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How to Finger a Girl


What Is the Ideal Way to Finger Your Woman?

A lot of men out there all think they can finger a woman easily and it is just a simple thing to do. Indeed, it is simple if all you do is only to thrust with your finger. Keep in mind, the sole purpose of fingering that the majority of girls prefer is doing what the penis cannot do and therefore if you end up utilizing your finger like your penis, then there is no need.

In case you didn’t know yet, a woman’s vagina is made up of many crannies and nooks, and thousands of sensitive buds and a penis cannot get to all such areas, so you require your fingers to offer her that ground-breaking orgasm.

How to Properly Finger a Girl

How do offer your girl with a mind-blowing fingering, which leaves her trembling with happiness? The same with everything else, understanding how to finger a girl needs research and practice. You need to remember that not all woman and vaginas are the same in their liking for stimulation.

The rest lies on your level of sexual connection and creativity with your girl. Nonetheless, we will give you some helpful tips and tricks on how to finger someone.

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1. Make Sure To Clean And Trim Your Fingers

Make sure that you maintain your fingers well-trimmed and clean. Did you know that despite the punishment the vagina experience during intercourse, it is still a sensitive organ, which a lot of women go to extreme levels to pamper?

Your finger and hand are susceptible to different kinds of bacteria and contaminants since you utilize them in any activity you do. To prevent any injury or infection to the lady part of your partner, you need to make sure that your fingers are clean, rounded and trimmed.

2. Ease and Relax Her Body

You are aware that relaxing will take all the pressure off sex. Activities, which calm your nerves, will aid you to engross each other more deeply. This is the basic of foreplay. Touch her, kiss her, and tell your girl how gorgeous she is. You need to make sure her mind is at ease so she can let herself go.

3. Start with Clitoral Orgasm

Another way on how to finger girl is to provide her an orgasm through either your tongue or fingers. If you want to use your finger, be sure that she’s wet enough before you begin. Remember, her first orgasm will aid her to be prepared for you to enter her along with your fingers.

4. Find Her G-Spot with your Middle and Index Finger

Next tip on how to finger a woman is finding her G-spot. The G-spot is situated around two to three inches deep and upwards the front wall. You must feel a rougher patch of skin. Just take it very slow and build yourself up to a strong and hard thrust.

5. Slide Your Middle and Index Fingers All Way Down And Back Again

When you do this method on how to finger a girl to orgasm, make sure that your fingers are wet. Then start by going down first to the edge of the clit all the way to her pussy and back out again. This typical maneuver of the tongue could also work best with fingers, as long as you maintain the pressure light and its area wet.

6. Use Your Another Hand

Don’t let the perfect chance to slip through, use your other hand. You can use your free hand to stimulate her G-spot area while you’re rubbing her clit simultaneously. Whenever using the other hand, the other one should try penetrating and stroking with several rhythms, not powering similar movement for both hands. You need to keep it steady and do not think about the speed unless she is shouting at you to end her off.

7. Know the Different Ways to Finger a Girl

Making use of your fingers to stimulate the vagina of your woman can provide her feelings of great pleasure. So, if you want to know different techniques on how to do one, here are some methods on how to finger your girlfriend:

• The Helping Hand. This fingering method involves both of your hands at once. Along with one hand, slowly use your fingertips to rub the clit, while putting your finger from your other hand inside her vagina. Not just will this arousal method help to keep her wet, but it can also help to approach orgasm.

• The Fastest Finger. The fingering technique works perfectly if you’re kneeling in front of her pussy. Have your partner lie back with her wide legs open, and insert one straight finger. It’s simpler to maintain your palm straight from your kneeling position and aid to guarantee you don’t miss her vaginal opening.

• The Rubber. Women have a hard time having vaginal stimulation, and this method focuses on the clitoris. With the help of your index and middle fingers, slowly start to rub her clitoris. While you start rubbing in a circular motion, you can increase the tempo and speed if she appears to enjoy it. The reaction of her body will inform you how slow or fast your motions must be.

• The V-Formation. Create a V sign with your middle and index finger. Put your hand on her vagina, so her clit is in the middle of the V. Shift between squeezing your fingers and sliding them down and up the lengthwise with the sides of her clit. On the other hand, you must be utilizing your thumb to tease her hole with delicate bursts of pressure.

There you have it; now you are well informed on how to finger a girl properly. You are ready to finger your girlfriend every time she asks for it, anywhere, anytime. Remember, knowing how to finger a girl right isn’t simple; however, with some curious survey of her body, you will find out that fingering is as complex as a high form of art. Providing your woman an orgasm with the use of your finger needs careful attention, a little patience and some creativity in the bedroom.

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