article on how to have anal sex for the first time, your thoughts may shift and you may feel open to the chance of experiencing anal sex for the very first time.

Though anal play might not be ideal for every couple, for those more adventures ones, anal sex might be something you like to try in order to spice up your sex life. One thing you need to know about anal sex is that you might have thought about it, but you haven’t approached your partner on. Understanding more about anal sex might aid you to get some tips on how to talk to your partner, and what you could do once you decided to go and give it a try.

How to Do Anal Sex for the First Time

Here are some tips which make your anal sex amazing(Without Pain):

Tips for First Time Anal Sex

But first, remember that first-time anal sex isn’t an essential part of anyone’s sex life. You could have a pleasurable sexual life without ever exploring it. The only reason why you want to try anal sex for the first time is that you just want to.

So, what are the fundamentals of anal sex and why is it so magical? Following are simple and practical tips for those people like YOU who like to try it, or for those couples who wish it to be super pleasurable and powerful sexual experience.

How to Do Anal Sex for the First Time

  1. Start with your finger

If you are considering to have anal sex first time, it’s recommended to try it on your own first. No matter if you plan on being behind or in front, knowing your own anal anatomy, how it feels and reacts to touch will surely make you a great anal sex partner.

Did you know that anal masturbation is also a better way to offer yourself space to explore other concerns, anxieties, and turn-ons because they may come to mind if you are by yourself? Perhaps, you might find that you do not like discussing it, but you do want to dish it out. Irrespective of whether you ever plan to do it again, make sure to try it on your own first.

  1. You Need Lube And Lots Of Patience

After craving, patience and lubes are the two essential ingredients for each first time anal sex story. Crazy it may sound, but you need to forget everything you have learned when it comes to anal sex from those porns. Remember, with anal sex; you need to begin slow and build slow. You need to make use of a high-quality lube fitted for anal sex and reapply it during the actual action.

How to Do Anal Sex for the First Time

How to Make Anal Sex for The First Time?

The issue with telling someone how to have anal sex for the first time is because it is simple for them to think that what you are stating is the ‘proper’ way or the only method. There no one method to do it, and the best method can only be discovered by you and your partner.

However, before you are at ease enough to invent and try new stuff, anal sex for the first time can be a mystery. Hence, here are some more tips and guidelines to avoid painful first-time anal sex with your partner.

• Take it very slow.

Similar to anything, it is really vital that you do not rush into anal sex before you’re both turned on and ready. So guys, make sure to take your time with your partner and don’t underthink it’s right to shove your ass in within a few minutes.

Start with gentle touching and licking the area around your woman’s ass. Explore her body, kiss her everywhere, listen how she responds to each of your action. Once you feel that she is ready, then ask her. When she says yes, use your finger first. Slowly put your finger inside her.

How to Do Anal Sex for the First Time

• Don’t forget to relax.

For several reasons, a lot of people think that anal has to be performed in doggy style; however, this is far from reality. You can have a taste of amateur first time anal sex in all positions possible.

It’s recommended starting with the woman sitting on top of the man position, as this offers the woman the control over how much penis she likes inside her and how fast or slow she prefers it. Plus, missionary position is also an excellent position for anal.

• Surrender to the erotic experience first time having anal sex has to offer.

Anal can be a significantly spiritual and sensual sexual experience. If a woman takes a man deep in her, it can surely bring an opening and a great surrender, which she never encountered before. Hence, it’s good if both of you truly honor just how great anal sex is, and do not ever perform it if you are not prepared to surrender to the sensations and feelings it establishes in your mind, body, and soul.

To sum up, anal sex must never be a chore for you. Indeed, more effort and penetration has to go into it oftentimes, but it must be something that both parties truly enjoy. The same with the classic vaginal sex, taking it up the highest bum won’t feel great always. Oftentimes, it won’t feel comfortable, and oftentimes you might not like to have an eggplant roaming around your flower garden. But that’s alright because the rectum has thousands of nerve ending so it can feel great.

Remember, the key here is not to rush. Don’t forget to take your time to try various positions and work out what really feels perfect for you. With patience and time, you will learn what is best for you and your partner. Hope you’ll have a pleasurable sexual experience with anal sex.

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