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How to Increase Penis Girth


Girls say that size doesn’t matter, but the truth is it does. Even if she says it doesn’t, you can feel she isn’t satisfied. What can you do? If size does matter and yours is not quite the average penis girth, what can you do then to change your situation? Right now you are probably looking on the Internet for methods on how to increase the size of penis naturally, is that right?

Don’t believe you are stuck with the penis girth nature gave you. You are not. If you take the time to research, there are safe and natural ways that you can increase your penis girth through male enhancement exercises. In this article, you can find out some of the best male enhancement exercises meant to increase penis girth naturally.

The Average Penis Girth

Before anything else, what is the average penis girth? There is not a single measurement you can consider as authoritative to be average penis girth. Depending on the sampling group, there are always different variations of the average penis girth. Different demographics show the mid-shaft circumference is different too.

How to Increase Average Penis Girth

On that note, you need to look at your demographics to compare if your penis girth is average or not. There are also things to consider whether you measured your penis while erect or not. To find out if your penis is in the average size or not, you need to learn how to measure it properly. The following section will tell you that.

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How to Measure Your Penis Girth

Many guys fail in their goals to increase girth because they are not impartial when it comes to measuring results. This is because most of them underestimate the importance of measurements that they ignore any small or moderate gains from penis girth exercises. Most of them also have unrealistic expectations clouding their eyes from seeing things objectively.

  • Get a Starting Measurement

If you want to increase your girth, it is important that you start by getting a starting measurement. This way, you can determine if your penis girth is increasing each time you measure over the months of doing the exercises. This way, you can look at your penis girth and compare with other guys impartially thus actually seeing how you are progressing.

  • Stay Consistent with Your Methods

When you take girth measurements, it is most important that you stay consistent in the measurement methods you employ. It means you should always measure along around the same area of the shaft and the same level of erection. This way, you can be sure that each measurement shows a more accurate number that can tell if your girth actually increased or not.

How to Increase Average Penis Girth

  • Get Your Supplies Ready and Start Measuring

To start measuring, get your supplies ready. You will need a string, tape measure or ruler, and marker for this. Once you gathered your supplies, work your penis up to full erection. When your penis is finally erect, choose which point along your penis shaft you want to start in measuring your girth. The best point is the mid-shaft point.

  • Measuring Your Penis Girth

After picking the starting point, wrap the string around that point. Mark the part of the string where it meets after when you wrap it around. When you are done, measure the string using a tape measure or ruler to get the circumference of your girth in centimeters.

Now you got your size; you can now compare with reference girth sizes available online or from studies on this topic. With that, you can move on to finding the best methods on how to increase penis size faster. In the following section are the most common methods to increase penile girth fast and the natural way.

Best Methods to Increase Penis Girth

The Internet has much misleading information about how to increase penis girth. Some will say you can increase the size of your girth rapidly in only a little time. There are some, however, who says it is impossible to increase the size of your penis girth no matter what kind of exercise you do. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, with genetics being the biggest to affect the results.

Your genetics is the biggest factor that affects the size of your penis, which no method can ever get you around. However, with simple methods and exercises, it is possible to achieve some increase in the size of your penis. Be sure to have a realistic expectation, however, or you cannot be objective in your goals. You should refrain from expecting massive size increase because at most, your gains will be moderate.

What Options Are Available to Increase Penis Girth?

There are a number of options you can try to increase the size of your girth. There are creams and gels available online promising to increase the size of your penis fast. Do not be too trusting about these products though. Most of them are suspicious of size gains often just temporary. If not gels and creams, the next best options include pumps, extenders, and exercises.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

One of the best options on how to gain girth fast is the SizeGenetics penis extender. There is clinical evidence that supports how effective penis extenders are, including SizeGenetics. Over the last few years, there have been medical researchers on penis extenders with men achieving a significant increase in the size and length of their penis.

Penis extenders work on a simple principle. Using it applies low tension of about 1.2 kg to 2.5 kg to your penile shaft. In doing so, two physiological processes start to work in stimulating your penis’s growth. There are various penile extenders available in the market. One of the best options to get your goals to boost your girth is the SizeGenetics penis extender.

SizeGenetics penis extender is a device worn on your penis in about an hour or so every day for a period of several months. In wearing it on your penis, you will experience a gentle tension that gradually extends the size for some time. Compared to penis pills, extenders are one of the best options because it fosters permanent gain.

