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How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know


What is tantric sex you may ask? Well, tantric sex is about keeping sexual oomph within your body for a long span of time than you usually do before reaching the sexual climax. While in lovemaking, you try your hardest not have a sexual climax and you concentrate on keeping the power that it takes to have an orgasm, within your body. Through doing this, if you and your partner eventually reach the climax, it will feel ten times better than when you only came when you first felt it bursting on. Tantric sex will provide you the ultimate high and a newfound energy which you have never experienced before.

Tantric Sexuality: A Beginner’s Guide

Most like to know the real and true Tantra definition. It is a spiritual connection with your partner which is shared by means of sex. Like for instance, one of the most common tantric sex positions a lot of people learn during the first stage of this kind of sex is how to sync their body with their partner’s by means of breathing.

How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know

  • Sexual Energy

This can make you better and healthier; therefore it just makes sense to keep all that power if you can. This kind of energy could make you healthier by minimizing the stress levels that will make you free from worry and stress. You must try to build up the energy inside of you prior to have an orgasm and it will make that climax better and be fulfilling than ever.

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  • Stress

Sexual energy is well-known to reduce the level of stress. Have you ever seen when you have a quickie you’re still thinking about the whole thing when you are done? Once you prolong the sexual climax and keep your energy inside, then if you finally cum, you’ll feel rejuvenated and amazing. You’ll relieve lots more of pressure by prolonging this.

  • Feelings

Tantric sex is utilized to help you and your partner feel more. Through waiting to orgasm, your system is building to climax slowly and by the time your body reaches the climax, you fall over the boundary of which orgasm your body and will feel the effect a lot more. This type of sex helps the body reach its ultimate heights.

How to Have Tantric Sex: Know Some Tantric Techniques First

Tantric sex techniques are about finding satisfaction in lovemaking. These techniques are intended to boost your sexual satisfaction and make it long lasting. Follow these guidelines to get some memorable experience.

How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know

Usually, the girl will sit on the man’s lap or stomach while he is breathing. As the guy exhales, the girl will inhale efficiently taking the man’s breath and energy. As the girl starts to exhale the shared energy, the man counterpart will inhale the combined energy into his system. This enables the two to become one with each other while enabling a more comprehensive understanding of each other’s body.

While it could be very hard for a lot of men to keep focusing on taking things very slowly, the advantages from this lengthened or extended foreplay are well worth the effort.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you are practicing these techniques, you have to avoid thinking that it is just a sex or intercourse. Focus on giving and getting pleasure and enjoy every second of sex without thinking of the ultimate aim. You may even practice this technique for many weeks and not go the entire day. It will boost your power to last and release sexual tensions.

The essential part of this technique is to make a set before the lovemaking. Set aside a specific day for a tantric sex exploration. Set the setting with erotic music, food, and lingerie for your partner. You can also set up a habit where you feed each other exotic food in the nude.

How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know

Focus on erotic touches. Look into her eyes and pleasure her. Alternatively, ask her to touch your body. You and your partner can take turns satisfying each other.

If you feel that you’re getting too stimulated or aroused, hold back. You have to control your breathing in order for your energy to flow between you. Doing this helps you connect better with your partner.

Vary tantric sex positions in which you are making love. Men must be gentle and vulnerable while girls could take up the idea. This swapping of the role will allow you connect to your inner duality. You’ll realize that both of you can be strong and gentle, generous and receptive at the same time.

In general, tantric sex can be utilized as a way to enjoy the deeper intimacy, connection and love to your partner. It can obtain the balance between feminine and masculine energy. The sex act turns to be transcendental, freeing you to totally express your feeling and yourself, pushing in walls and personal barricades or obstruction to a total pleasure. Making love is then lifted to the level of healing, where it becomes a divine activity. Lovers are combined in the total body, mind and soul experience which each touch caress, as well as sensation, is unifying and heightened.

How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know

Meditation, diverse yoga exercises and body movements are all components of this kind of sex utilized to convey strong energy all through the body. The energy could be cycled and sent into the universe or into your body. This is intended for the intimacy enhancement, sexual bliss, and fun that could be utilized to assist you to feel linked to the whole world. The sacred energy made in tantric sex could be utilized not just for physical ecstasy, but for enlightenment and healing as well.

How to Have Tantric Sex All You Need to Know

It is basically sexual unification that is become a celebration, one which frees the spirit to experience heightened bliss, soul connection, and intimacy. The objective of tantric sex isn’t to reach sexual climax, it is to just be at the time. To experience each and every feeling or sensation, the feeling of being one soul and being connected in a myriad of tantric meditative practices. Tantric practices can assist couples to overcome sexual tension, premature ejaculation as well as to extend the pleasure of multi-level of orgasm.

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