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How to Have Anal Sex


Anal sex is completely different from vaginal sex since it is penetration of anus. Most women are not open about the idea of anal sex for some reasons. One of the most common reasons for women’s dislike to anal sex is the fact that they can’t imagine themselves involved in such dirty act. However, it cannot be denied, that there are those who are fond of this sex style. Some men and women are even excited to look for ways on how to have anal sex for the first time.

If couples are willing to try some ways on how to have anal sex, they can surely reward one another with amazing and satisfying orgasms that they have never felt in usual vaginal intercourse.

How to Have Anal Sex

It is true that anal sex is a great and unique experience, but there are important health aspects that you need to keep in mind. First, you need to understand that there are unwanted bacteria found in the anus and these tend to stay there. Mixing vaginal and anal sex is therefore risky and might cause serious illness.

Moreover, the membrane of the anus tends to be thin and needs to be taken care of all the time. The anus can bleed easily as well, and this is one of the reasons why STD’s that are blood-borne can spread quickly and easily this way. It is vital to go gently and slowly and use the right lubricant for the entire anal sex act but as much as possible, don’t use much.

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How to Properly Have Anal Sex

Anal sex is easier to master, so this explains why men are searching for ways on how to start having anal sex. Even women are now getting interested in this and are also discovering how to have great anal sex. If you are relaxed and you have enough quality lubricant, you can engage in this hardcore action. Make sure to have this or else it would be a painful anal sex experience. If you are a beginner on this, you need to lube up to avoid unwanted pain. One of the best ways on how to have painless anal sex is using lubricant and playing around to ease the tension.

If foreplay is important in vaginal sex, this is also crucial for anal sex. But keep in mind that in anal sex, you will need as much lubrication all throughout. There are ways on how to have anal sex without pain that you need to follow to ensure that the experience will leave no pain and only satisfaction and pleasure instead.

How to Have Anal Sex

To properly have anal sex, it would be best to bring your woman to G-spot orgasm first. This can make her feel relaxed and have some endorphins pumping. This also makes it easier to stimulate sensitive areas anally and give her pleasurable orgasm effectively. You can use your finger then insert it gently. If you’re concerned about bacteria, one way on how to have clean anal sex is cutting the finger off some plastic glove or better yet, use condoms.

Men are also advised not to rush or go ultimately fast. You need to calibrate everything to her carefully. Then, you need to increase the size of penis insertion slowly. You may want a long and thin sex toy at first. There are products that you can try that are mainly designed for anal sex. When having anal sex, you can also have a large butt plug. Use this for about 2-3 to progress your woman to a point where you can fully penetrate her in a pain-free manner. Make sure always to have pre-agreed safe words in case it’s turn out to be too much for your woman.

The best way on how to have painless anal sex is to be very careful when entering her. You may ideally want her badly but make sure to support her torso. Cover your condoms with lots of lubrication and then go gently and move at your woman’s pace. If everything is done right and your woman is completely turned on, orgasms are very much possible. This is the part wherein anal sex can be great for both of you.

How to Have Anal Sex

Other Essential Tips on How to Have Anal Sex in Safe and Clean Ways

If you are looking for ways on how to how to have great anal sex, the following ways can be of great help to ensure the safe, clean and pleasurable anal sex experience:

  • Talk With Your Partner

If you talk about anal sex in the wrong moment, you can spoil the entire thing. This is not advisable especially if your partner has unpleasant experience before. Talk when both of you are relaxed maybe after dinner. Tell your partner that it can be a unique and exciting experience to have anal sex and you wanted to do it with her. This is one way on how to get your wife to have anal sex or even your girlfriend asking her to have this experience with you. If she expresses real interest in anal sex, grab the opportunity. But, you have to take time to listen to her concerns.

How to Have Anal Sex

  • Do not Drink

According to experts, one way on how to have great anal sex is to do it when you are completely sober. You must have a clear head so that you can enjoy the moment and be able to accurately assess and observe your partner’s comfort and mood all throughout the sexual act. Make sure to check is she is also enjoying it.

  • Wash Up

This is perhaps the most necessary step on how to have clean anal sex and great overall experience. You need to take a bath together with your partner and try washing each other’s sexual organ to light up the fire. Experts also reveal that fondling and lathering your girl’s anus and behind are a great way of making her feel hot. Thorough cleaning also helps a lot in making both of you feel comfortable.

Follow these ways on how to have anal sex, and you will surely have the best experience ever.

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