Penis pills can help in increasing penis girth, but their results are mostly instant boost or either meant for a sexual issue like premature ejaculation. Even though penis pills, gels, and creams only offer a temporary boost, still the biggest question is if SizeGenetics penis extenders actually work. In the advertisement of SizeGenetics, it says it has “58-Way Ultimate Comfort System.’

On that note, you can expect that this penis extender is nothing but comfortable. At first, it sure would look anything but comfortable with its design being more like a torture device. However, once worn it perfectly fits and feels comfortable. It is also possible to adjust, so it exerts the right level of tension you want.

Many of those who wore SizeGenetics say it is completely unobtrusive. According to them, it feels as if they are wearing an extender. While you can wear it to work (it isn’t noticeable at all), it would still be most comfortable to wear it while you are at home. While it works effectively, it is not an overnight solution, so you have to be patient.

In addition to length, extenders also work in increasing girth size. Some people think that when you use extenders to increase the length of your penis, the side effect is that it becomes thinner. There isn’t any proof that extenders do this. In fact, it can even help since longer penis when erect shows larger girth, which essentially boosts your confidence.


Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pumps

Besides extenders, penis pumps serve as one of the best products to increase the length and size of your penis. Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps works by producing a vacuum around your penis. With the vacuum continuously increasing, the pressure to blood drawn into your penis’s erectile chamber. This results in the penile shaft extending and increasing in size to its maximum capacity.

The penile tissues have great elasticity. As such, your penis naturally has great room for an increase in length and size. Bathmate penis pumps also have several medical journals supporting this claim, which include real-life trials. If you are worried or unconvinced about how Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps work, you can read about further reviews and studies about the product.

With Bathmate, you can take advantage of a number of benefits besides increase penis length up to 3 inches and augment girth. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enlarged penile head
  • Helps erectile dysfunction
  • Greater stamina
  • Heightens orgasm
  • Helps in Peyronie’s disease
  • Improves self-confidence

Compared to other penis pumps, many choose Bathmate because of the straightforward science behind it. Compared to other penis pumps with a high risk of injury and less than optimal results, a product from a reputed brand like Bathmate ensures safety and positive results. Of course, even though Bathmate penis pumps are relatively safer, you need to follow the right procedure for excellent results.

Bathmate penis pumps used work as air pumps, but with innovation, it improved to show a more effective result when used with water. Using water, it creates a partial vacuum that surrounds the penis. This effectively improves the health of your penis, increasing length and size so you can have thicker, longer and harder erections.

Penile Exercises

If not penis extenders and penis pumps, one other option works for increasing penis girth. Using exercises like jelqing, you can make your penis larger, thicker and wider. There are different exercises you can try, but jelqing is the most popular. This exercise can increase penis as a whole, not just the girth but the length as well.

To do that, you must do the exercise in slow repetitions. Each jelq usually last about 2 to 3 seconds, but you can also increase it to 4 to 5 seconds to enhance girth thickness. Besides jelqing, you can also try Kegel exercises. This particular exercise helps in increasing blood flow towards the penis glans. This results for the skin to stretch thus increasing the thickness of your penis.

Stretching primarily helps in increasing length, but when used together with jelqing it can further enhance your penis’s size boost. Even better, this penis exercise is extremely easy. All you need to do is to get a hold of your penis just behind the head. Then gently pull it for about 30 seconds downward, up, straight out, right then to the left.

For optimal results, make sure you do not overdo the stretching. What you want to accomplish here is to give your penis tissues a good stretch without pulling hard that it causes pain. If you felt pain while doing this, then you might have already injured yourself or is about to. In that case, stop before you end up injuring yourself more.

Some Tips and Tricks to Increase Girth

Here are some additional tips and tricks to get the most out of methods mentioned above. Together with using a penis extender, penis pumps or exercises, following these tips will help you get the best results.

  • Start Slow Working Your Way Up

No matter the kind of girth boost method you use, it is always safe to start slow. You should start with gentle stretches then gradually move up. This way, you can slowly increase your stamina and flexibility. This happens when over time you have a better feel for the pressure and tension applied when using the extender, pumps or doing exercises.

  • Follow a Balanced Routine

For the best results, following a balanced routine is essential. Whether you are doing penis exercises, using extender or pumps, following a routine help to speed up the process and optimize the results. A balanced routine ensures you can achieve your goals of increasing size in girth, greater stamina, and improved self-confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get started in increasing your penis girth with simple yet effective methods. If you need more information, take the time to research about studies and read reviews on SizeGenetics penis extenders and Bathmate penis pumps.

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