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How To Make A Girl Cum


There is a magic in bed. Yes, there is always will be! Some men, especially those who are under experimentation stage are curious about the fact if girls cum and how frequent it may happen in a single sexual intercourse.

While it is quite obvious to know how and when men cum, some can’t really tell what happens when a girl feels the same. For men, cumming is apparent, as men release sperm at the end part of the sexual activity. After this release, it takes enough or more time for men to cum again or set themselves in a sexual mood for the second round. On the other hand, there is a different scenario when it comes to girls cumming.

While men can cum in a single round, women can possibly cum multiple times. This is possible as long as you set her on the mood and you won’t make yourself reckless while the sexual session is going on. Making her cum once is enough, but she’ll surely love you if you can do more than that. And if you can possibly do something good for your girl, which can make her feel great and relaxed, then there is a big chance for you to let her reach that aimed climax.

How to Make a Girl Cum

But do you know how to make a woman squirt? Will she love that big mess in the bed with you? Well, instead of thinking of the possible answers, here are the techniques you should try:

  • The Ultimate Fuse Blower

How to make a girl cum with your fingers isn’t out from our attention. In fact, there is no questioning that a clitoral contact is one of the ultimately know fuse blower. Still, how it is done and how much to be done will certainly depend on your girl.

Before hitting the target with your manhood, why not go down there first so you can get the real sense of sexual stimulation? This can also help once your girl has performance anxiety every time she performs the sexual intercourse. She will surely enjoy it but make sure to understand what she likes. You can get your head between her widely spread legs and give her some solid base of tongue, lips, and chin to rub with. You can use your hands to give a message that you want her to grind. Is she responded, observe how hard she pushes and sees what direction she prefers? Once you figure out what she wants, you can use these understanding on how to make a girl cum by fingering later.

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  • The Machine Hack

Some women don’t need partners to satisfy themselves, and there is the battery-assisted devices come into play. This is true, as other girls can actually cum using, for example, a vibrator. While loners make it necessary to have vibrators on their room drawer, some couples prefer to have the device as part of their sexual activity, depending on their comfort and agreement towards using this kind of assistance.

How to Make a Girl Cum

Vibrators can really help in making a girl cum. Many girls are expert of using this but if your partner is not quite familiar with it but open greater possibilities, you can use a vibrator to make her cum. Just set the right speed and pressure on its settings and hold it against her clit, moving from one direction or position to another. There is a certain feeling a girl can experience with these devices and surely, it can help you make her cum and be in a great condition in the play.

Introduce a single piece of a vibrator to her and you will then know she loves to use it with you. Of course, you should still do better than these devices. Don’t make her fully invested in vibrators or else your penis will end up wasted. Learn the art of sex dude!

  • The Upshift Missionary

There is something in the missionary position that never gets out of the sexual trend. While the missionary position is known to be the simplest and the oldest position in sex, there are a lot of twists you can do to make it even more exciting, especially on how to make a girl cum.

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment! Beginners might prefer missionary sexual position. It is because aside from the fact that it is easy, most girls will do it by just lying down with their guy. One technique is the upshift. This can be done by shifting your body forward so that every time you’re thrusting your penis, it rubs against the clitoris. This can become even more exciting and orgasmic if you ask your girl to put her legs together while you are straddling her. This can help increase the clit stimulation and potentially, make her cum over time.

Men can also take advantage of this sex position and achieve the same level of pleasurable effect is she on the top propping yourself on your elbows that will place your abdomen to a close contact with your girl’s clitoris. Surely, you will not only know how to make your girl cum, but you could also experience the same level of pleasure along the way.

  • The Double Buttocks Grip

How do you make a girl cum using a double grip? What to grip? Well, aside from the attention these fat booties get when you see them waving at you in the busy streets or from behind the car bending next to you, her butt is a great has a big role during your sexual intercourse. Grabbing both of these butt cheeks when she is on top of you can actually give an unexpected return than any other girls can’t resist. According to a sex therapist, the butts are packed with the nerve endings, which make it sensitive for women during their arousal stage. To make your girl cum and give her a surprising feeling of pleasure, you can widely spread that palms, tap to her butt face and squeeze them firmly.

How to Make a Girl Cum

While squeezing is great, other girls prefer a harsher approach. Spanking! Spanking makes other girls crazy! But before jumping into the harsh state, make sure to talk to her if she is comfortable with it. Because no matter how playful you are in your bed, others just want it a little gentle and steamy until the end. The double grip is perfect on how to make girls cum, so take a step at a time.

  • The Sensational Neck Warmer

Necks are very sensitive. They have a thin skin and the blood vessels are very close to the surface. Many women love being touched in that area before they’re being kissed and felt the thrust down there. While neck warmer is a good conditioning activity before the sexual activity, some girls make themselves wet by feeling a gentle touch of lips and careers of war air flowing on their neck. This makes the sex so exciting beforehand.

The neck warmer is also effective even during the course of sex. If you are having sex and if she nearly moves towards orgasms, you may brush those lips to your girl’s collarbone down her jaw and then offer her neck some big and warm kisses. Do this until she reaches that total pleasure and finally cums. How to make girls cum using this technique is easy once you know its art because it gives them a great sensation and ultimate level of pleasure.

  • The Lubricator

Making a girl cum using the clitoral contact is necessary to orgasm but in the absence of good lubrication, she might feel the pain and discomfort. Proper lubrication is important because it doesn’t only help increase the comfort, it also the speed of the vaginal penetration and clitoral grinding.

How to Make a Girl Cum

You can try the drop trick. Thrust with a short and rhythmic stroke while you are pressing your body on her pubic area. Make sure to use the right amount of lubricant or else you’ll feel like you’re throwing a piece of sausage in a lobby. Lubricants are essential if you want girls cum because it makes her feel good. The frequent comfortable sliding, together with a gentle thrusting can make her feel wild along the way.


Making a girl cum could be easy for those who have tried sex a lot of times and those who have a healthy sex life. But for those who are just getting started on this art, there are so many things you need to learn so you could become a great player. Take time to read, watch some tutorials, ask a friend and find out more. This will help you open yourself up to greater possibilities. But remember to take it slowly because making a girl cum is not like noodles that are instant.

Many girls love sex! What they love more is when they always get the right level of pleasure, which could be brought by you. For a man that doesn’t fully understand how to make girls cum, things might be a bit rough. Give her a good impression and we hope out mentioned techniques above could help you take your first step.

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