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How to Initiate Sex Seductive


One of the best ways to start a sex with your partner is to seduce him. This doesn’t only show that you are on for a hot night, but it will tune him up to feel horny. Whether you use a body language or a dirty talk to your partner, initiating a seductive sex is enough to let him know you are ready for a steamy session with him. In fact, men love women who have the confidence to show their sexual desire.

Regardless of what type of guy you are looking for – a shy-type or a dominant one –showing your passion to him is enough to make him feel you’re ready. You don’t have to go anywhere else to find seduction sex tips you will use later. The good news is we will be giving you the ways on how you can initiate seductive sex without losing that inner confidence. Here they are:

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  • Read Him Some Seduction Sex Stories

If you want your partner to explore his own thinking that night, then let him listen to your lines. Read him seduction sex stories! The same with other book stories, seduction sex stories can make him think of a scenario happening on it. The words and phrases in the story are enough to make him feel hot. Make his imagination reach its limit. Later, you will get a reward for being a good seductive reader.

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  • Send Him a Unique Love Letter

If you are not around to read him some seductive sex stories, you can just send him a letter. Though this one no longer works in a modern world, this could still be effective if you want him to feel hot in his pants. Tell him that you are super horny and you are excited to see him later. To give him more idea, you can include a piece of a condom on it!

How to Initiate Sex Seductive?

  • Show Him a Seduction Scene

Give your most seduction sex scene! You don’t need to give more attention to other men if you want to have sex with them. A simple sneaky peek can make a difference. You can wear a skirt with a slit and a thigh-high stocking if you are out tonight on a date. He might think of sex later when he sees you crossing your legs and showing off your suspenders. If you can’t still catch his attention, you can stroke your knee or thigh, uncross your legs and give him a knowing look. Surely, you will be a good treat tonight.

  • Engage in a Dirty Talk

Perhaps one of the most helpful things to for hot seduction sex is to engage in dirty talks. If you are out on a date and want to have sex with him later, you can put some naughty thoughts on his head to pump him up. You can tell him that you’re not wearing underwear right now and you are feeling so hot. This won’t let his spirit rest until he makes it up to you. This naughty thought will shove him to place his hands between your legs. Or best of all, he will take you somewhere private to do a quickie.

  • Watch Seduction Sex Videos

If you have done everything and nothing seems to work out, then this one will do the rest of the job. Grab a seduction sex video and show it to him. You can watch the video together. Make sure always to watch a new and hot film so that the scenes won’t become too boring and predictable. Let him know that you feel even hotter than what the characters feel in the seductive sex videos. Take off your clothes, show some skin, caress and massage him. Enjoy the rest of the show! There are also lesbian seduction sex videos for others with special sexual needs.

How to Initiate Sex Seductive?

  • Initiate the First Move

If you want him to know what and how you feel, don’t play guessing game. Give him the idea of making the first move. So, if you feel horny and want to make it up tonight, let him know. Here are the things you can do. Look him straight in the eye and tell him that you want him right now. Give him a good torrid kiss that will completely give him a hard-on. When he responded, don’t say anything. Instead, take him to your room and make love with him in your bed.

  • Offer Him a Naughty Massage

Stay physically connected with your partner by offering him a naughty massage after a long and tiring day at work. This will not just make him feel relax, but will also give him an idea how much you care for him. Since you need have to do something more than just massaging, you can use scented massage oils and set a romantic scene that will help you look and feel sexy. Though you offer him a relaxing mood, make sure he is still aware of your horny feeling. Wear your best attire that night – something that will make him think that you need more than just a simple message. You can also play seductive music in the background with a matching candlelight. After setting these things up, your efforts will be paid off.

  • Set a Secret Sex Language

There are a lot of ideas you can have with this sex seduction advice. Talk to your partner and set some words or phrases that only the two of you understand. The trick in creating your own secret code language before your sexual desire refers to the ordinary things you encounter every day that might mean completely different between the two of you. These secret sex languages can be used anywhere else – even in front of many people because it never offends anyone. Take time to experiment with the words that you can normally insert into a normal everyday conversation, but will appear differently in the tow of you.

Initiating a seductive sex is easy once you learn to understand its art. Each couple has their own way on how to seduce their partner – some weird and some could be unique and fun. How about you? How do you initiate a seductive sex?

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