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How to Have Better Sex


Is your sex life not that good? Do you believe that you are not enough for your man/woman anymore? Do you fret that you do not satisfy him/her in the way that he/she would wish to be satisfied? In case you feel this way, then you have to know how to have sex better so you can level up your sex life and satisfy your man/woman.

You have to know the secrets to save your sex life from being boring and dull to a more spiced up one. These are essential tips which will blow your man/woman’s mind and will make you confident in bed. Through learning these tips, you’ll set your sex life back on track again, and it will happen tonight.

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  • Never Underrate the Power of Admiration and Praise

In one study, experts analyzed the response from 39,000 couples which were married for more than three years; sexual satisfaction reported being higher amongst the couples who exposed positive affirmation during sexual intercourse and were open about awkward moments during intercourse to joke on them and get going. Expert notes that this optimistic approach to intercourse is the key.

How to Have Better Sex

  • Sexual Variety

This tip on how to have better sex does not mean changing partners, this only means being more sexual as a whole. Utilizing new approaches and becoming erotic in bed is one essential element for knowing how to have a better sexual relationship. So many couples get into a boring sexual groove due to their lack of sexual adventure. By putting in some variety to your intimacy, you’ll open new and thrilling doors that will be very pleasurable for you and your partner.

  • Do the Best Sex Position

There are a lot of sex positions out there which you can take benefit of. Switching up positions and testing does boost sex and gives it that much-required variety. If you’re just doing 1-3 positions frequently, then it’s time to incorporate some more!

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  • Do It Anywhere Else

This is such an efficient way to improve your sexual bond or relationship. Few partners are likely to do it. They get lethargic and tranquil in their surroundings, and sequentially sex becomes too idle and very comfortable. Come out of the bedroom; try various parts of your home like bathroom, garage, kitchen and anywhere else. You can check into a nearby motel if you want to or go camping or dream up other “creative” ways to have intercourse somewhere else! This does give the “intimacy boost” which your sex life might need.

  • Incorporate Sex Toys

Sex toys can help increase your intimacy. There are various types of sex toys to choose from such as bullet vibrator, dildo, cock ring, etc. Take benefit of what is available and utilize them to level up your sexual sensations.

How to Have Better Sex

  • Make Love Not Sex

Oftentimes sex could turn into virtually a routine thing. However, if you focus your sexual relations more on “love making” you’ll surely enhance intimacy. More feelings will equal more pleasures. So take your time with making love. Go slow and be passionate.

  • Oral Sex for Better Sex

Oral sex is extremely significant to your sex life. Oral sex feels astonishing, and it also brings both of you closer as it needs a great level of trust. Having someone very intimate with your most secret area could be terrifying, but if you trust your partner, then it could bring you a lot closer. What is more, men and women roughly always have a sexual climax from oral sex so this level up your love life a lot?

  • Dirty Talk

When lovemaking, oftentimes things could get awkward when they are too quiet. Taking intercourse very seriously could be a turn-off, so you like to keep things in an optimistic way do the dirty talk. Dirty talk brings a spark to your sex life, and it also eliminates the uncomfortable silence. Also, it gets your adrenaline going upon hearing your partner talk dirty to you.

  • Taking Control

Guys love it when a woman knows what she likes and when she is not afraid of getting it. If you initiate sex, this is an image and a remembrance that he’ll never forget. If you know how to spice up sex and how to have better sex in a diverse position, stop waiting for your guy to know what is in your mind and go out there and make it happen. This provides you lots of sexual confidence as well.

How to Have Better Sex

  • Savor the Moment

A lot of partners rush through sex, and that’s a bad idea. Treat sex as something very special, and this will make your relationship closer and your intercourse more satisfying and pleasurable. If you treat lovemaking as something very special, then it becomes a big deal, and that’s how sex must be treated.

  • Sex Guide or Books

One of the great ways to perk up intimacy and learn some new tips is through getting some good instructional sex guides or books that will most likely expose some extremely interesting and erotic positions and methods that you have never tried before.

  • Change your Daily Routine

If you are pressured or stressed out, it is likely to feel sexy. That is because if a guy experiences chronic strain her body generates a high amount of oxytocin, a substance that negates the impacts of the hormone testosterone. Thus, your sex drive takes a drop.

Recharge your sexual energy through doing things, which allow you escape from your chaotic everyday life. Play music that reminiscent your college days. Indulge in something you would usually never buy —such as platform pumps — and use them for a night out. If you are comfortable and feeling fine on yourself, lovemaking will begin to seem in the realm of likelihood again.

  • Do More Exercises

Exercise boost blood circulation and continuous blood flow to your manhood will allow it to keep erecting for a long span of time. With daily work out, you semen count and testosterone level are also enhanced, and this will do wonders for obtaining better sex and avoiding premature ejaculation. What is more, exercising gives you with better energy and endurance that are also vital for your performance in the bedroom.

  • Take supplements

Amino acids have the capability to improve the production of your semen. Zinc can increase sperm volume and boost its mobility. Taking these two essential supplements can help provide you the valuable results you want when it comes to preventing early or premature ejaculation.

How to Have Better Sex

Try Male Enhancement Pills

One quick and effective way on how to last longer in bed for men and stop premature ejaculation issue is to take male enhancement pills. These sex pills are intended to boost sexual performance with powerful ingredients like essential minerals such as proteins and zinc stated above. They have useful effects on boosting semen count more rapidly than the other tricks mentioned here. On the other hand, there are many faux pills available camouflaging as the real deal, so you have to be careful in selecting the one that is really effective. It’s best to consult your physician before taking such pills.

While taking male enhancement pills could be an efficient way to boost your sexual performance through increasing sex drive and endurance. Not all pills could claim to really bring the results they promised. Therefore, it is important to choose only the best male enhancement pills. It must have good reviews and must be clinically proven efficient and safe. The other technique is to improve your mental control over your ejaculation. It could be a science or art which is not hard to master if you have the right guide.

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